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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Tuesday


I had a good day Monday and that definitely makes me feel better.  I admit that I am doing a kind of “catch-up” week to get back on track.  I know if I get on the scale and I gained a bunch last week, that will be discouraging, so I hope to put myself near to where I left off week before last with this high protein, lower calorie week.  I seem to be able to do these pretty well when I need to.  The only exception was dinner last night.  We had a celebration dinner at a fine dining restaurant and, although I didn’t plan to go “hog wild,” I did plan to enjoy it.  Glancing over the menu for this restaurant, I thought I would probably get a steak, which I did.  There were some shared appetizers, so I had bites of each of those.  And I got key lime cheesecake for dessert (a pretty small serving).

The rest of the week (through Friday) I will follow this high protein, low calorie plan.  Saturday, I plan to get back on regular WW (although I am counting points this week, just not eating as I typically would).

Honestly, I have not been trying to work out this week.  It has been a busy week so far.  I am also pretty flared up right now, so I am hoping that will calm down during this week.  I was really tired Sunday night from so much activity over the weekend, so I went to bed early Monday night, but I had trouble falling asleep.  I finally took a sleep-aid and dropped off a little before Midnight.  Last night, I got home after 9:00, and then my date from weekend before last (I'll call him John) called and we talked until after 11:00.

I was thinking yesterday afternoon, for some reason I feel bigger than I did 3 years ago when I had lost down to near this weight, even though I weigh less than that now.  I guess since I have been near that weight on and off through the last 3 years, the new wore off.  I am so ready to get moving.  I have to get right back going on my high protein/lower calorie plan today.

I’m going to get this posted and will probably post again tonight.  Happy Wednesday (it’s payday)!


  1. Congratulations! Congratulations!!
    You were named one of the 100 most inspirational weight loss bloggers!

    1. Oh my gosh! I didn't know!!! That's amazing!


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