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Friday, May 17, 2013

I Can't Believe It!

My laptop messed up on me last night and I couldn’t post.  I wrote most of this at work yesterday, and had to wait until this morning to get it posted:


I can’t believe it!  I made the list of The 100 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers of 2013!  I am #47 on the list.  They even put my picture and a little paragraph about me on there:

47. 500 Days to Where I Want to Be

Sheryl’s story is a touching one. After spending 21 years in an abusive relationship and battling obesity her whole life, Sheryl decided it was time for a change. She started her blog back in April of 2012 at a weight of just over 300 pounds, and gave herself a deadline of 500 days to get her body (and emotions) to a place where she’s not only comfortable - but confident as well. A year later, she’s down almost 50 pounds - quite the feat when you consider that she suffers from many health issues - including chronic headaches and severe back and knee problems. Sheryl is still fighting every day to get where she wants to be, and she is sure to trust readers by putting herself out there in a completely honest and open fashion.

One thing is not accurate – I did not give myself a 500-day deadline, it was just a way of inspiring myself by thinking if I could do what I needed to do for 500 days, I would get where I wanted to go.  It is true, I do put myself “out there.”  But this blog is for me.  I am working through many emotional and physical issues and I needed an outlet.  It helps me to read back through things sometimes, too.  I am so amazed.  I knew a few people were reading, but I had no idea I would make a list!  Totally inspires me to keep going!

Can I say, I am really getting tired of protein bars?  Lol.  But I am determined to make up for last week and really get moving.  I am on the verge of getting into all the clothes in my closet shelves!  Lol.  I am almost back to my low weight, according to the scale this morning.  Hopefully one more day will make the difference.  (I have just been eating protein bars, with some vegetables here and there, and a little fruit today.  I certainly don’t recommend this all the time; it was just a way to bust my plateau and then make up for my out-of-control eating last week.)

I have a doctor’s appointment to get my knee injections today.

I think it will be time for pictures soon.  I have not posted much since my birthday last June.  So I will try to get some on this birthday for comparison purposes, then will try to update more often.

I was just checking my weight loss chart I keep to see where I was when I last went to the doctor to get knee injections.  I told him that I was working on losing weight, and I hoped I would be able to report progress.  I have lost about 17 pounds since then.  Not bad!

I am now back from the doctor’s office.  What an afternoon!  I got there a little early – my appointment was at 1:15.  I sat and waited over an hour and finally went and asked if something was wrong.  They said no, my chart was “back there” and I should be called any time.  I sat another 30 minutes and then checked with someone else.  They went looking for my chart, and it turns out someone had put it in the wrong place, so if I had not had them look, I never would have been called.  I got the injections in my knees.  He sounds like as long as it is working I can keep doing that, as long as I wait 3 months between injections.  I don’t know how many times they will let you do that.  I think at the level of pain I am in now (which I don’t think is enough to put myself through knee replacement and 5-6 weeks off work), I will just keep doing that.  I had almost no pain in my knees for 2 months, so 1 month of moderate pain out of 3 is not bad.  If I get to where it keeps me from increasing my fitness efforts, I will rethink that.  To finish telling about my afternoon – I got out to my car and started it and started to back out and it died and I couldn’t start it again.  My son had borrowed it and brought it back today and I didn’t think about looking at the gas gauge when I left.  I was out of gas.  The transportation department at Baylor brought me a little gas (bless them) so I had enough to get to a gas station.  I filled it up, and judging by how much gas it took, I have never gotten it really close to being empty.  I expected it to cost about $60 and it cost $76.50!  I finally got back to work at about 4:30.  I thought the appointment would take an hour total (including getting there and back).  Wrong.  At least Jerry was in mediation today.

I meant to have my protein bar for lunch before I left, but I walked out without eating it.  So by the time I got done with my appointment, etc., I was hongry!  I got me some fresh strawberries at 7-Eleven when I was getting gas.

I have been struggling with a non-stop headache all week.  I need to take a muscle relaxant regularly for a few days to get it to settle down.  I just hate how sleepy and draggy it makes me.  But that’s better than a moderate headache, all day, every day.  I took a half of one this morning and another half this afternoon.  I will take another half before I go home and hope it has a little time to wear off before morning.  But it doesn’t usually work that way.

