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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Muscle Relaxant and Overslept

I struggled yesterday with a lot of tension in my upper back and neck, which always leads to bad headaches for me.  I took a half a muscle relaxant yesterday morning, it was getting worse, so I took the other half yesterday afternoon.  Then I took one when I went to bed last night.  It was so hard to wake up this morning!  They don’t always affect me that drastically, but I really had a hard time.  I fell asleep in the bathtub for about 10 minutes, I think.  I overslept, so did not get my recumbent bike workout done this morning.  I need to make it up tonight.  Won’t be much walking today, since we are having thunderstorms.  We knew the thunderstorms were coming, so we took the dogs to the park last night and they did some running, chasing a ball.  Cas and Stephanie’s pup, Junior, also did a lot of wrestling, which always wears Cas out.  They were doing that when Junior was a new pup, but now Cas is finding he is getting a little more than he bargained for, since Junior is much bigger than him now.  We have to pull Junior away, since he gets too rough sometimes (not in an aggressive way, just playful).  Our goal was to wear them out, since there wouldn’t be much getting out today.  We’ll see how the weather is this evening – I think it is supposed to be over by then (but still really windy).  I need to do a parking garage walk with Cas tonight, if nothing else.

I got on the scale this morning and am paying for my lapse on Sunday.  I know it is 2 more days to weigh-in, but….  I am going to eat only 30 points today and tomorrow (if we don’t have the birthday dinner until Saturday).  That would be a pretty normal sized meal, 3 meals a day.  It would just mean no evening snacking (other than a piece of fruit or some baby carrots).  I REALLY want to get below 250.  This is dragging on too long.  I am ready to get moving again.  And I am going to try not to use any extra points over the weekend, since I need to save them for my dinners next week.
I am definitely starting to have some radiating pain again.  L  I knew my back had been hurting more, but this morning I stood up and the pain shot down the back of my left leg.  Classic sciatica.  So I am not out of the woods yet on back problems.  I can get another injection(s) in my knees on May 12 or after, so will have to tough it out until then, and hopefully the injections will have the same good effect they did last time.

I have had two disturbing dreams about my son in the last 3 nights, both with similar circumstances.  I hope it is just a resurgence of bad memories and not “prophetic”.  You always wonder if your dreams mean something, especially when they just come out of nowhere, about something you haven’t even been thinking about.  Will be doubling up my prayers for sure!
I was running late this morning, so did not eat breakfast until after I got to work.  I got a ham, mushroom, egg and Swiss on a whole wheat square from Potbelly (10 points).  I may not go home for lunch, if it is storming.  If I do not, I will get a Farmhouse salad/no bacon (again from Potbelly), and eat ¾ of it.  That with Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Dressing only has 7 points.

My daughter, Stephanie, joined WW today and we are going to go to meetings together.  We won’t go this Saturday (actually I might, depending on the schedule of other things), since it is her birthday and we are busy, but we will start the following Saturday.  She weighs less than I do, but they gave her 40 daily points, when I only get 35.  We both get 49 weekly points.  I was curious about that, since it usually goes down the less you weigh.  Maybe you get more, starting out.  Likely it is because she is younger.  I am buying her a bicycle for her birthday.  She said she intends to get out for some long rides on Saturdays, so we are going to meet and do that together.  We will ride at White Rock Lake, which is better for biking, since there are not so many people walking as on Katy Trail.  It is also prettier.  (The only drawback to this is Cas gets carsick.  We will have to choose a starting spot that is closest to me, for his sake.)  We are going to shoot for a 10-mile ride our first time out (when Cas gets tired, I will put him in my basket).  She has been spinning when she is able to work out (she has had a couple of physical issues lately, including falling down the stairs last week).  I think it will be good for us to challenge each other, both with Weight Watchers and staying active.  She also has the motivation to ride her bike because her dog, Junior, is very active and needs more exercise (he drives them crazy sometimes), so letting him run while she bikes is an incentive for her (he should have no trouble running 10 miles!).  This will help me a lot, to have someone to ride with.  Hopefully my other daughter, Bethany, can get her a bike soon, and we can all ride together.  I am glad I have my SUV back, so I can load my bike in it to go to White Rock Lake.
Since it is raining today, and has been quite a bit lately, and since I walk to work every day, I have been thinking I need to get me a raincoat (sometimes just an umbrella doesn’t keep you totally dry).  When you buy a coat, you want to be able to wear it long-term, so I was trying to decide what size to get.  I have a coat in my closet that is a size 14.  I decided to try it on to see how tight it was (I want to be able to wear the raincoat now, but would like to be able to wear it, even if a little big, as long as possible).  The size 14 in my closet is not bad!  Of course, coats generally are roomier, to go on over other clothes.  It was fine in the arms and shoulders, and even the bust area was pretty good.  It did not quite meet at the lower tummy/hip area, but that would be okay at first.  So I think if I decide to get one, I am going to get a size 14.  I don’t mind wearing it when it gets too big, so I hope I can wear this even when I reach goal.  I would have other coats to wear when it was not raining.

The rain died down sooner than expected, so I went home for lunch.  I did not walk Cas, however, because it was so cold, but particularly because it was so windy.  It is supposed to die down later today, so I will give him a good long walk tonight.  So, I ate lunch at home and didn’t get the salad from Potbelly.  I was out of the wraps I have been using, and the other ones I had (Mission low carb whole wheat) were 4 points apiece (in comparison to 1 point for the ones I have been using).  They were larger, but still.  So I cut one in half and used that and had another tuna wrap with some fresh spinach leaves, tuna salad and half of the wrap (6 pts.).  I also had some FSTG sweet potato chips, some baby carrots, 2 dill pickle spears and an apple.  All of that was 9 points.  That leaves me with 11 points for this evening (only having 30 points instead of 35).
I struggled all day with being sleepy.  I could definitely have fallen asleep while sitting at my desk.  And I still felt really tight in my upper back.  I’m afraid it is always going to be that way as long as I sit at a computer all day every day.

Well, I did not get a workout done tonight.  I am just too tired at night in this stage of the game.  I did walk Cas and I did keep my eating down to 30 points today (wasn’t very hard today).  Hopefully that will help things move along if I do that some more (not every day, though).
Tomorrow is Friday.  Yay!

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