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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Goal Met

The scale was down a little this morning.  I think the heavier workout yesterday helped.  I am going to do a couple of more of heavier workouts this week and see if I can get below my goal.

I got up to go to the singles class this morning.  I haven’t checked the class schedule in the last couple of weeks and what I did not know is they had changed it.  They changed all the classes to the earlier hour and consolidated both services into the later hour.  So I didn’t get to go to the class, but I went to the contemporary service.  I liked this one better than the last one I went to there.  It was more like I am used to.  The people around me were friendly.  However, they were more my kids’ age.  But there are all ages at the service, so the potential to meet people my own age is there.  I will go to the singles class next week.  They are also having a singles event night on the 10th, a Friday night, and I plan to go to that, as well as a Rangers game on the 17th for singles.  Hopefully I will get acquainted with some people before then.  It was a step, anyway, so I felt good about that.  I met my weekly goal of getting out of the house (WW meeting and Sunday church).  It's a start.

Breakfast was a a breakfast made from a light, wheat English muffin, a teaspoon of butter, Canadian bacon, an egg and one slice of RF pepper jack cheese.  I had that along with a banana.

I have been craving pizza and the “pizza” I made a couple of weeks on an English muffin just didn’t do it for me.  So I bought a ready-made whole wheat pizza crust and used that with some Classico pizza sauce, Canadian bacon, some part-skim mozzarella, some sautéed onion and bell pepper and some diced pickled jalapeno.  It was 6 points per slice.  I made a half pizza, which was 3 slices.  I wasn’t sure if I would eat one, two or three slices when I made it, but I had extra points to use if it came out good.  It was good!

I also made a reduced-size recipe of a dessert.  I remembered a recipe I used to make for a 3-6-9 cake.  As you can probably guess from the name, the recipe was easily divisible by 3.  It is usually made in a tube pan, but I made a one-third recipe and put it in a smallish loaf pan.  I cut the loaf in 6 slices, which was a decent sized serving, and it was 10 points per serving.  I also made a blackberry sauce from a recipe I found online.  It was 4 points.  It was uh-maz-ing.  I would definitely serve this to company.  A little whipped cream and it would be perfect.  I like planning a dessert once a week and it being something I really want, not just something that is there.  My daughters dropped by and each ate a serving, and I wrapped up the other three servings (individually) in plastic wrap and foil and put them in the freezer.  I will use the last serving of blackberry sauce on protein waffles tomorrow morning.

My snack today was some plain Greek yogurt (one-half cup) with a little honey and some sliced banana.  Dinner was a kind of hash, I guess you would describe it.  I sautéed some onion and poblano pepper, added a smallish diced up baked potato (not quite fully baked in the microwave), then added some egg and scrambled it and then shredded some 50% fat cheddar cheese on it.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was good.  It was 13 points, which is a little more than I usually spend in a meal, but I was using extra points today and it sounded good.  I had some baby carrots a bit later, when I felt a little hungry, but that was all I ate for the rest of the day.  I used a total of 24 weekly points this weekend.  I may use another one here and there, but don't plan to use much more.
I was pretty achy and tired today, so I did not do any kind of workout.  I did walk a number of blocks to church – say a total of 12.  Cas was really tired today too.

I can’t believe it is already 9:30 on Sunday night.  I am not ready to start another week.  Incidentally, I think the vitamins may be helping a little, but I really want some time off soon.

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  1. Your food is looking so good! Great job balancing and eating a healthy diet. More than anything, great job in still being here. I can't tell you how many people I start to follow and before too long, poof!, they're gone. You are really getting the determination and never-give-up part of this, which is #1 on this journey.


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