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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sissy's Southern Kitchen

I got into the crackers after posting last night.  7 points worth.  Not that I didn’t have the weekly points to spend on them.  So I had 35 weekly points left for the week.

Today is our Administrative Assistant’s Week lunch.  We went to a place called Sissy's Southern Kitchen (I think that was the name).  My plan was to order basically what I want, but to eat half of it at lunch and half of it at dinner.  I planned to order a dessert, but would do the same thing with dessert.  I ate a light breakfast this morning in preparation.  I had some Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt (2 pts.)  Mid-morning I got hungry, so I had another one (2 pts.).  I also had 2 slices of fresh pineapple this morning and some more not too long before leaving for lunch (I didn’t want to arrive starving).  So a 4-point breakfast.  That’s fine.  I had 66 points left with daily and weekly points, but I didn’t want to use that many points.  I had shrimp and grits.  The other thing I was thinking about ordering was not on the lunch menu.  It was not a big serving.  There were only 4 shrimp and I would say 3/4 cup of grits, if that.

It was good, but not to die for.  I thought the shrimp was a little “fishy”.  Everyone (together) ordered some appetizers and sides (which are family style) to share.  I had one “squash puppy” (kind of like a hush puppy), about a third of a “purple hulled pea cake” with a spicy aioli on it (Southern food! but not impressed) and a red curry deviled egg (as in half of the egg) – not the best deviled egg I ever had.  I also ate about 1/4 cup each of whipped potatoes, squash casserole, and macaroni and cheese (if that much of each of those).  I had no input into the sides.  I wasn’t even sure if I was going to eat any, but when the entrée was as small as it turned out to be, I did.  I only ate half of the smallish serving of shrimp and grits.  The really good stuff was dessert.  I got a bread pudding with bourbon sauce and it was off the chart.  (I forgot to take pictures of anything else – great blogger that I am.)  I tried to find nutrition information on these foods and logged my points as best I could.  I think, if anything, I over-estimated.  Lunch came out to be a total of 36 points (that seems astronomical to me).  To think I used to eat this way without a second thought.  I really did have a second thought most of the time, but I did it anyway, although I was more prone to grazing or eating between meals than eating a huge meal (except on a holiday or something).  I have been feeling a little yucky this afternoon – all the rich food, I am sure.  I have been thinking about dinner, and really, the only thing I really care about finishing is the bread pudding.  I brought home the other half of the shrimp and grits, plus a little squash casserole and a little whipped potatoes.  The mac and cheese was not good enough to care about for seconds (I have had so much better).  I think I am going to toss the rest of the food and just eat the bread pudding.  I thought about giving it to my pets, but I think it might make them sick.  (The kitty tried to steal it off the cabinet.)  At the point before I went home, I felt like that would be enough for the day, but if I felt hungry by then, the plan was to have a light WW-type dinner and the bread pudding.  I felt better about that than eating a bunch of high points stuff I didn't care that much about.  Incidentally, the bread pudding was a HUGE serving, and I counted it as 1-1/2 of the serving for the recipe I found.
Interesting things:  (1) the deviled eggs had caviar on them; I took it off – it is probably good, but it is a mind thing for me; (2) a friend ordered the chocolate cake – I have said I am not a chocolate person; we all shared little slivers of our desserts with the others and I could only eat one bite of that cake – too rich for me; (3) the key lime pie was excellent, but I get that a lot, so I am glad I got the bread pudding; same with the buttermilk pecan pie (pecan pie is one of my favorites – I actually like my pecan pie better than this one J); (4) two of the girls got the chicken fried flat-iron steak – their portions were huge – twice the size of what was expected; it looked really good, but I wanted something “different” than I have gotten before.  This was a really cool place with really cute décor (why didn’t I take a picture of that?).  They had old fashioned tile in the entry and on the floor around the bar.  They had old fashioned china decorating one wall (I studied that wall quite a bit during the conversation) and our food was served on what looked like old-fashioned china.  Some of the patterns I had seen in people’s homes in my childhood – like blue willow.  They had a sitting room for people waiting for a table (there were none waiting today) that looked like an old-fashioned parlor.  Made me want to go in there and curl up in one of the chairs.  The bar was really quaint and nostalgic – I loved it.  I would definitely go here again, but it is really high points (calories) and there are other places I would prefer to spend that many points on.  But I like trying new places and this was fun.

In fact, the girls and I have decided we are going to try a new place once a month, and order pretty much what we want without worrying about calories so much – sharing meals, if necessary.  I just want to try some places I have never been to before.
I was not using my time efficiently this morning and I only got a 15-minute workout done.  My knee was hurting too, even on the recumbent bike.  I did take the stairs down when I left (hmm, I wonder if that is what made my knee hurt?).  Yesterday, my hands were filthy when I got to work from the handrail in the stairwell, so I took a couple of disinfectant wipes and cleaned it as I was walking down this morning.

I haven’t had much water today.  I know I need to go drink some down, but my tummy is too full.  I got full really easy.  After I wrote that, I emptied out some, so went and drank down a couple of glasses.  I will do a couple of more before bedtime – it will help with the extra calories, carbs and sodium, I am guessing.
It turned cold again!  This is getting a little old.  Low 40’s tonight.  Should warm back up starting tomorrow.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.  It will be way too hot all too soon.  But today was cold and wet (although it didn’t rain all day like they predicted).

It is really hard not to lose focus after a day like today.  I got home tonight and I ate my bread pudding.  I also ate a little popcorn and three clementines.  I am sure I should eat some protein – I am still kind of hungry.  I would like to get into the crackers again, but my resolve is stronger than my desire to do that.  I really want to keep moving.  I ended the day with 18 weekly points left.  I would like to keep it that way.  After writing this, I realized I was in full-blown withdrawal.  I was thinking I had taken some medicine today, but I have not, and I don't remember the one I took yesterday.  No wonder I was feeling so snacky, as well as sleepy and restless at the same, and dizzy.
My daughter (Bethany) had another fender bender today.  She just had one two or three months ago.  I will have to help her with the deductible (a loan) – again.  I sure will be glad when that is not necessary anymore.  There were extenuating circumstances, but it would not have happened if she were driving more defensively.  Of course, I could do better at that myself.  I just don’t drive very much anymore.

That’s it for today.  I need to get focused on the exercise again tomorrow.  I have had distractions the last couple of days.  And I need to finish this week strong.

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