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Friday, April 5, 2013

Treadmill Workout

I had a post going on my computer, but Word keeps crashing, so here I go again.

I was feeling noticeably better this morning.  I woke up before 5:30 by myself and lay there a few minutes and felt ready to get up.  I went to walk Cas at 6:00 a.m.  I decided I wanted to do a treadmill workout, so I went to the fitness center at my lofts and did 20-25 minutes on the treadmill.  I don’t think I have been able to do that for at least a couple of years.  I got started for a few minutes and then decided to use the built-in weight loss program.  It asked for your resting heart rate and then your target heart rate.  I didn’t know what to put on the resting heart rate, so I took the default of 92 bpm.  I put my target heart rate at 130 bpm (for now).  It started off at 1.0 mph and after a minute, when it wasn’t moving up, I turned the speed up (not knowing how the program works).  In a minute or two, it started telling me to slow down because my heart rate was getting over 92 bpm.  (I didn’t obey.)  The program looks like five minutes at the lowest level, and then 5 minutes 4 “dots” above that, back to lowest level, and back up again, etc.  I thought when we got to the section four dots higher, it would start increasing speed.  It did not.  But it did start increasing incline.  It kept bumping it up and up, trying to get me up to the target heart rate.  When it got up to an incline of 7, I decided you must have to manipulate your own speed, so I turned it up a bit.  A higher incline does put more strain on your back (or your muscles have to get used to it), so I didn’t want it going up too far in the beginning.  When my heart rate got up over 130, it started taking the incline down again.  Then when I got to a “flat” section, it would bump it down even more, trying to get me down to that resting heart rate.  Now that I know how the program works, I will put my resting heart rate higher and my target heart rate higher than that.  I think I will do some testing next time and see where my heart rate wants to stay when I am walking comfortably, but not pushing it, and make that my resting heart rate.  Then I will put my target 25 points or so above that so it will bump up the incline to help me reach that level (enough to make me work up a good sweat and be glad for it to go down, but not so much that I feel like I can’t get through the 5 minutes).  92 for a resting heart rate was too low! Anyway, I felt good about doing the workout.  I wore my armband and it said I already had over half of my steps target for the day.  Which I am going to bump up now, by the way.  It is at 8,000 now; now I am going to put it at 10,000.  If I have a day where I don’t get to go home for lunch and walk my dog, I probably will have more trouble reaching it, but it will be the goal.  There should be less of those days if things stay settled down at work.

Back in 2009-2010, when I worked out at the gym almost every morning, I had worked up to doing an hour on the treadmill with a pretty high incline, doing intervals on my speed.  At “the end,” I was shooting for (and getting) an 800-calorie burn in a workout.  I weighed a few more pounds than I do now.  I also did some strength training 3 times a week (usually at night).  This time, I think I will put more importance on getting that strength training every weekday, alternating arms, legs, core, etc.  Cardio is important, but strength training is as important, if not more.  Weekends will be either rest days or recreational exercise (riding my bicycle, etc. vs. the gym).  I will try to push my walks with Cas a little more so it gets closer to a power walk for me than just a stroll.  I do not stroll now, but I don’t power walk either.  He will be fine with the faster speed – he really needs to be run, but don’t think I will be able to do that much, except with the bike.

My back did not hurt during the workout this morning, but it is doing that thing again now that it’s been doing in the evening.  It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with weight bearing or walking, etc.  This one begins hurting when I am sitting.  I hope this flare-up ends soon.  It is painful enough to make me lose sleep.  My knee bothered me a little in the workout, but not enough to make me quit.  I should do some leg strength training and maybe the extra muscle will help protect my knee.  But I already have pretty muscular legs.  I’ve been carrying around near 300 pounds for 20 years, after all.  Yikes!

Breakfast this morning was Greek yogurt/honey/Kashi GoLean Crunch and a banana (10 points).  I had some blackberries (yum!) late morning (so glad for some different fruits and berries!).  We were pushing hard during lunch.  I had 1/4 of the salad from yesterday left over, so had that (3 points with the dressing), and someone got me a cup of chili from Potbelly (yum!) to go with that.  I did not tell her to put cheese on it, but she did, so it was 7 points instead of 6.  I only have 15 points left for the day (unless I swap some activity points, which I don’t want to do), so I may just have a piece of fruit during the afternoon (I will see how that holds me).  I am kind of snacky in the evening.  I will be interested to see if that improves this evening, since I got my medication.  I was obviously in quite a bit of a withdrawal mode, because even after I took it after going to the doctor, at bedtime I had trouble going to sleep because I had that restless feeling.  It took a while for that to settle down so I could sleep well.

I felt so much better mood-wise this morning, it makes me think a lot of that was medication related too.  I thought it might be, but just didn’t know.

I got my car back yesterday, so as it stays light longer in the day, I think I will load up my bike and go to Katy Trail with Cas in the evening.  I want to build up how far I can ride so I can do some rides to different venues (although this is not as easy in Dallas as it would be in a small town).  But someday I would like to take vacations that include bike rides, etc.

This has been a push-push day and I am ready for my workday to end.  Friday has slipped up on me a little bit.  I think it was being out of the office yesterday afternoon.  Not complaining!

I’m home now.  I didn’t want to go to much trouble for dinner, so I made a wrap with 3 oz. of chicken I cooked up earlier in the week, a Weight Watchers cheese wedge (like Laughing Cow), some lettuce, onion and honey mustard (5 points), some FSTG sweet potato chips (3 points), some baby carrots and a banana.  Later I had a WW ice cream bar (2 points) and some popcorn (5 points).

My back is hurting a lot tonight.  I have to sit up very straight or it hurts pretty badly.  I massaged the area the pain was coming from and can feel a knot.  I don’t know what that means, but it makes it tough to relax.  I’m going to wrap this up and go sit (or lay, if necessary) on the heating pad.

Oh yeah – I got my 10,000 steps today.  I’m going to try to do a treadmill workout before weigh-in in the morning.  Is that cheating?

Have a great weekend!  I think I’ll get that cupcake tomorrow I was craving last weekend.

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