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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I don’t know what’s wrong with me, other than what I have posted already.  I am just unmotivated, except to stay within my points range.  I procrastinated getting out of bed this morning and was secretly glad it was raining so Cas and I “couldn’t” do a morning walk.  Hopefully it will be clear enough at Noon to do one, because he really needs one every day.  I am just down, but not really depressed.  There is nothing I am down about.  Just worn out, don’t want to have to push myself, etc.

I did something different for breakfast.  Other than a banana first thing (I am always hungry when I get up), I had a Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich, which had 6 points.  It was pretty good, although next time I think I will toast it a little, instead of just microwaving it.  But it is good when you need something quick (although probably a little too processed to do all the time).  I forgot to buy cottage cheese at the store, so I haven’t been able to have Protein Pancakes/Waffles, and I am waiting for my bananas to ripen enough to have some to use in Banana Custard Oats.  I suppose I could do some Pumpkin Custard Oats, but the banana does a better job of sweetening than pumpkin without more added sugar.  Probably will do the pumpkin tomorrow.  I will use a little honey in it.  I also had a tangelo with the sandwich this morning.

Plans for lunch (that is one of my “routines” to check off on Weight Watchers Online, knowing what I am going to have for lunch) are, if I go home (depends on the rain and my boss), I am going to have a turkey burger, and if I don’t go home, I am going to have a Farmhouse Salad/No Bacon from Potbelly.  I could probably have the whole thing without worrying about not having enough points left tonight, since I only had 6 points for breakfast.
Dinner plans are, if I go home for lunch (ha!), I am going to make a main dish salad with chicken I cooked up last night, and if I don’t (since then I would be having a salad for lunch), more barbecued chicken and the other half of the sweet potato I did not have last night, and a different vegetable – either squash or broccoli.  Then I will fill in whatever points I have left.

I am doing okay on the medication front, although I am only taking one reduced dose a day.  I feel dizzy and a little restless at times (and probably that is where the “snackiness” comes from), but not like I am going crazy, at least.  I wish I never needed to take this stuff, but I would not have had much quality of life in the last few years without it.
So, we got a document drafted by attorneys in a big-name law firm.  We have to make changes and send it back.  The first thing I look at is how the document is formatted.  Do the assistants at these big-time law firms REALLY know what they are doing?  In this case, no they don’t.  They don’t use Word how it is designed to be used.  So, of course, I had to “show” them by styling the document as it should be.  (They are probably going to hate me, but an important document is not going out of this office with my name on it that is not done as it should be.)  J  Anal much?  Just a bit about some things.

Got to go home for lunch, but it was too wet and cold for a walk.  So I ate lunch (turkey burger and pop chips) and now have 18 points left for the day.  I puttered around the loft during lunch (which was kind of nice).  I hope the rain clears off by this evening (although it is not necessarily supposed to).  If not, I guess I can do the “parking garage walk” as far as Cas is concerned.  He and the kitty were roughhousing enough to be getting rid of some pent-up energy.  They are so funny.  I need to get a video sometime, but if they know I am pointing it at them, they stop.
I have a really tough headache this afternoon.  Must endure.  I am not looking forward to dealing with those when they come; they seem to be related to my neck surgery (or so it feels), so will talk to my doctor about them tomorrow.  After I wrote this, I did a search on the internet for headaches after cervical fusion surgery and I read one post that stated exactly the conclusion I have come to (with a little added interesting information).  They are positionally related, usually caused by turning your head to the left or right for too long to talk to someone or turning your head to the side at night.  This person said they would usually start about 3 hours after the action (not necessarily true for me – it seems pretty immediate) and, without fail almost, would last for 3 days (mine last days too, if I don’t do something drastic about it).  I had decided they were related to the position of my head/neck, but had not decided if it was turning it to the side that caused it or looking too far up at someone (both, I think).  They do seem to last several days unless I nip them in the bud with pain medication (15 mg).  This person’s doctor prescribed her pain medication (oxycontin!) for just such occasions.  So I might want to keep it for this reason (still weaning myself off of daily need for it and definitely working on not setting it off by position of my head/neck).  They are very bad headaches and I can feel my throat throbbing when I have set them off, and sometimes even a pain in my chest.  I typically wear my neck collar they had me in after surgery at night, but have been kind of bad about it lately.  One time I often get the headaches is when I have been a passenger in a car.  So I am probably turning my head to the left a lot to talk to the driver.  (When I am driving, I am facing ahead.)  I printed off this post I found to show to my doctor.  This is the first time I have found something that describes my experience so well.  The plate and screws in my throat area (anterior of my cervical spine) obviously set off something if stretched too far.  So I have to work on less movement of my head and neck.  I guess that is to be expected in a fusion.

I thought about it for a while and figured out what I did this morning to set it off.  (Duh.)  I had moved to another office to work on a document because my computer was acting up and our IT guy was looking at it.  In the meantime, Jerry called me to dictate edits to that document on the phone.  So I sat in that office with the phone hooked between my ear and my shoulder (without even the benefit of the little cradle added to my hand-set that makes that a little easier) for 45 minutes.  That would do it.  From now on, I have to speak up and say I need to go back to my desk to use my headset (ear-phones) or move that headset to the other phone.  It’s not worth setting off one of these headaches.
I have been craving my mama’s beef vegetable stew (a chunky soup, really).  I mapped the recipe on WW Online Recipe Builder and it looks like only 6 points per serving.  Gonna have to make some soon!  I’m looking for a healthy (and lower points value) cornbread recipe.  I found one that uses non-fat Greek yogurt.  Anyone have one they like?

I’m working late tonight.  It is after 7:00 and I need to eat dinner, but it is pouring rain, so I didn’t really want to walk over and get a Subway sandwich (plus I don’t really have the time).  I had a couple of slices of reduced calorie bread with me and a jar of peanut butter I always have here at work, so I made me a peanut butter sandwich for 7 points.  I also ate some baby carrots.  That still leaves me with 9 points when I get home.  If I have to stay too much longer, I also have some fruit and some Greek yogurt with me, so I am not in any danger.  I also have a can of tomato soup I could have.  Right now I am fine.
We had some important documents that had to get done tonight.  It’s not keeping me from walking Cas, since it is pouring down rain (but I guess I could do the “parking garage walk”.  I don’t mind much because my check was already going to be a lot less with this week’s hours.  I wasn’t planning on that quite this soon.  Although, knowing Jerry as I do, I will probably getting plenty of OT anyway, just not as much as lately.

The place in my back that has been hurting is bothering me again, just in the last few minutes.  It always seems to start this time of night, whether I am home or at work.  Usually if it is my back hurting, that means I am doing much better than when I have radiating pain.  If I am having radiating pain, my back itself doesn’t bother me as much.  I wonder why.  Is the pain radiating only a shorter distance?  It is on my left side at the hip level.  I am guessing that is what is going on.  I have to confess, if I had something to take for it, I would.  It is pretty uncomfortable.  I will try Advil and see how that does.
The rest of the night at work will involve waiting on comments from co-counsel on the documents we are working on.  We have given them a deadline of 8:30, so I don’t have anything else I have to do until then.  So, you know what I am going to do?  I am going to catch up on some blogs.  I am still trying to get through Lori’s, lol (but am enjoying it).  She is a bike rider, which is likely what I will have to be, as opposed to a runner.  Then I will start in the archives of another one.  I like to go through the weight loss part because that is where I am, but I am learning a lot from the maintenance blogs I am reading too.

Guess that’s it for tonight.

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