I was noticing the pants I am wearing today are getting pretty loose.  Soon they will be too loose to look good.  When I get to the next size, I will really feel like I am making progress.  I’ve been waiting to get into those clothes for a long time.

I’m glad I don’t have anywhere to go tonight.  I am tired.  I still have to decide if I am going to the Rangers game tomorrow night, however.


As I said, my laptop is messed up.  I had gotten up to do something when I was working on it a couple of days ago and set it on the floor by my chair (closed).  The corner of my rocker/recliner came down on the cover and did something to the screen.  It wasn’t broken – like glass broken – but you could see some kind of fracture on the inside.  It still worked for 2 days after that, but last night, once I logged in, I could not see anything on the screen.  But I could see the log-in screen.  Strange.  I really need a laptop, so will have to look into replacing it soon.  I do have a desktop computer; it’s just not as convenient to sit and work on the computer and watch television.  But at least I still have one.  I will have to get it up and going this weekend.  Maybe I can rearrange the position of my desk so I can use the desktop and still watch television, etc.  Hopefully I can hook a monitor up to my laptop and get anything off of it I need.  Like my Quicken records, recipes, etc.

Jerry called at about 5:30 last evening and said the case did not settle and he was coming back to get out a trial assignments list this evening.  So I ended up working until about 8:00.  That’s okay, since I missed a good part of the day on the doctor’s appointment.  But this has been a busy week with not much time at home.  I am tired and I don’t think I will be going anywhere tonight.  Rangers games are very taxing, and I would usually rather tackle one on a Saturday.  I need some time at home to rest and catch up on household chores, etc.  The cat’s litter box was out of control this morning, so that was a fun chore I had to take care of.

I don’t have any big plan this weekend.  I was supposed to have a jewelry party, but the invitations from the consultant went out late and we are going to postpone it.  I do want to get things all spiffied up around the loft again.  It was looking good before last Sunday when the kids came over, but it has been so busy since then, I haven’t kept everything up as well as I would like.

There will be a little shopping on my agenda – groceries, etc. – and my Weight Watchers meeting.  I need to get out and get Cas some more exercise.  He needs a good romp.  I am actually not too low on groceries, since I didn’t eat many “regular” groceries this week (or last).  Just need to replenish some fresh stuff and a few odds and ends.

Someone brought scones and cinnamon rolls this morning.  I really wanted one of those scones, after living on protein bars all week.  But weigh-in is tomorrow, so I wrapped one up and put it in my bag to take home.  I can heat it up for breakfast tomorrow (when I can use some extra points).

Someone warmed something up in the kitchen that smells really good and the smell is wafting down the halls.  Have I mentioned I am tired of protein bars?

I just got back from my lunchtime walk.  I may have to rethink my walking schedule.  It was hot!  Of course, it is extremely humid from all the rain we have had, so that makes it 10 times worse.  I may have to walk in the evenings as it stays light later.  Plus the cement will be too hot for Cas’ little paws at lunchtime.

Cas and I had a big breakthrough today.  I have been working with him for several days to turn and sit and look me in the eye when I say “Hey” or “Cas”.  He has been doing really well at that.  Every time I would see another dog coming, I would have him do that and, although sometimes he would start his usual behavior of barking and snarling at the other dog, he would stop as soon as I would say his name or “Hey” and turn around and sit and look at me.  Today we were walking and 2 big dogs were approaching.  I had him turn and sit and look at me and I was waiting for the other dogs to pass.  He was doing that beautifully and, after a minute, even lay down, looking me in the eye.  The other dogs were taking too long (they found a tree and were making long use of it), so I decided I was going to have to go ahead and pass.  So I was starting to approach them and Cas just stopped and greeted them without a sound.  He allowed them to smell  him and he never snapped or snarled or barked or anything.  I was so proud of him!  That is exactly what I have been wanting him to do.  Yay!!!

I am going to get this posted, since my laptop is down.  Happy weekend everyone!

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