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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weigh-In Day

Well, I gained a pound this week.  I knew the scale was being stubborn, and the weigh-in last week was the only time during the week my weight dropped as low as it did (later in the morning than I typically weigh and I had not eaten).

One reason I did Medifast was to get to the point where I could do enough exercise to make Weight Watchers work better for me.  I think that is going to be really important.  Otherwise, this week I am going to measure everything to make sure my portions are correct and I am going to change some of my food choices.  Sodium may be playing a part (I've been eating a lot of popcorn, crackers and chips).  I also am going to make some zero points soup to have when I am hungry and make sure I do not eat too much fruit (I don't know that I did, but it is possible).  I am going to buy a digital scale to help with my food measuring.  I think it is going to take some hard work to push past this plateau and I plan to put in some work in the gym this week.

Another thing I am doing is weaning myself off of SF Red Bull.  My motivation is as much for budget as anything, but I know they are not healthy.  I did not have one yesterday, but had a caffeine headache this morning, so had one.  I have 3 left and think I can break the caffeine addiction without having to buy more.

My BP was a little high at the doctor's office the other day.  However, they use those wrist cuffs there and those don't seem to be very accurate -- they will often measure me high when others won't.  But I need to monitor that.  I have been taking my medication, so if it is still high, it probably needs adjusting.

Plans for today.  Hmm.  I am cleaning house, for one thing.  I do want to get me a cupcake (I've been craving one).  I think.  I plan to eat fairly normally (like I eat on Weight Watchers) and just add a treat here and there.  I don't want the weekends to feel like a free-for-all.

I plan to get another treadmill workout in the gym.  If the weather cooperates, I would like to get out on my bike.  It was really windy when I walked Cas earlier.  Hopefully I can take my bike to Katy Trail and ride a while there.  I will run Cas and then let him ride in the basket so I could ride as long as I feel like I can.  I would like to get an odometer for my bike (or some gadget) so I know how far I am riding.

The girls are moving today, so going to go run an errand for them.

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