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Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Activity Despite Pain Issues

I’m back at work today.  Not feeling at the top of my game, but okay.  I feel kind of clammy, like you do when you break a fever.  I can’t believe how much I slept the last couple of days and still feel like I could fall asleep sitting here.

I did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike this morning, doing intervals.  I warmed up for about 5 minutes and then I did intervals of 2.5 minutes with a 5 resistance and 1 minute at 8 resistance, back and forth.  That taxed me, but was doable.  I soaked my t-shirt in the back, so it was a good workout for me.  I will have to amend what I said yesterday about doing a distance workout.  I said 5 miles was a lot for me.  I did 6 miles this morning.  Maybe 10 miles would be a good distance to shoot for to start with.  Perhaps a good thing to do would be to get on my bike and ride for 30 minutes on Katy Trail and then turn around and come back.  I’m not sure what kind of hills there are; that would be the only thing that might make me feel like I could not do that long of a ride.  There is this trail I used to walk on (and could bike on).  The total trail is 15 miles (7.5 up and then 7.5 back).  I have never done the whole thing because I always walked it.  There are no big hills on the parts I have been on.  It is near where I used to live, so I would have to drive to get there.  But it might be fun to do that sometime.  I always enjoyed it because of the tree cover.  I’ll try a longer ride (for me) on Katy Trail and then maybe do that one sometime.  I am getting a bicycle for my daughter for her birthday.  We could get together and ride some of the trails around Dallas.  There is one at White Rock Lake that is nice too.

My weight was up this morning.  I don’t think I have taken my BP medicine the last couple of days, plus I haven’t been drinking my water at home.  I am going to make sure I take my medicine, drink my water, and watch my sodium between now and weigh-in.  I am going to do another workout tonight and two more tomorrow and see if all that helps.  Then I will decide how much of my weekly points I want to use next week.  I may use only enough for a dessert with a meal over the weekend and see if I can bust through this plateau.  If that doesn’t do it, the next week I may do a week of Medifast.  I’ve been stuck here long enough.

My eating has been good the last 3 days.  I feel okay about what I am eating, as well as how much.  So I am baffled by the scale.  I am so ready to get moving again!

I have been craving some pizza.  But when I look at how many points it has, I never want to spend that much on it, even on my days when I use weekly points.  So I am going to make some healthy pizza using English muffins and healthy toppings.  I don’t have to spend a ton of points to satisfy the craving, hopefully.  I am also going to buy a couple of Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine pizzas.  I don’t want to eat that stuff all the time, but it would be good to satisfy a craving, anyway.

I think I am going to go to a WW meeting on Saturday.  I have my car back, so if I plan it into my schedule, I am ready to do it.  There are 3 meetings on Saturday mornings.  If the one I choose first doesn’t feel right, I will try another.  But I am sure they will all have the same leader (I am guessing).  Hopefully he/she will be someone I connect with.  The members who attend are (or is it is?) also an important factor.  If you have an annoying person attending a meeting who monopolizes everything, it can really drag it down.  I would like to make some relationships so I have people to encourage and give me accountability.

I was thinking a good thing to put on the wraps like I made a couple of days ago (or any wrap, really) would be some broccoli slaw.  It would be a nice, quick way to add veggies and crunch.  Sometimes taking the time to cut up the veggies is what I don’t want to do.  I can also prepare some of the stuff when I get home from the grocery store and have it ready to make quick ones.  They are good, satisfying, low-points meals that I can make for a quick lunch or dinner.  It would also be good to have cut-up stuff ready to make quick stir-fries.  That is usually something that keeps me from doing that too.

I went home for lunch and walked Cas and then made myself the aforementioned wraps.  While cutting up the veggies needed for the wrap, I cut extra, so next time I just have to assemble it.  It makes two wraps for a total of 10 points.  I don’t eat any chips or anything with it and I think this is a good option, particularly when I am watching my sodium.  My plan for tonight is to have tilapia and some roasted Brussels sprouts.  I may or may not have a baked potato.  Watching my carbs would also be a good thing to do to try to break this plateau.  The thing is, when I snack, I usually want something carby.  I guess I could have some Greek yogurt or something like that instead.  I don’t want to have popcorn, because of the sodium factor.  I try not to put too much salt on it, but I think I won’t have any more before weigh-in.

I found a website that had a beginner’s weight training program mapped out in a chart.  I am in the middle of reading New Rules of Lifting for Women, but have not read enough to know what my starting program should look like.  Guess I’d better get the book read.  The first 6 weeks of this program are some exercises which, altogether, cover the whole body.  You are supposed to do those 2 times a week.  In the 4th week, you increase the number of sets.  In the 7th week, you do a split workout with increased intensity, so some body areas are worked one day and others the next.  I want to start doing some basic strength training, along with the cardio I am doing.  And I would like to get a total of at least 10 workouts (cardio and strength training) a week.  When I increase the amount of time of my cardio workouts, I won’t need quite as many cardio workouts.  I just want to get to losing on a steady pace of 2-1/2 pounds per week on average.

I was pretty tired after walking Cas at lunch-time.  I hurried, so I would have time to make my wraps.  I guess that, coupled with this morning’s walk and workout, and being sick the last couple of days took it out of me.  I plan to walk Cas when I get home and do some other kind of workout (haven’t decided if it will be more cardio or some strength training.  I at least want to go look at what we have in the fitness center at the lofts to see if I have all the equipment I need to do the strength training, so I will probably do that for my workout tonight, and maybe 15 minutes on the treadmill.  That coupled with the walking and recumbent bike workout, is quite a bit for a day.

My feet are still really bothering me.  I have worn shoes virtually all the time since Monday.  I hope it gets better soon or I will have to go see my daughter’s podiatrist.  I don’t want it keeping me from increasing my workouts.  I want to start living my life.  I probably better get going on a workout pretty soon after I get home, because I could fall asleep sitting here right now.

I only got around to eating some frozen peaches for my snack.  I was going to eat some Greek yogurt, but Jerry interrupted me and kept me holed up in an office with him until after 5:00, so I didn’t get a chance.  At least he was gone for the day by then and I could leave on time.  J

I was so busy being productive tonight, the time got away from me and before I knew it, it was after 10:00.  I came home and put a potato in to bake.  Then I walked Cas for about 20 minutes.  Then I put my tilapia in to bake and my Brussels in to roast.  While they were cooking, I went to the fitness center to see what kind of weights/machines they have.  The have some of what I need, but no way to do leg presses.  I will have to work on my quads with squats and find another way to do my hamstrings.  They had what I needed to work the chest, shoulders, back and arms.  I did a few of the exercises they had the equipment for.  Could not do the treadmill – my feet were hurting too badly.  I came back home and got my dinner finished up and ate.  I was sitting in my chair eating and did not have enough support behind my lower back (yes, I was sitting in my recliner).  My back started hurting.  So, now my feet and my back are really hurting.  Darn it.  However, I was determined to get a workout in tonight.  I got a little with the strength training, but not enough.  So I did 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.  To recap today:  walked Cas this morning and did 30 minutes (6 miles) on the recumbent bike.  Walked Cas at lunch.  Walked Cas this evening, did a mini strength-training workout and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.  Making progress on being more active.

My eating was on track today and I drank all my water.  That’s all pretty good, considering the level of pain I was dealing with today.  I’ll take it.

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