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Monday, April 22, 2013

Examining the Plateau

Goodness, I felt low this morning.  I guess it is the frustration from this plateau getting to me.  I know I cannot base my happiness on what the scale says, but it is difficult to work hard for something and have no fruit of your labor.  This plateau has gone on for 5 weeks, I believe.  And I am so very tired.  I thought I had vitamins with me and was going to take them when I got to work this morning, but then could not find them.

I really don’t think there is anything way out of the ordinary wrong with me.  But I am tired.  It was difficult to make myself do a workout this morning because of my mood and my lack of energy.  But I know that exercise is the best anti-depressant there is, and ultimately it will increase my energy.  I am not there yet.  I did do a little less than 20 minutes on the recumbent bike this morning.

I have some days off planned for around Memorial Day, but I am not sure I want to wait that long.

I had long planned for my reward for reaching 250 to be getting my hair cut and highlighted.  However, I have been stuck for weeks, and meanwhile, I really need to get this done.  I’ve been being stubborn about not doing it until I reach the goal, but my daughter told me I really needed to do it.  Lol.  So I am going to do that this week.  But I am going to fight hard to get to my goal on Saturday.

I decided to Google weight loss plateaus and started reading an article.  It talked about getting back on track after “falling off of the wagon.”  The thing is, I haven’t really fallen off of the wagon for more than a day.  I kept reading.  The only thing I can see that I might be doing wrong is if I am not measuring correctly.  I am going to be a stickler about that the rest of the week.  And I am going to count calories, as well as points.

I was trying to calculate how many calories I burn per day.  The method I used to calculate the base amount of calories I burn without added activity said I burn about 2,000 calories per day for my height, weight and age.  I chose “light activity,” preferring to err on the side of caution, and it came out to 2,500 calories per day.  I may be doing a little more than that with the recumbent bike workout and walking as much as I do most days.  I haven’t been wearing my armband the last couple of weeks, so need to get it back on.  I was averaging around 2,700 calories burned per day.  It doesn’t pick up bike riding very well either, so that was just with the amount of walking I do.  I am going to start trying to eke out as much activity as I can just in the normal course of my day.  I’ve talked before about climbing stairs to get to my loft, but I haven’t been doing it.  I need to start doing that, so when I went home for lunch, I climbed the stairs to my loft, picked up Cas for his walk, went down the stairs to go walk him, up the stairs again to take him home and eat lunch, then down again to go back to work.  I will try to remember to do the same thing when I go home this evening, and tomorrow morning.  Surely that will help, climbing 4 flights of stairs at least 4-6 times a day.  Do I feel motivated to do this, energy-wise?  NO.  But I want to get moving.  I feel more able to do that than to add a second workout every day.  However, I do need to start getting some strength training.

There is not as much equipment as I would like at the fitness center at my lofts, but there is some.  I need to finish the book I have started and get serious about that.  This is probably not going to help my fatigue at first, but it will in the long run.  I just need to tough it out.  I will start by doing some squats.  I hope I can still do them, given my back is being a little more difficult than it was last time I tried them.  So is my hip and knees.  Lunges are more difficult than squats, but I will see how I do.  First I will do squats a couple of times and make sure I don’t flare up.  Then I can try lunges.  That way, I know what causes a problem, if it does.

I was surprised at how hungry I was today.  I ate 2 clementines early this morning, before my workout, because I woke up feeling empty.  Then I had Banana Custard Oats for breakfast (7 pts.).  I added a tablespoon of chopped pecans (1 pt.) to get some more healthy fats, as I was discussing yesterday.  For lunch, I made a sandwich out of some pork tenderloin I made last night (which I way overcooked).  I measured the pork tenderloin down to the tenth of an ounce.  I put some RF pepper jack on it, as well as some sweet hot mustard.  With that I had FSTG sweet potato chips (I always count these – 12 chips is a serving), baby carrots and a dill pickle spear.  I didn’t have an afternoon snack since my boss called me into his office and we were holed up in there from 3:30 to 6:30.  So I had 18 points left when I got home  Dinner was some more pork tenderloin (I put a little teriyaki sauce on it to help with the dryness).  I roasted some potatoes and carrots with it when I cooked it, so I had some of those.  Then I had some popcorn and one individual container of Blue Bell for the last 4 points.

Even though I have plateaued this long, I have to admit I can tell a little difference in my size.  I see it the most in my legs.  I don’t think I am working out enough to where gaining muscle could be the explanation for the scale, however.  I try to watch my sodium, especially toward the end of the week.  I like to eat popcorn (which I make myself on the stovetop) and I am trying to be sparing with the salt.  I know I do a lot better than microwave popcorn, because someone made some at work the other day and I had one bite and it tasted super salty to me.

Instead of buying Food Should Taste Good chips next time, I am going to try making my own baked sweet potato chips.  Those will have no preservatives whatsoever, and I can control the sodium too.  I can also make my own tortilla chips using corn tortillas.  I’ll try that and see how I like them.  I have been eating pickles the last week, but only one or two spears a day, and I don’t eat them the last couple of days of the week, in case they cause water retention.  Of course, if I eat them all the time, then it shouldn’t make a difference.

I don’t know what else to do except bump up my activity some more.  I guess if this continues, I would have to surmise that 35 points is too many.  I don’t usually have that problem, but I am getting older.  In the past, I have had to make sure I am not eating too little.  I don’t think that is the case because, if so, the days I have messed up should have snapped me out of it.  Maybe it is just taking this much time after switching over from Medifast.  I did not lose on the last week of Medifast, either.  If I did decide to lower my points, I think I would rotate a day with 35 points and another day with 30 (or something like that).

It is Administrative Assistant’s Week and this arrived this afternoon.  Thanks Jerry!

My girls were over this evening, so nothing went much as planned.  But still a pretty good day.

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