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Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Minute Struggles

I saw this in a FB post and thought it went right along with where I am right now.  Especially as it relates to getting out and making friends.

So true!

Well, I wasn’t too with it this morning.  I had trouble sleeping last night.  My cat kept messing with me and my dog, so finally, at about 12:30 a.m., I closed him in my big bathroom (he has a bed to lay on).  There are two doors to close between there and my bed, so I don’t hear him with my fan on.  I need him to learn to sleep at night!  I still had some trouble sleeping.  The last thing I was watching before I went to bed was Chopped.  I kept having some strange dream about making a gastrique, lol.  I looked up what that was (I kind of knew, but wanted to make sure).  Now I want to make one!  Anyway, I was not ready to get up this morning and overslept.  I did walk Cas, but did not do my recumbent bike workout or the stairs.  My daughter and I plan to ride around White Rock Lake tomorrow, so that will make up for it.
I was pretty hungry this morning.  Actually, I got hungry before bedtime last night, so ate some baby carrots and drank down some water.  I had yogurt and a banana this morning.  May have to have some more before lunchtime, but feel okay with it right now.  Actually, my boss came in and wanted to hunker down and work for a while, so I knew lunch would be delayed and I ate another one.

I wrote up a list of things I wanted to do this weekend.  Some of them are chores and things I want to get done at home, etc., and some are fun things to do.  For instance, I want to bike or walk to Clyde Warren Park, which is a new park in downtown Dallas.  I have been wanting to visit the food trucks there, but may not get a chance to do that tomorrow.  I think I need to get started on the stuff at home tonight, because I have a feeling time is going to get away from me tomorrow.  Once I leave the house, I have a hard time getting focused on chores when I get home and I am tired out, etc.  I don’t know if I am going to be able to get everything on my list done, but I guess it is just a goal.  Does a WW meeting count toward getting out of the house with someone other than just my kids?  Maybe to start with.  That is what I intended it for, but my daughter needs some motivation and I think it would help her (and me) if we do this together.
At home, I want to spend a couple of hours total getting rid of clutter.  I realized that when I moved, I kept a lot of stuff that I don’t really need and just made a place for it.  In other words, it is not something I really want, I am just displaying it (or putting it away) because I already have it.  And I have too much stuff.  I want a less cluttered look, so I am going to start the decluttering process.

I need to take my bike to the shop where I bought it to get it serviced.  They do that free after the first six months.  My chain has been coming off and my gears are not working correctly (those two could be related?).  I think the chain is more of a problem when you are going faster, because it has happened when Bethany is riding it, but has never happened for me.  But I will want to start pushing speed at some point and I don’t want that to keep happening.  Maybe Steph and I can take the ride around White Rock Lake after the WW meeting.  But I would want Cas with me, so I need to decide how to handle that.  If it is not too hot, I may just take him with me and leave him crated in the car while I am at the meeting, then we can grab something to eat and then ride.  She would have to go get Junior, though.  Junior needs a LOT of exercise.  I will likely have to put Cas in the basket part of the time when we are riding.  The goal is to go all the way around, which is 10 miles.  I do 6 most mornings with no problems.
I haven’t mentioned that I ordered me some new shorts to work out in and they came in this week.  I ordered a 1X.  They are too big!  I have already been wearing one pair, but I am going to send the other pair back and get a smaller size.  They are “bike shorts” and should fit very snugly, but they do not.  I need some other shorts that I just wear to walk Cas and around downtown in the Summer when I am not working.  I have one pair of knee-length denim shorts I am wearing now, and I do have some shorts in the bins in my closet and will probably get down into some of them soon.  I might buy me one other pair that is a little above knee length and looks decent.  It gets really hot in Dallas in the Summer.

