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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tough Day at Work

Another busy day.  I didn’t get to go home for lunch again.  Which makes me think of Cas, because I couldn’t walk him at lunchtime.  I may be imagining things, but Cas looks depressed.  He just lay there and looked forlorn this morning.  If he keeps this up, I will have to take him to the vet and make sure he is not sick.  When I walk him, though, which I did this morning, he seems normal, although his frustration is making him act out.  The frustration, as I read it, is because he has been cooped up too much lately.  Poor baby.  He does seem to like the kitty, and they get along.  They even like to wrestle.  Of course, he was not acting forlorn last night.  He would get up and bark at the door every time he heard someone in the hall.  He did that about five times, each when I was about to drop off to sleep.  I didn’t get enough sleep as a result.  Maybe I am imagining Cas’ mood today.  I don’t think I am imagining the frustration, though.  By the way, I want to know why there are so many noisy people in my hallway at 11:00 at night.  I have my fan on to block noise, but Cas has very good hearing.  It's a Yorkie thing.

Breakfast this morning was Banana Custard Oats (a la Lori).  Very tasty, and I didn’t have to add but a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the oats.  I mashed a very ripe banana and mixed it in while cooking, as well as whisked in liquid egg whites while cooking to add protein and volume.  It held me pretty well until lunch.  I got a little hungry at one point, but I got up and drank my water, and that took care of that.

I had my food all mapped out for the day, so all I had to do was just eat it, like with Medifast.  Theoretically.  Lunch was a repeat of yesterday (tuna wrap, baby carrots and a piece of fruit), except I decided to add some Pop Chips, since I am having so many points left at the end of the day.  I hoped that didn’t come back to bite me.  I would have preferred to have some Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, but will have to wait until I go to the store this weekend.  I had an apple instead of an orange.

Afternoon snack was some Greek yogurt and a banana.  Dinner was going to be a pork tenderloin stir-fry (recipe I have in my Cooking Light cookbook), but couldn’t, since I worked so late.  I ate some fish I had prepared a couple of days ago, along with some leftover quinoa and the rest of the veggie kabobs.

I was getting grouchy hungry before I got to leave work and I just wanted to go home.  Plus I was also concerned because Cas is not getting walked like he needs to.

Evening snack was 4 cups of popcorn (that tasted so good last night, except I am going to use a little less salt tonight) and 3 crackers spread with 2 teaspoons total of Nutella (this really satisfies my sweet tooth).  I can’t believe 4 cups of oil popped popcorn has only 4 points.  That was it for today.  It is so much more food than I was getting to eat.

As I said, I was getting grouchy before I got to go home..  That is because my boss announced to me this morning that he would be leaving at 6:30, and that didn’t happen.  If he is not going to go, I would just as soon he not say it.  I should know better than to count on it, although I don’t know what I could have done differently since I couldn’t go home at lunch and I didn’t bring anything for dinner this morning.  But I probably would have been less grouchy and I would have gone and gotten me a sandwich earlier.  I had an orange in the fridge, so ate that and felt a little better.

It is so hard to make plans right now.  I wanted to get some extra workouts, but certainly didn’t tonight.  That’s why that morning workout is so important.

I did one, by the way.  I did the beginning hills workout, which is 20 pretty tough minutes for me.  I had to rest a little in the middle, but the more I do it, the less I will have to do that.

That’s pretty much it for my day.  I should go to bed.  I’m really tired and I need to get up on time.

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  1. you are still right on track, doing great! keep up the momentum.


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