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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Doctor Visit

Perhaps a little better this morning, but still did not do a recumbent bike workout.  At least I walked Cas.  I suspect some of these down feelings are also medication related.  Withdrawal is a bear.  I am already feeling a little dizzy this morning.  And hungry.  I drank down two glasses of water and that helped.  I know I need to push through these feelings and work out anyway and I would feel better.  I am just dragging so much.  Ugh.  This will pass.

I really want a couple of extra days (at least) at home to rest and clean house and regroup.  I know I would feel so much better if I did.  Soon. I hope.
Scale still seems to be stuck.  I know adding exercise would help.  Hopefully getting my medication regulated this afternoon will help.  Withdrawal symptoms today came sooner than yesterday.  I want to wait to take medicine until I am feeling withdrawal, but not hours afterward.  It should get further and further apart.

Breakfast this morning was a Ham, Mushroom, Egg and Swiss on a Wheat Square at Potbelly (10 points).  Just wasn’t feeling it for fixing myself anything at home.  I should be able to stop by the store and get the things I forgot or didn’t have time to get when I went to the grocery store this weekend.  I should be getting my car back for good from my son today.  I won’t know how to act.  (I did!  Now I just need to clean it up and get some tires and fix some dings – most of which were there before he borrowed it.)
I will not take a lunch hour.  The plan is to get a salad downstairs and eat at my desk and then leave the office at 2:00.  It is unknown whether I will have to come back.  It depends on what is happening with the document we were working on yesterday.  Hopefully my backup can do what needs to be done.  J  A girl can’t be at work every day and minute, day after day after day.

For lunch I got a Potbelly Farmhouse Salad/No Bacon.  I debated whether to eat the whole thing for lunch, or eat 3/4 of it like last time.  The whole thing has 7 points, 3/4, 5 points.  But then with dressing that adds 2-3 points.  Less salad means less dressing.  So I ate 3/4 of the salad (5 points) with 3 T. of dressing (I tried it with 2, but it really needs 3, so had 3) (2 points).  It remains to be seen whether I will have a chance for an afternoon snack.  If not, I will have 18 points available when I get home.  Probably a bit much.  I was going to grab a piece of string cheese and a piece of fruit, to eat after my appointment, but forgot.
My goal at work today was to work on the layer of papers on top of my desk.  Not feeling very motivated about anything, but I needed to get this cleared off.  A lot of it came from the attorneys cleaning out their offices when this case let up some.  That means they bring things to the assistants for us to deal with.  If I don’t have time at the moment, it sits there (in my case) until I do.  They were in a meeting today, so I had some time.  Just had to motivate myself.  A lot of pieces of paper had a task associated with them.  It looked much better when I left, although there is still plenty to do.

I am back home from the doctor now.  I FINALLY got my medicine.  My doctor doesn’t seem to have a problem trusting me with my medication (she shouldn’t; I have never abused it).  When I opened the bag, there was a whole bottle (the bottle the pharmacy gets it in) in there.  I told her my plan – that I was working on tapering down, but could not go cold turkey, plus there are still some pain issues to deal with, at times.  She was perfectly fine with that.  And she was happy with my weight loss and told me to keep up the good work.  I don’t have to go back for a year, unless I need to.  I asked the nurse if they could use a different pharmacy this time.  I am so tired of the run-around I get every month with the one I was using.  I had to sign a paper that said I would not try to fill my prescription at more than one pharmacy, but otherwise, they said no problem.  And this is the CVS next door, so I can just pick it up without having to leave downtown.  I had changed from this one because they had a brand that seemed to give me more side effects than the other place, but when I picked up my Rx this time, it was the brand I have been getting.  So double good.
I have had my dinner – barbecued chicken (4 points), a half a large sweet potato (2 points) and some sautéed broccoli (1 point for the olive oil).  I also had some crackers when I got home (6 points).  After taking Cas for a walk, I had a WW ice cream bar (2 points).  I am going to have some FSTG sweet potato chips for my last 3 points (if I am hungry).

My back is really bothering me again this evening.  It’s strange how it is fine all day and then starts hurting (pretty significantly) in the evening.  It feels like something is pinched.  At least it is not radiating down my leg; just around my side.  It’s been doing this since I slept on my side for a while one night without enough support under that part of my back.  I sure will be glad when it lets up.  I hope one day these things will come to an end.  My doctor did say it was likely I will have to deal with some level of pain even after losing a lot more weight, since I have so much degenerative stuff.  It is so much better than it was, though.  I remember in December I was having so much trouble, I had to walk with a cane or a crutch.  I wonder if a massage would help this current issue.  But I am kind of afraid of a massage in my lower back area again, since that is what set off the very severe episode in December.  I will keep the heating pad on it and take a hot bath (if I can stand the heat).
I hope things will get somewhat back to normal now.  Whatever normal is.

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