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Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Done!

Last day.  Yesterday was a doozy.  I worked until 12:30 a.m., so I was tired.  I know there is supposed to be no excuse for not doing a morning workout, but after working 16 hours, I just could not make it on a little more than four hours of sleep this time.  I slept until 6:45, so didn’t even get to take Cas for a usual morning walk.  I did fine on my eating.  The scale was down a little more this morning (only now dropping below my lowest number before that), so I don’t think I will reach my goal tomorrow morning.  I could be wrong, but it would be unexpected.  I still had not eaten my evening snack when I got home last night, and I debated whether to eat it because it was so late, but it took me a half-hour or so to wind down, and I was hungry.  So I had my pancake.

I was not that hungry this morning, so didn’t eat anything extra other than an orange (which I have been doing for a while).  Still not hungry for anything extra at snack-time, but at lunch, I was going to have an egg.  I was going to put the Benefiber in it like before, but I had taken that to work to put in my yogurt, and it was in my bag at work.  I was ready for something “extra” anyway, so I put the scrambled egg (with sautéed onions, green peppers and mushrooms) between two pieces of reduced calorie bread (80 calories) for my extra.  Yum!  I had some chili paste you buy in the produce section and added a little of that when sautéing the veggies, and it was really good.  Will do this again, for sure.

I don’t know if I will need any more extra for the rest of the day.  If I do, I will eat some frozen cherries.  I do need to drink more water today, since I am behind my usual amount I drink by this time of day.

Tomorrow I will use my daily allowance of 35 points, as well as up to 49 of my weekly points, to have my off-day.  That begins my WW journey.  I hope I will keep right on losing without having to adjust to amount of food, as far as my metabolism, etc. goes.

It is really cool today.  I didn’t check the weather before leaving this morning, and walked out without my jacket.  It wasn’t too bad, but cool enough so that when I went home for lunch, I wore my jacket back.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not great for the weekend.  There are supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow and it’s supposed to be windy on Sunday.  Not good bike riding weather.  I want to start riding my bike more than just to get Cas some exercise.  In fact, sometimes I don’t even want to take him with me.

I did walk Cas at lunch and took a longer lunch than usual, since I worked so late last night.  That was kind of nice.

My son has decided to move out, for sure.  That means I will have my car back as my own.  It’s about time.  He’s been using it, for the most part, for over a year.  I used to carpool with my daughter and then moved downtown, so don’t need a car every day, but I didn’t mean to be giving mine up.  Especially since I make a pretty hefty payment on it every month.  I just wanted him to be able to keep working, and he needed a car to do that.  He has found a job near where he is going to live with a friend.  Now my car can slow down its aging, because I will only be putting a few miles a week on it.  I plan to clean it up, get the brakes fixed, get some new tires when I can, and have a few bumps and dings, etc. fixed and have it painted (all in good time).  Then it will be back to being a pretty decent car.  My son smokes, and although doesn’t smoke in the car, he keeps his clothes and stuff in there a lot, and they make the car smell like smoke.  So it will take a while for it to air out.  I need to get a good detail on it.  Actually, I need to make him do/get a good detail on it.  I must confess I will be glad to have my loft to myself again.

I don’t necessarily think this is a great decision on his part, but I have to let him make his own way.  I can’t do it for him.  He dropped by tonight.  One positive thing – he and his roommate are working on quitting smoking.  Yay!  I pray he is able to quit.  He seemed happier than I have seen him lately and he said he was feeling better.

My weekend will be spent in the following way:  I need to work a couple of hours, cleaning, walking my dog and running him with my bike if I get a pocket of decent weather, cooking and planning meals for next week, settling on a strength training routine to start with, balancing my checkbook, church, and doing whatever the heck I want to.  J  I am having fun seeing what new outfits I can put together, so I will do that – planning what I will wear each day next week and getting it ready.  I need to streamline my mornings, so that means I need to do meal planning and wardrobe planning and preparing beforehand, so I have enough time to work out in the morning.  I have been laying out my clothes in the evening, including jewelry and everything, and putting what I need to take to work in the bag I carry so I don’t have to do that in the morning.  That will include what I take for lunch and/or dinner.  I need to save enough room in the evenings (points-wise) to get a Subway sandwich if I am going to work late.  Unless I have cooked something on the weekend for eating on during the week, I don’t want to have to spend time in the morning making sure I have dinner in case I have to work late.  Now I can just run to the corner and get Subway.

A vendor brought some goodies to the office this afternoon (cookies and little tiny cupcakes).  This time I snagged me something, since I can eat it tomorrow.  I think I will be okay tonight because tomorrow morning is weigh-in and that is very good motivation for me.  And, knowing I can have them tomorrow, I can wait.  I had been trying to decide what kind of dessert I wanted tomorrow, and these looked so good, I decided this was what I would have.

If you have followed me long, you know that the premise I started this blog with was that if I could put together 500 successful days of staying on plan (whatever the plan was at any given time) in close succession, I could get where I want to go.  (I am very motivated by numbers.)  Of course, with all the events that happened in my life, I got side-tracked for a while.  But I had kept pretty good records of when I was on track and what I weighed at any given point.  So when I got back on track, I went back to the last day I had marked being on track and looked up on my chart I am keeping to see what I weighed then.  Then I counted how many days along I was on the 500-day journey at that weight and decided I would start back with saying I had that many days in succession being on plan.  So with those days, and now the successful days since beginning Medifast, I will be starting WW on Day 97 of my journey.  I have 96 successful days under my belt (assuming I stay on track tonight, which I will).  So, in theory, approximately 400 days to go to get where I want to be.  In a perfect world.  But it helps me remember that today, this day, is very important, because if I don’t get through Day 96, I will never get to Day 97, Day 300 or Day 500.  Every day is important.  Although as long as I don’t get off track too many days, it’s not like I go back to square one (or Day 1) when I mess up.  It’s just a way to motivate myself.

It is about 9:00 p.m. now.  I have been a little snacky, but only a little (a few craisins, one cracker and 5 sweet potato chips).  Nothing to do with the goodies I brought home from work.  I’m really tired, so I am going to get this posted and go to bed (going to bed at 9:00 on Friday night – I’m a real swinger).  I want to prevent any further “bleeding” and I just realized the reason I am so tired is I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Not enough for me, anyway.  This seemed like such a long week and I am so glad it is Friday.

Now I can say it – I am done with Medifast!

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