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Friday, March 8, 2013

TGIF! (I'm Tired)

I was pooped this morning and only did 10 minutes on the recumbent bike, but I did it and kept the “habit” of doing a morning workout.  I was feeling pretty empty again.  I just have to get through today and I can tank up tomorrow (within reason).  Gives me another reason to love Saturdays. J  I got 5 morning workouts in this week.

I did fine yesterday without any extra eating needed.  And, although feeling empty and weak this morning, am fine today.  I was fairly busy all morning and thought about my morning snack the first time at 11:00.  I like pushing them later, since I am usually more hungry in the evening, and more apt to want to eat something off-plan.
Sizes are so strange.  I have several pairs of jeans hanging in my closet that say they are size 20s.  I have been wearing some size 20s for several weeks, and some of them are getting that “relaxed fit” of clothes that are plenty roomy on you, but these are still pretty tight.  I was hoping I would be able to say I was into 18s soon, but not yet.  Not on clothes as a rule.  I usually run a little bigger on top than bottom (probably not since my breast reduction, though).  But I can wear some 18s in tops.  (It is so nice not to be making my buttons bulge like they used to before the breast reduction.)

I had a hard time waking up this morning and overslept a little.  I don’t even remember turning off my alarm at 5:30, but I must have.  It certainly didn’t register that I needed to get up in 15 minutes.  I got up at about 6:15.  I am running a little later than I want to most mornings, so I am going to have to start doing some stuff at night that I have been doing in the morning.  I am really sleepy today.  I am kind of sleepy a lot of days, but extra today.  I am guessing it has to do with the overall weakness I have been feeling.  I don’t know how people do this low calorie diet for months on end and not be too weak.  And the day off once a week is not part of the plan, just something I am doing.  Maybe I am being more active than some?  I don’t know, but this amount of calories for me is just barely enough to keep me going, it seems.
I have a goal this weekend to get my loft “company clean.”  It is supposed to be rainy Saturday and Sunday, so I won’t get too much outside activity, I am guessing (not good for Cas).  I think the rain is supposed to start later in the day on Saturday, so anything I plan to do outside, I need to get an early start on tomorrow.  But I want to devote a lot of my weekend to getting the loft clean.

I am going to try to get Cas to the dog park so he can get some socialization and activity.  I hope I can get a bike ride in Saturday before the rain too.  Maybe a bike ride to the dog park.  I checked and “isolated” thunderstorms are to begin around 11:00 a.m., so that doesn’t give me much time if downtown is one of the isolated areas they hit.  There is a bigger chance as the day goes on, and the rain is to last through at least Sunday morning, with the temperatures dropping.  Sounds like good staying inside weather.  Good grief.  I wish there was a covered place to walk him.  I will have to check into that.  I may have to make use of the parking garage this weekend.  Where’s those roller skates when I need them?  I wish I could train him to walk on a treadmill, but any past efforts have failed.
I am seriously thinking about getting a kitten so, once it and Cas get used to each other, he will have some company.  I am just not up to getting another dog and risking that they won’t get along, plus the extra work involved.  Cats are not nearly as much trouble as dogs and I have always been a cat person until I “inherited” Cas.  He kind of chose me rather than me choosing him.  I don’t think I am going to be able to count on my son to help me with walking Cas while I am working a lot preparing for this trial.  I may have to hire someone.

I typed this before lunch.  While at lunch, it suddenly hit me what I can do to get Cas some exercise on bad weather days and it will get me some good exercise too.  I can go to the lowest level of the parking garage for my building, walk around that level once or twice (however much is needed), go up the stairs to the next floor, walk around that level once or twice, walk up the stairs to the next floor, etc., etc., all with his backpack on.  And back down again, if I need to.  There are 7 levels to the garage.  The ramp where the cars come up from lower levels (or down from higher ones) is separate from where I would be walking around, so we won’t be caught by surprise of a car coming around a corner.  I can go around each level of the parking garage as many times as needed to get the total distance I need for him to get properly exercised, but I will be out of the wind and rain, and less of the cold too.  Might not be quite as hot as being outside in the summer, either.  That remains to be seen.
I'm home now after working a little late.  I had my dinner and evening snack.  I'm not really hungry anymore, just really tired.  Thank goodness I get to eat a little more tomorrow.  Hopefully it will give me a little more energy.  Tonight I can barely stay awake.
Have a great weekend!

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