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Friday, May 3, 2013

4-Day Vacation Has Begun!

Yesterday went okay.  I got a little hungry last night and ate a few walnuts, but I don’t think enough to put me above my points target.  I just wanted something that wasn’t carbs.

I got up and did a good workout this morning – 40 minutes on the recumbent bike with a base resistance of 5 and intervals of 10.  Judging by how tough it was and how much I sweated, it qualified for one of my moderate intensity workouts that are my goal.  Could almost be classified as high-intensity, since at the end I was feeling like I couldn’t finish.  I think high intensity is a relative term based on the person who is doing the workout.

I ate the last few walnuts from the bag this morning (about a tablespoon?) before my workout.  I was starving afterwards, so went ahead and ate my protein bar then.  My plan was to eat another one at about 11:30 and another at 3:30.  I ate some frozen peaches this morning at around 9:30.  I ended up eating the second one at just before Noon, since Jerry had me tied up.  I was hungry, so I ate the third one at about 3:10.  Hopefully that holds me until I get off tonight.

I walked Cas at lunch.  He sure gets ornery if he doesn’t get enough exercise.  Keeps me motivated.  I would like to do another workout tonight.  Hopefully I won’t have to work late.  I weighed this morning after my workout, and I was down a little over a pound.  Of course I had been sweating a lot.  I am thinking about just eating a protein bar for dinner tonight, too, just in my last-ditch effort to break this plateau this weigh-in.  We will see how hungry I feel.  They seem to keep me pretty satisfied.  I have had a few pistacchios this afternoon (my cubie has a bowl on her ledge).  I didn’t realize I like pistacchios that much.  These are yummy!  There are only a few left, and I don’t want to eat them anyway.  Too much sodium for the day before weigh-in.

I have a date tomorrow evening.  We will see how it goes.  It’s funny – usually I am worried about whether they will like me or not.  This time I am more “worried” if I will like him.  Progress?  I like him on paper, anyway.

I have stayed away from the candy bowl today.

I am getting lots of questions about what I am going to do on my days off.  The answer to that is, anything I want to.  I plan to get all my errands and “chores” done on Saturday and Sunday.  I want to do something active both Monday and Tuesday – maybe ride my bike.  I might do a little shopping.  It could include doing something with the new guy, if we hit it off.  I haven’t told him yet I will be off.  No pressure.


I’m home now.  I worked until 7:15.  I did have a protein bar for dinner.  I weighed when I got home and I only weighed .4 more than I did last Saturday morning.  There is usually a couple of pounds difference between night and morning, so I hope that means I am going to beat my plateau finally.  I wanted to do another workout tonight, and I did about 8 minutes, but I was just too tired and empty to do more.  I’ll just have to pray that I have done enough.

My 4-day vacation has begun!

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