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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weigh-In Day

Come hell or high water, I am going to break this plateau this coming week!  I am frustrated!  Not the kind of frustrated that makes me want to give up, but I want to get moving!  I gained .6 pound this week.  Yes, I had an off day Sunday, but not enough to gain fat considering how I did the rest of the week.  I had 30 points Thursday and 28 points Friday (target is 35).  I did 4 recumbent bike workouts (and another one this morning) and more walking than I have been doing because I've been getting to go to lunch more.

I weigh the same as I did 3 weeks ago.  I think my body likes this weight.  But I don't!  I have to convince it to get moving.

Today I do not plan on using any extra points.  I have the ballgame tonight.  I had a Special K Flatbread breakfast sandwich this morning (6 pts.) and will have some fruit in a bit.  I will have a regular sized lunch (8-10 pts.) and then that will leave me about 20 points for the game.  I plan to take my own hotdog (if I can make the timing work).  Maybe we can stop in at a 7 Eleven on the way into the game and buy drinks (water for me) and I can warm the hotdog in the microwave without anybody knowing.  I don't see anything wrong with that as long as we buy something.  I have some pop chips and will take some baby carrots and a fruit salad.  That leaves me with quite a few points for something sweet or some other kind of snack.

It's Stephanie's birthday (she's 26!).  We are going to get pedicures before the game.  We three (my daughters and I) have a great time at ballgames.  None of us drink much to speak of (Bethany not at all, and me maybe once or twice a year, and Stephanie only once in a while), and never at a ballgame (too expensive, for one thing!), but people might think we do by how much fun we have at a game.  And tonight will be great because it won't be so hot as it is in the summer.  I used to be such a baseball fan that I watched almost every game on television, but I only catch them every once in a while now.  But we do like to go to several games in a season, if we can.  We didn't get to go at all last year.

I already walked Cas and did 20 minutes on the recumbent bike, shortly after I got up this morning.  Now I need to do my cleaning, etc. before we get out and about later.  If I get out before doing it, I get tired and then don't get it done.

I plan this to be the last week I have to write about this plateau.  It's time to "gitter dun"!  My goal is to drop below 250 by next Saturday.

Have a great Saturday!

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