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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cookie Cravings

Another busy, busy day.  I got through most of the morning before I realized I still had on my athletic shoes from walking to work.  And hadn’t put my lunch in the refrigerator.  I hit the ground running, so to speak.

I got up this morning and was so tired.  I have worked late every night this week and my apartment needed some attention.  I just needed a morning where I didn’t pressure myself to do a workout and could spend the time doing some things that needed to be done.  I will have to make up some workouts on the weekend.  The landlord was going to be entering my apartment with the fire inspector, and I wanted to spiffy things up a bit for that.  And I was just tired.  We have a little more than a month until trial, and then things will be busy during the trial, but after that, things should settle down a bit.

I didn’t go home for lunch.  But I hoped I would get to go home on time tonight.  I sure would like a night off.  But it didn’t happen tonight.  I left work at 8:30.  I don’t think I will have to work late tomorrow night because Jerry will be in a mediation, probably all day.  Maybe or maybe not.  If the mediation is going nowhere, I could see them cutting it short.  We are not going to settle for any small number in this case.  Personally, we want to go to trial.  These Defendants need to pay for what they did.

What I want to do this afternoon is go downstairs to Paradise Bakery and get a couple of cookies.  What I did do is eat my Greek yogurt and part of an orange (it wasn’t a good one).  That kind of behavior needs to be largely a thing of my past.  Not that I can’t ever have a cookie, but I have to be very choosy.  The cookies at Paradise are delicious, but have a ton of points.  And it would probably lead to other overeating behavior.  I will wait until the weekend when I can use the bulk of my weekly points (which is how I am choosing to do it, as a rule; if there is a special occasion, I can vary from that, but this seems to work best).

I got me a sandwich, since I worked late, but that is not what I really wanted to eat tonight.  I don’t know what I wanted to eat, but it was not a sandwich.  One reason I didn’t want to was because it takes up a lot of points.  I decided tonight I would get a 3” sub (kids’ size) so I would have points left when I went home.  I got a roast beef with pepper jack, veggies and honey mustard.  Actually, it was really good.  And it only had 5 points.  So I had 11 points left when I got home.  I ate some popcorn, which is tasting really good to me right now, some crackers and Nutella like I have been having, and 2 Starburst chews someone gave me (1 point).  I waited until I got home to eat those, to make sure that was all I ate.  I put only a little salt on the popcorn – I don’t want to eat too much right before weigh-in.  I feel well satisfied now.  I just needed to be able to snack a little when I got home.

I don’t know if I will work out tomorrow morning either.  I will if I get up on time, which I will try to do, but four days working late is wearing on me.  I know that ultimately, it will help me, but….  I at least know I can walk Cas at lunchtime.  I so wish I could take tomorrow off.  But I won’t ask for days off until after the trial (unless I am really sick).
I am hopeful I will at least lose a little at weigh-in this week.

I guess that’s all for today.


  1. "What I did do is eat my Greek yogurt and part of an orange..."

    Love it, great choice! You're really working on changing your thoughts, beliefs, etc. That's where the magic happens.

    1. Thanks Michelle. It's tough sometimes. But I am hanging in there.


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