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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Day at Home

I stayed home from work today.  It was a urinary tract infection.  I am on the mend now.  I slept almost all day.

I did get up and walk Cas this morning, and also did 25 minutes on the recumbent bike.  I had not decided at that time to stay home.  As the morning wore on, I knew I was not feeling up to going.

Breakfast was some Banana Custard Oats with some toasted coconut sprinkled on top (8 points).  Later I had some fresh pineapple.  Lunch was beef vegetable stew (6 points) and some FSTG sweet potato chips (3 points).  I also snacked on some baby carrots.  Snack was some more fresh pineapple and some Greek yogurt (2 points).  For dinner I made some yummy wraps (this made 2!).  I took some grilled chicken (3 oz. – 3 pts.) and cut it in strips and put some barbecue sauce on it (1 pt.)  I took two Ole Spinach Wraps (3 points total) and spread them with Laughing Cow cheese (one-half a wedge on each) (1 pt.).  I spread a little Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard on them (0 pt.), put the chicken on, and added some chopped lettuce, red pepper strips and julienned raw zucchini and carrots, and topped it with some avocado (1/4 total) (2 points).  So I got 2 yummy wraps for 10 points total.  The Laughing Cow, the barbecue sauce and the mustard added a lot of flavor.  Love, love, love that sweet, hot mustard.  Every once in a while you get a bite that will clear your sinuses (like wasabi).  I suspect these wraps are going to be a mainstay in my diet.  They are yummy and very satisfying.  You just have to layer in some flavor.  Add raw vegetables for crunch and to make them more filling.  I will also use spicy guacamole on these.  But I love the sweet and hot combination.

I took Cas for a second walk this afternoon.  (He has to go out, even if I am not feeling well.)  I may see if I can do another recumbent bike workout, even if it is a light one.  I really need to move on past this plateau.  I have done well on my eating today, and still have 8 points left.

I used my 8 points on some popcorn.  I probably didn’t eat 8 points’ worth, but close enough.  I also ate some strawberries.  That does it for today.  I don’t drink as much water as I should when I stay at home.  I need to work on that.

I have been reading a bunch of online profiles on a dating website.  A lot of them talk about getting out and doing all kinds of stuff all the time.  I have not been much like that in the last 20 years.  More of someone who hides at home.  But I think this has everything to do with my weight.  For one thing, I know I would have tons more energy if I wasn’t carrying this much weight.  And I would be much more able to enjoy doing things.  So, I don’t think this has to be a set thing in my personality.  I will have to work to overcome it, but I think it will come more naturally as I get more weight off.  Having someone who encourages me to get out would probably be a good thing.  I know in 2009 when I had gotten so active with my workouts, I was dating and had much more of a desire to get out and do stuff.  So I really think that is something that will come as I am feeling better, inside and out.  Pain has been a big hindrance for many years.  And when I was married, I had someone who told me he was ashamed of me all the time, so it is no wonder I didn’t want to get out with him more.  I will keep working toward the life I want, and that is one that is active and sociable and someone who gets out there and goes for the gusto.  Because that is the life I want, not because someone expects it of me.

I want to take some more days off, but I have to say I have been kind of lonesome today.  When I take days off, I need to have things I am working on, either at home, or going somewhere.  I am starting me a window herb garden and was going to get everything potted today, but I thought I had some potting soil and it turned out to be fertilizer (had it before I moved).  So I will have to pick up some so I can get my plants in pots.  I have big East-facing windows and the plants should do well sitting in the windowsill.  I will use them for cooking and it looks nice too.  I’ve been keeping things much cleaner during the last week (more time and energy to work on it, for one thing), and I will keep working on that, little by little.

Time to close, since I need to go to work tomorrow.

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