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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doing What I Need to Do to Be Successful?

I maybe felt a little more energy this morning.  But the scale is still not budging and, in fact, would show a substantial gain if today was weigh-in.  I am going to eat 30 points today and tomorrow (target is 35).  I do better if I have some points left at the end of the day, so I went light on breakfast this morning.  I probably won’t do that tomorrow night because it is the night before weigh-in.  I have not used 21 of my weekly points.  I think, eating-wise, I have handled this week’s challenges very well, but the scale still will not budge.  I am thinking about ordering a week’s worth of Medifast.  Anyone have any input on that?  This plateau has been at least six weeks if it doesn’t budge by weigh-in day.  Maybe instead of a Medifast week I should do a “simply filling” week.

I do wonder how much this plateau has to do with losing the first chunk of weight on Medifast, a VLCD (very low calorie diet) and then switching to WW.  Maybe it has everything to do with my body adjusting to the change.  I had begun the plateau on the last week of Medifast.  It just seems like this is an awfully long time for my body to make the adjustment.  Maybe Medifast was doing damage.  I know I just need to keep on keeping on and eventually things will begin moving again.
I have been successful this week at beginning to increase activity.  Of course, at the first of the week, I was struggling and just did short recumbent bike workouts.  But I have begun doing the stairs regularly (5 times yesterday) and I have done a 30-minute RB workout the last two days.  I still need to get going on strength training.  My back was feeling very twinge-y last night.  I was filling my water bottle from my water cooler and I could feel it beginning to grab.  I stopped just before it really spasmed, but it felt on the verge the rest of the evening.  I don’t think doing squats would be a wise thing to do when I am feeling like that.  And I am so tired already, the last thing I want to do is take more muscle relaxants.

I continue to struggle with my emotions.  I feel like crying off and on throughout the day, for no apparent reason.  I honestly think it is mostly about burn-out.  I need some time off.  At the same time, I keep thinking, even if I take a few days, I will feel the same way when I return to work.  I am never ready to return when I have to.  I am sure those feelings are common.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t need time off.  It has nothing to do with not liking my job, either.  I really do like my job.  It is just the constant day in and day out of having to be here.  But I would get unhappy staying at home all the time, too, at least with things the way they are now.  There would not be enough interaction with other people and I would sink into a pit.  I still need to work on that.  Last weekend was busy, but it was with my kids.  It did not accomplish anything toward building relationship with other people.  I need to make a goal to get out of the house and interact with friends or potential friends at least one time every week (besides work).  So the goal is set.
The last few days, I will be thinking about something and within a matter of minutes or hours, someone will say something that provides input to the very thing I was thinking about.  Like yesterday, with the top I was wearing.  I was walking through the lobby of our building thinking I didn’t like to wear that top much because it was drab.  In less than an hour, an attorney walked by my desk and complimented me on it.  Yesterday I was walking Cas during lunch, wondering about my pace – was it decent or do I need to speed up to get more out of my walks.  In less than two blocks, I stopped to wait on a light to change and a lady walked up behind me and said she had been trying to catch me for a while because she wanted to look at my dog.  She said I walked “really fast.”  And she was a decently fit looking person.  This weekend my daughter told me it was really time to get my hair done, so I had been planning to do that.  On Monday, someone complimented me on my hair and said I shouldn’t cut it because it looked so good at this length.  What’s going on?  Lol.  I still want to get my hair done.

Before work this morning, all I had was a small apple.  When I got to work I had a Dannon L&F Greek yogurt and a banana.  Later I had another yogurt.  Lunch was a wrap with tuna salad, some baby carrots and some FSTG sweet potato chips.  The only wraps I had were some large low carb tortillas that were 4 points apiece, so I used a half of one.  I am trying to watch my sodium at the end of the week before weigh-in, so I did not eat a pickle spear (like I wanted to) and I dusted the salt off of my chips.  Every little bit helps, I guess.

It is midday as I write this, but I plan to have a turkey burger for dinner.  I’m going to try to change up the mix of my foods today and tomorrow and go higher protein.  So I am going to make my burger double meat and double cheese (RF pepper jack) and add some spicy guacamole to it.  My side will be roasted broccoli.  Then to use the rest of my points tonight I am going to have some plain Greek yogurt with a half tablespoon of honey and some fresh pineapple.  That is a lot less carby than my food usually is in the evenings.  That puts me right at 30 points.  That’s the plan, anyway.  I’m pretty determined, so I think I will have no problem with that, and it should fill me up.
I was talking to a guy at work about my frustration and he asked if I had ever done carb cycling.  He lost a sizeable amount of weight in the past and has kept it off for some time (ever since I have known him – several years – and however long before).  He said the body adapts really easily and it is good to shake it up every so often.  In carb cycling you do, for example, 3 days of very low carbs and then 1 day of lots of carbs.  I may try that if this continues.  I also wonder if I am eating enough good fats (I mentioned that), so I am going to make sure I add a little more good fat to my diet, as well as increasing my protein ratio.  In fact, I am starting my grocery list right now and am going to add some things that will help me do that (some 100 calorie packs of almonds, string cheese, etc. for my snacks).  A 100-calorie pack of almonds is 3 points, which is how many points the chips I have been eating is.  I could substitute that some days and increase my good fat and my protein.  And if cutting back on the points a couple of days a week does not help, then I am going to try increasing how much I am eating a little bit.  In the past, I could get stalled on eating too little.  I don’t feel like I am eating too little right now.  But I have tended to have little carb binges, even when staying within my points.

One thing I have to keep in mind is my clothes are getting loser, slowly.  So something is happening even if the scale is not moving.  I am not totally stagnated on progress.
I had the dinner I planned and it was the best turkey burger I’ve had in a while.  I had some caramelized onions leftover and added that, plus I didn’t overcook the turkey burgers as I sometimes do.

The Greek yogurt could have used a little more honey (for me) and I checked after I ate it and could have had 2 teaspoons of honey instead of 1/2 tablespoon, but the pineapple helped sweeten it a little too.  I was well satisfied for the evening and hope the change-up helped shake things up.

I got 3 walks in, 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and I had 5 trips up and down the stairs today.  I burned almost 3,000 calories yesterday and got around 9,400 steps in before the day was over today.  I have accumulated 39 activity points so far this week.  Not bad.  Seems like I am doing what I need to do to be successful.

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