Other things on my list for the weekend:  (1) Go to the singles class at the downtown church; (2) read (I’ve been watching TV instead of reading and I really enjoy reading; I haven’t done it as much since neck surgery and deteriorating eyesight – “over 40 eyes”); (3) a little grocery shopping (I am out of some essentials I need before payday on Tuesday; (4) take Cas to the dog park; (5) work on my checkbook.  So, some of these are fun things and some are chores.  A good mix.  Of course, mixed in there will be cleaning and walking Cas.
I was thinking, my scale blitzed out along about the time I started plateauing.  I changed the batteries and it seems to be working properly, yet my weight is not budging downward.  Wouldn’t it be funny if it is a scale problem?  Wishful thinking, I know.  We will see what the WW scale says Saturday.  (I have to get it in my head that I want to go to that, or I will mess around and forget.)

Jerry popped in to the office at about 11:00 and wanted to get a concentrated amount of work done in as little time as possible so he could get back to the hospital.  His wife is having pain issues that they are trying to get regulated, and will be in the hospital at least another day.  So I have been holed up in another office since 11:00 and only now got out where I could eat some lunch (it is 4:00).  Kind of late to go home for lunch, and most of the restaurants downstairs close up by 2:00, so I went across the street to Subway and got me a sandwich.  I was thinking I would be less concerned about how many points the sandwich has than usual because it will not be that long until dinner and I wanted to not save all my points for the end of the day like I often do, in case that affects my weigh-in in the morning.  But then, in some ways, I did not do that.  I got the BBQ chicken sandwich on wheat, no cheese, with lettuce, onion, bell pepper and banana peppers.  No dressing (since it has the barbecue sauce, it doesn’t need it).  I got baked chips to go with it, but got to thinking about the sodium issue and haven’t eaten them.  I will save those for another time.  The sandwich came up to 9 points.  So I do have a bit more to eat.  22 points left for the end of the day is too much.  Actually 17, because I am eating 30.  My friend has packages of peanut butter crackers, so I dusted the salt off and ate a package of that for 5 points.
So, I did not get to walk Cas during lunch.  I am going to go home at 5:30 and I will try to get in a longer walk than usual this evening.

It’s a little after 7:00 and things have been a little rocky.  After I got home, I remembered I needed some more cat food and I went to CVS.  I got the cat food and I got me some peanut M&M’s (6 points).  I ate those and some frozen peaches, that I really should have eaten after lunch but did not get a chance.  After that, I got to feeling like, “Dang it, I’m just going to eat some crackers (more than I had points for).  I don’t care about weigh-in tomorrow.”  I sat there and argued with myself, but in the end, I do care about the weigh-in tomorrow.  I decided I was going to weigh and if I didn’t weigh any less than I did the last couple of days at this time of day, I was going to eat what I wanted tonight – the rest of my daily and weekly points.  But the scale showed some potential.  So, I didn’t do it.  I had 6 points left.  I tried to think what I could and wanted to do with that.  I decided to eat ¾ cup of Greek yogurt, 2 tsp. of honey and ½ cup Kashi GoLean Crunch – 6 points.  I can also have some fresh pineapple later.  I think I am going to make it.  That struggle came from my frustration and also because I have tried to hold back the last week.  That’s why that can be dangerous sometimes.  I truly hope I break this plateau.  I need to drink some more water tonight and remember to take my BP med (going to now), since I forgot this morning.  That can make a difference.
I want to get to where this is more lifestyle than constantly thinking about points and using them all or not using them all.  But I am not sure that is going to happen, at least not yet.  In a way, it works for me.  It’s like a budget, and I am all about budgets.  I have even noticed I am the same with my points as I am about money.  When I have a chunk of money I can spend on clothes, for example, after having to be really frugal for a long time, all of a sudden I get really picky about what I want.  When I am being frugral, I can think about all kinds of things I want to spend money on.  I do the same thing with points.  When I come to a weekend where I am planning to use my weekly points, I get really picky and can’t decide if what I am thinking about is really worth that number of points.

Haven’t walked Cas yet, so guess I’d better get out and do that.  And get some stuff done around the loft.

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