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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Made It Through My Sunday (Pretty Much)

Saturday Night

I got back from the ballgame a few minutes ago.  Challenge 2 was successful.  For lunch I had some leftover penne pasta with a meat sauce made from ground turkey (8 pts.) and some roasted broccoli (1 pt. for the olive oil).  I only had one serving of fruit for afternoon snack, so I had 18 pts. left for dinner/the game.  I did not do the hotdog as planned because we went to get pedicures before we went to the ballgame.  So I picked up 2 soft tacos like I get at Chipotle (7 pts.) and I had some Pop chips (2 pts.).  That left me with 11 pts.  I did not have anything through the end of the game, but we stopped for gas on the way home, and I got a pack (which was 2 servings) of almond M&M’s.  I ate the whole pack, which was 11 points.  That was it for the day.  I had a great time at the game and felt good about my choices.  We got cold!  I took my jacket, just in case, but my daughters did not, and Bethany wore shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt.  She was very cold, so I let her wear my jacket.  I had on jeans and a 3/4 sleeve blouse.  I was cold enough where I knew I was not going to enjoy the rest of the game, so I bought myself a sweatshirt from the pro shop (expensive!), but I did enjoy the game much more after that.  The jacket I have (that Bethany borrowed) is swallowing me these days (I could wrap it around myself half again).  The sweatshirt I bought (which was kind of like a jacket that did not zip all the way down) was a large.  It was not tight, but I like that kind of thing roomy, so I can wear it even after losing most or all of my weight.  I will wear it when cool weather comes around again when I walk my dog.

We will see how tomorrow goes.  I do not want to use extra points tomorrow either.  I am saving them for Tuesday, but I don’t want to use that many then, because I don’t want it affecting my weigh-in.  I have messed up the last two Sundays, so I will be on my guard.


I woke up hungry today.  Probably need to bulk it up a little.

When I got up, my feet were “killing” me.  I could barely walk across the room.  I wore some flats to the ballgame last night.  They have some arch support, but I guess not enough.  We did a lot of walking last night.  A lot.  And on the way back to the car, we had walked maybe half a mile and realized we were going the wrong direction, so had to turn around, go back to where we started, and go in a completely different direction.  I had gotten a little tired walking into the ballpark, and when we were walking back, I saw why.  The incline was much steeper than I realized.  So I got quite a bit of exercise.  I put my total walking time yesterday as 70 minutes (2 walks with my dog and then the ballgame), but I think that was a pretty modest estimate when you take into account all the walking and stair-climbing in the stadium.

I am also extremely tired and sleepy today.  That was a busy day yesterday.  I cleaned a good part of the day before we left.  I can hardly stay awake.  And I haven’t taken any muscle relaxants this weekend.  I’m trying to stay away from SF Red Bull, so am not using that to perk myself up today.

Breakfast this morning was Greek yogurt, honey and Kashi GoLean.  Later I had some frozen cherries.  I was getting pretty hungry again about Noon.  I had thoughts of snacking, like last Sunday, so knew I needed to eat a meal to take care of my hunger.  Lunch was the gourmet hotdog I was going to make yesterday.  It consisted of:  a whole wheat hotdog bun (3 pts.), a Johnsonville smoked turkey sausage link (3 pts.), 1 slice of RF Sargento pepper jack cheese (1 pt.), a little honey mustard, some pickled jalapeno slices, and some sautéed onion, red bell pepper and mushroom slices.  Yum!  With that I had some FSTG sweet potato chips, baby carrots and 2 dill pickle spears.

The foot pain and fatigue continued through the afternoon.  I don’t know why I am so tired.  I’m going to start taking my vitamins and see if that helps.  I shouldn’t be this tired after having a day like yesterday – at least not all day.  I certainly hope this improves as my weight goes down and workouts continue.

I saw this advertisement on FB about 5 foods you should never eat to lose weight.  I followed the link and listened to the video (which was at least 15-20 minutes long).  The things they mentioned were orange juice, artificial sweeteners and whole wheat bread (the two other things were not things I eat, if I remember correctly; actually, though, one of those things was soy stuff and that was the crux of the Medifast food).  Getting into the video, the first thing they talk about is sugar.  They talked a lot about not eating unnatural things that the liver has to work on cleansing out of the body and then can’t “focus” on metabolizing the fat.  They also talked a lot about eating healthy fats.  That may be one thing I do not do enough.  WW has these healthy checks on the tracker and the one thing I am most apt to be “short” on is healthy fats.  They said calories are not as important as the quality of your food.  I don’t disagree with all this, but I know when I start going on a tangent like this, I often get confused and I don’t do as well.  What I am going to take from it is to eat as natural foods as possible – fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and healthy oils, including avocados and nuts.  I will cut down on processed things – like POP chips, cereals, artificial sweeteners, etc.  I tend to think that anything God made and man has not changed is good for you.  They didn’t mention honey, but I tend to think honey in its natural form is okay, in moderation.  I do need to get off of the Red Bulls, which are basically just a bunch of chemicals, as well as artificial sweeteners.  Crystal Light is not good either.  But I need to make changes little by little, or I will be overwhelmed.

I struggled some this evening, but held it together pretty well.  I cooked a pork tenderloin, but it didn’t cook in time, so I ate a Special K Breakfast Sandwich (6 pts.) and some leftover roasted broccoli (0 pts.)  I had 2 points left at that point.  I ate 9 points worth of ice cream, so did use 7 of my weekly points.  I got a craving later in the evening for some crackers and Nutella and almost gave in, but held strong and did not.  So, all in all, I did pretty well this weekend.

Better get to bed to face the new week.

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