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Friday, April 19, 2013

Challenge One -- Success!

I don’t understand why I am so tired these days.  Yesterday I understood, because I had taken the muscle relaxants.  But I felt almost as tired this morning, even though I did not take any yesterday or last night.  Surely they don’t last that long?  Anyway, I did get up pretty much on time and I walked Cas and then got my workout done.  I even got to work by 8:30 (I had to because my boss wanted to meet with me at 8:30, and then that never happened).  Not only am I tired, as in I want to sleep, but I feel kind of tired and weak when walking or working out.  My legs feel heavy and difficult to move – that’s the back thing again.  I hope there comes a day when I am energetic and ready to take the world on without forcing myself.

So I wound up with 30 points yesterday, 5 points under target.  I was hungry this morning, but not much more than usual.  So far this morning, I had some baby carrots before my workout, some frozen peaches before leaving for work, and some Light & Fit Greek yogurt at around 9:00.  I ate some more yogurt at around 11:00, so that is basically 4 points for breakfast.  Dinner at Uncle Julio’s is tonight.  I think if I have a regular lunch (10 points), I will have enough points to work with for dinner (I usually have 10 points or less for lunch, and today I only had 7).  My plan tonight is to get chicken fajitas, but ask for corn tortillas instead of flour.  I won’t use any of the things that really pack on the points – just chicken, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, and salsa.  I will order some black beans on the side.  I used nutrition values for On the Border, thinking the points will likely be very comparable.  If I eat all the chicken, veggies and corn tortillas, this comes up to 16 points.  I don’t plan to have any dessert tonight.  If I follow this plan, I will still come out with 30 points for the day, 5 points under target.

The 7 points for lunch was 3/4 of a Potbelly Farmhouse Salad with some Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Dressing.  I had some frozen peaches mid-afternoon.

WW had a post on FB last night about how to make wise choices at the ballgame.  Great timing!  I think I will probably bring my food.  I can make a “gourmet” hotdog (maybe could even make some of my own chili), bring some Pop chips or something, some fruit and raw veggies, etc.  Maybe we can find a place that has SF frozen yogurt after the game.  I will have fun with my daughters, enjoy the atmosphere at the ballpark, and enjoy the game.  I do not plan to use any extra points tomorrow.  And should get plenty of walking at the game.

I am REALLY ready to get through this plateau.  I will use my extra points for my special meals next week, but otherwise, I am going to stay on the low side of being on track.  I don’t want to delay another week to get under 250.  This has dragged out too long.

I think I found a good way to get off SF Red Bulls.  This morning, instead of SF Red Bull, I got the Red Bull Total Zero.  It has no calories at all (SF has about 10).  It tastes different and I don’t really like it much.  So if I feel like I need something for a pick-me-up, I need to get Red Bull Total Zero, which is not very tempting to me, so I might just pass it up.  We will see how that works.

For her birthday tomorrow, Stephanie wanted Mrs. Prindables gourmet caramel apples instead of a birthday cake.  I love these things, but honestly, I want to beat this plateau more than I want one of those apples.  There are too many obstacles this coming week and I think that is one of the things I can let go.

I am definitely experiencing more back problems again.  I am “waddling” when I walk again, which is a characteristic of spondylolisthesis.  Darn.  I was hoping I was done with the worst of it.  It is bothering me more in my hips and thighs right now and I would be surprised if knee injections help that part of it.  I don’t know if it was just a coincidence last time that I felt so much better or not.  But there is another reason I need to get moving again.  The closer I get to “normal” weight, the better.

Speaking of which, I think off and on about what my goal weight should be.  I am about 5’6-1/2” tall these days (I’ve shrunk a little in height from my younger days).  I don’t know if I am big-boned, but I am certainly not small-boned.  I am thinking 155.  I got down to 135 at one point in my adult life, and I looked nice, but I have a suspicion I would have to work too hard to stay down that low.  I may have been thinner than I realized at that point, since I have seen pictures of people in blogs who weigh about that and are a couple of inches shorter than me.  They look pretty trim in their pictures.  I have a couple of pictures from then and I don’t think I looked too thin.  I wish I had taken more then, but I have always avoided cameras.  My plan is to try for 155-160 and see how that feels.  Will I feel good at that weight and how “strict” do I have to be to stay there.  Then if I think I want to lose more, I can decide at that time.

I’m back from dinner and I pretty much followed my plan.  I did not eat one chip or one flour tortilla (everyone else was chowing down on them, along with queso and guacamole).  I waited for my meal to get there.  The only variation I made was my meal came with charra beans.  I was concerned these would have more points than black beans so I only ate one bite.  Instead of that, I had some guacamole on my fajitas.  I came out 8 points under target and am going to leave it there.  I still don’t expect to hit my goal (based on what the scale has been saying), but it will help me get there sooner.

The celebration dinner is not going to be next week (probably a couple of weeks out because of my boss’ wife’s accident – did I say anything about that?).  I’m glad.  That means all I have to deal with next week is Administrative Assistant’s Day lunch.  I can enjoy that more (but still don’t want to go too overboard and mess up my weigh-in).  I like eating my extra points on the weekend so I have all week to recover from the extra before weigh-in.

I’m falling asleep at my computer, so will get this posted.  Happy weekend!

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