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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three More Days -- I Can Do That

I didn't realize I didn't get my post posted yesterday.  Oh well.  Nothing special happened.  I stayed on track.

I don’t know what was wrong with me this morning, but I was very slow moving.  I had left my phone at work, so didn’t have my alarm and didn’t get up until 6:15.  But I was very slow after that and I did not get my recumbent bike workout done.  If my boss does what he said, I will not work late tonight, so really need to do that tonight.  It is not looking like I will be going to lunch, so I will also need to walk my dog tonight.

I wasn’t “not wanting” to do a workout.  What I would have preferred to do today is stay home and work out, clean my house, walk my dog, ride my bike, etc. instead of go to work.  I am feeling burned out.  And ready to eat a little more.  I haven’t followed through on that last one up to the point I am writing this; that’s just how I am feeling today.  I think this is going to be my last week of Medifast, regardless.

The scale did move down a little this morning.  Hopefully that trend will continue through weigh-in on Saturday.  But regardless of whether I reach 250 Saturday, I am going to do something other than Medifast.  I don’t want to buy any more food.  I may do a lower calorie alternative next week, but I may just go on to Weight Watchers (this is the mostly likely).  I have achieved my objective in doing Medifast, which was to lose enough to decrease my pain level so I would be able to do more exercise when I started Weight Watchers.  I have done that.  I hope I reach the 250 goal this week, though.  My reward still depends on my reaching that goal.

Next week there will be no excuses for not getting more intense workouts, and beginning strength training – other than my work schedule leading up to this trial; but no excuses for not doing a more intense morning workout, anyway.  I want to start doing 30-minute workouts Monday.  I need to get my butt out of bed early enough to do that.  Of course, part of the reason I am tired is because of not eating as much.  But there will still be that urge to want to sleep later that I will have to resist.  I need to get me an alternate alarm set if I leave my phone at work.  I seem to be doing stupid stuff like that a lot lately.

Okay, I have 3 more days of Medifast; I can do this.  As much as I don’t want to, I can.  So time to go drink my delicious Strawberry Shake.  J  It makes me very happy that I only have to drink one more of those nasty things after this one.  I will do an alternative meal on the other day, since I was one short.

I need to get a short strength training routine mapped out for beginning next Monday.  I probably will do one exercise for each muscle group to begin with, so if something sets off a flare-up, I will know which exercise caused it.  Then I can add one more each week.

There have been several times since I started Medifast that Jerry has offered to buy me lunch when I was going to get lunch for him and/or others, and I keep having to turn him down.  Starting next week, I will be able to accept.  Lol.  He always goes to Potbelly, and I could get any number of things there for a reasonable points value.  I hate to keep turning down free food, lol!

I am starting to feel some twinges in both knees.  These twinges are the knee problems themselves, not radiating pain from my back.  I am very happy about that.  No one expects weight loss to help my knee problems to the point where the pain would go away.  My left knee is bone on bone because the cartilage has worn away from a previous injury, and the right knee pain is from bone spurs building up under the knee cap because of arthritis.  I am still not having significant trouble with radiating pain.  Sometimes I feel some down in my ankle or right above that in my calf, but nothing like I was before.  The injections in the knees obviously helped both problems and I will keep getting them as long as they help, but I think the improvement in the radiating pain is mostly because of the weight loss and it should get better as I lose more.  I pray it does all that it needs to do so I never need back surgery.

I think between now and Sunday (I will do Saturday as I have been, keeping care to not go over my daily WW points allowance – which is now 35 – and my weekly points allowance – which is 49) I will map out my meals for the entire week and prepare everything possible ahead of time.  I need to keep in mind that if I get in a time crunch, I just need to do Subway.  It is always there, right on the corner on my way to work, and time constraints need never throw me off.  I can also do the salad I like at Potbelly (I need to look up how many points that one adds up to, plus that in the dressing I will use, so I will always know how to count that and make it fit in with my daily plan, when necessary).  I like the sandwiches at Subway better than Potbelly (there is a lot more choice of veggies, etc.), but I could have one at Potbelly too, if necessary.  Of course, fruit will always be a part of the plan, and I think I will buy a few of the zero points soups from Progresso to have on hand when I need something to go with a sandwich in a pinch.  I do best when I have things all mapped out for me so I don’t have to give much thought, in the moment, of what I am going to eat.

Although not extremely hungry, my appetite has been dissatisfied all day.  I guess that is not to be unexpected on a program like this.  I think I am so close to the end of it that I am growing less patient.  I have to keep my eye on the prize.  I certainly do not want to screw up my weigh-in Saturday by going off-plan now.  I will feel better after having my dinner.  It always tastes good to me.

I have been having an increased side effect from my pain medication.  I am having “hot flashes” regularly from it.  I might have thought this was menopause, but I am through that, I think, and my friend, who also has to be on the same pain medication, has the same thing.  I am going to be ready to start weaning myself off of them in the not-too-distant future if pain levels stay down.  I am still having a lot more headaches than I am comfortable with, but chronic headaches sometimes can be the result of rebounding on the pain medication.  I want to get myself firmly established on Weight Watchers and able to do good workouts (and not preparing for a big trial, so I have plenty of time to work out, when necessary) before I start doing that in earnest.  But I want to get free from them.

I got off on time and decided to have my dinner before going to walk.  So I put my broccoli in the oven to roast (chicken was already made).  I noticed from a sign in the elevator that they were having a tenant get-together on the patio.  I took Cas up there to use the “green” provided for dogs.  Cassie still won’t go near that thing.  They were serving burgers and brats and beer.  I felt funny going because I couldn’t eat anything and I didn’t want to have to explain why I was there, but not eating.  I will go to the next one when I can work things into my plan.  I do want to start meeting some people.  There wasn’t a huge crowd, but there were a few people (maybe 15 or 20) there.  I went back up and was so hungry, I went ahead and ate my chicken, even though my broccoli wasn’t done yet.  I got my shoes on to get ready to walk and then ate my broccoli.  I went to walk Cas and then sat down for a little TV.  I did not use my fat “allowances” with my meal, so I ate a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter for that (same calories).  I was craving carbs and feeling a little weak (as in motivation).  I knew I had the Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, so I told myself I could have 5 of them and no more.  And that’s what I did.  I was thinking about not doing my workout this morning and working up my resolve to do one tonight.  I did get up and do a 20-minute workout (which is what I am doing in the morning right now).  I thought I might have a little more energy in the evening, since I had just eaten a little more substantial meal, but I felt less energetic.  I guess working all day first makes a difference.  But I did it.  So I felt good about that.

I am enjoying watching my dog and cat interact.  They have been chasing each other, and wrestling at times, all evening.  Good – keeps Cas entertained, which is what I wanted.  The kitty seems to enjoy it too.  It’s hilarious.  Hopefully they will both sleep good tonight!

Well, this post is long enough, so I will close.  I should get to bed early tonight and see if I can get my butt up when I am supposed to in the morning.

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