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Monday, March 18, 2013

Really Want This to Be My Last Week!

I woke up with a significant headache, which always makes everything difficult.  I sat around a bit too long trying to let some meds kick in before I left to walk Cas.  I had taken some Anacin on an empty stomach, and was feeling it before I got back, so sat down and ate a few baby carrots when I got back.  When I looked up, it was almost 7:00.  That is when I should be close to finishing my recumbent bike workout.  Plus Monday is a day I spend more time on my hair.  So I only got a token recumbent bike workout.

My boss called me before he got here at around 10:30 to go over the week’s schedule.  He is leaving town Friday afternoon.  This week, he told me the days I would be expected to work late.  I guess I like knowing that and can prepare for it.  This week it will be Tuesday and Thursday, although he said he had to be somewhere at 7:30 tonight, which means I will probably work up to the time he has to leave, which is likely 7-7:15.  I had brought me some dinner, so am prepared for that.  He took two associates to lunch, so I was able to go home for a short lunch.  I didn’t get to leave until a little after 1:00, and had to be back before a 2:00 meeting.  I wasn’t able to walk Cas, but he’s not feeling too well anyway.  I took him to be groomed Saturday and the groomer shaved too close under his tail; he has a raw place there and Cas is hurting.  He will run a few steps and hurry and put his bottom down, run a few more and put it down again.  Poor baby.  (Did I already write about this?)  You can tell he is really uncomfortable.

I am praying my weight begins to respond to the work I did last week and the work I will do this  week.

When I got to work and booted up my computer, the first thing I see is that someone brought oatmeal cookies.  At least I was prepared for it before I went in the break room.  I didn’t partake.  Since I was running a little late, I made my pancake this morning and just brought it with me.  So I still had that to eat.  I am almost out of food, so I need my shipment to come in tomorrow.  I will need to substitute yogurt for one of my snacks this evening, so I have a pancake mix left for tomorrow morning.  I also realized I only 3 shakes for the week, so will have to do alternative lunches on two days.  I made a scrambled with some Benefiber mixed in, with some sautéed onion and bell pepper.  It was good and held me surprisingly well.  I like this tons better than a shake.  Hopefully the shipment will be here tomorrow.  I guess I better be prepared in case it is not.  I used the rest of my snack bars today.  I will take yogurt with me tomorrow in case my shipment doesn’t come in.  If I do not lose what I need to lose this week (or at least a chunk of it), I may have to take a week off because then I will think my body is trying to plateau and probably needs a few more calories to break through the plateau.  I think I am going to eat a smidge more calories this week anyway – not much, just a little extra fruit or something.  I hoped Saturdays off helps keep me from plateauing, but we will see.

I am wearing another newish outfit today.  The dress I could have been wearing, but it is more flattering now, and I am wearing a denim jacket with the dress that I could not wear before.  I used to wear the dress with an orange sweater, but the sweater is just too big for me.  So it feels like a new outfit.  I was able to get in a pair of jeans this weekend that I could not wear the week before.  They are 20s, but they are smaller 20s than “my favorite” ones I have been into for a few weeks.  They went on fairly easily, and as they stretched out, I see that they are plenty roomy.  I have more than one pair of jeans – I don’t know how to act!

I went back in the break room later in the day and there was one oatmeal cookie left.  It is so hard to resist when there is only one cookie left, but I did.

The afternoon got really busy; at least, I didn’t have time to think about anything from work.  I was in the meeting in the conference room until about 6:30 p.m.  I took a break at one point and ate my snack bar, and was getting hungry at around 5:30 and ate some fresh pineapple.  I left work at 6:50 p.m.  When I got home, I walked Cas first since I wanted to do it while it was still light.  I warmed up my dinner when I got home.  For evening snack, I had some Dannon Light & fit cherry Greek yogurt.  I mixed in a little Benefiber with that too.  I logged all my food and it was only 888 calories.  So I decided to eat a banana for the increase in calories I talked about (although it will not be an increase since sometimes my meals added up to a little over 1,000 calories.

I need to get to bed on time and, more importantly, get up on time tomorrow so I can get a full workout done.  I have a little bit of a headache again and have been struggling with one off and on all day.  I hate that.  I hope it’s gone in the morning.  I haven’t worn my neck collar the last few nights; better get back to wearing it.


  1. You're so disciplined! I'm getting caught up on reading your blog. Great job, very inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Tricia. However, as you read on, you will find I have been through some struggles. But I'm on a good track again and made the decision to get off sweets completely and that has helped me not to struggle as much. Onward and downward! :)


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