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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weigh-In Day

As expected, my weight didn’t budge.  Now onto the positive things about today.

I went to my first WW meeting.  My daughter went too.  I liked it and think this will be a good fit for me (so far).  My leader is also a chef and she shares recipes, so I am hoping for some yummy ones.  I weighed 252.8 at home (same as last week), and after breakfast and wearing more clothes, I weighed 253.2 at WW.  Pretty close.

The positive for today is, after the meeting, my daughter and I went for a ride around White Rock Lake.  It was REALLY tough.  I estimate I did about 7 miles.  Some of it was walking, most of it was riding.  I don’t think I will ever take Cas on an outing like this again.  He gets too car sick and is miserable then, and although he had had plenty of time to recover from that, he also got motion sickness when riding in the basket.  I can run him around downtown a little, but taking him on these excursions is too much for him if I can’t put him in the basket part of the time.  (My best bet for him is roller skating/blading with him).  Anyway, I think part of the problem was my bike needs to be serviced.  The gears are not working correctly.  I never could work up a lot of speed on the downhill parts to get momentum to help with the uphill parts and that was really tough.  I think the wire is too tight the way the gear changer is attached, so I can’t change to a better gear.  I have to pedal all the time, even on downhill parts, to keep up my speed.  So uphill was too tough by the end of the ride.  But I got lots of exercise and probably burned a good amount of calories.

As soon as I can, I am going to buy me some roller skates.  Cas does better with more activity and I just don’t have enough time to walk him enough and can’t run at this point.  I think roller skating is the best option.  I am afraid I would fall more easily on roller blades.  That would not be helpful.

After being home for a couple of hours, Cas is worn out and I am sore and stiff.  Definitely feeling it in my back and joints.  But I feel good about it.  This is my future – I want to do this with future friends/ boyfriends/husband, so I want to get more conditioned so I can.  I want this to be a lifestyle.

We visited a tri store today (my daughter wanted to buy a gel seat for her bicycle, and there was a tri store in the same parking lot as WW).  They didn’t have the seat, but we got into a conversation with a girl who works there who just did her first tri.  She has lost 50 pounds in the training process.  She was telling me they have all kinds of events, including biking/swimming events, so I could do an event without having to run.  I could also just walk the run part, which a lot of people do.  They have mini-tris, which have short distances for beginners.  Something to think about preparing myself for in the future.  I can swim, but I have never really swam laps and gotten conditioned from it.  So that would be something I would have to work on too.  During Summer I may do some early morning workouts in the pool here at the lofts (when, hopefully, other people would not be at the pool).  I had hoped I would not need to join a gym with having the pool and the fitness center here at the loft, but it doesn’t have everything I need to get in as good of shape as I would like to.  So, one of these days, I may want to join a gym – one that has a good pool – again.  Probably the YMCA.  They have a great pool and everything I need.  But there is plenty for the stage I am in now – use  the fitness center, ride my bike, recumbent bike, and exercise routines that don’t require equipment.  After a couple of months, I may join the yoga class that meets a couple of nights a week at my lofts.  I want to get in a little better shape first (to make sure I don’t set something off that will set me back).

Sometimes I think I am too empathetic of a person to be a dog owner.  I place way too much weight on how my dog might be feeling.  I feel bad about leaving him alone too much, I feel bad if I don’t walk him enough, if running is too hard on him, worry about him getting motion sickness, etc., etc., etc.  I really need a time where I can work on me and enjoy life as I never have before.  But I spend a lot of time worrying about my dog.  Story of my life.  It’s okay for me to go bike riding and leave him at home.  I have to get that through my head.

I have been amazingly unhungry today.  I got tacos at Chipotle and could barely finish them (I was famished after riding, which I think was also part of the problem).  I have only used 2 weekly points.  I am planning to make a dessert tomorrow, so I will use some then.

I am planning to get up and go to the singles class at a downtown church in the morning.  I decided I will visit the class first and start trying to get to know some people, then add Sunday morning service once I do.  I find it kind of intimidating to go to the main church service and not know anyone.  I won’t ever get to know people that way.  If I decide this is where I am going to keep going, I will start going to choir on Wednesday nights.  Singing in the choir will give me a sense of belonging and I won’t feel so much like I am sitting by myself.  And it will give me a chance to use my God-given gift and to get to know more people.  Like the sign I posted yesterday, I just know I don’t want to stay where I am.  Baby steps.  But I have to start making them.

I am hoping that hard workout today shook something loose and I will see a difference on the scale tomorrow morning.  If a harder workout affects my appetite all the time like it did today, I need to do that more days of the week.  I just wasn’t very hungry.  I talked to the WW leader a little about my plateau and she suggests I eat a little less fruit and see if that helps.  I don’t know if I will do that, but I will count a point for any fruit over 2 servings.  I don’t think that’s it because I only had 30 points Thursday and Friday and that should have done the same thing.  I need to make sure I am getting my healthy oils.  I find out today that is not just any healthy fat, it has to be one of a few liquid oils recommended by WW (olive, canola, sunflower, flax and I can’t think of the others).  Even though avocado is a healthy fat, it is not one of the healthy fats they encourage you to check off every day.  I hope that once I move past this plateau, things will move along smoothly for a while.  I need to shake up my workouts and not do the same thing every morning.  I don’t think I have been doing it enough for that to be the problem – I just started doing the recumbent bike regularly again.  I just need to keep this in mind.

That’s it for tonight.  I’m going to dry my hair and get to bed so I get up in time for class in the morning.

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