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Friday, March 1, 2013

Busy Days


I worked until 8:00 last night, so did not do what I had planned about working on my morning routine and also finding stretching exercises for my neck.  So that is on the agenda for tonight again.

I made it through fine again yesterday.  I was so glad I had cooked something in advance and put it in the freezer at work.  It made my evening go smoothly without getting so hungry that I felt out of control.  Besides the chicken I mentioned yesterday, I brought some frozen broccoli that I cooked in the microwave with salt, pepper, garlic powder and a teaspoon of margarine.  Margarine because that is all I had at work – I never use margarine since my doctor warned me about hydrogenated fats years ago.  Give me good old butter (or olive oil) all the time (but only a little, of course).

I was pretty empty again this morning when I got up.  I am out of baby carrots, so I ate one clementine.  I did a 15-minute ride on my recumbent bike (still couldn’t push the intensity because of being too empty).
I worried about what to do today if I got hungry, so I checked at CVS if by chance they had some baby carrots.  They had this little tray with baby carrots and celery sticks (along with some cheese and ranch dip).

I bought that, saved the dip for some other time (it was light ranch) and gave the cheese to my dog.  That little tray cost me $3.49.  Oh brother.  I need to stock up again.  At least I had something if I felt I was getting too hungry to be in control.

I always want to plan ahead, so I asked my boss before he left for a meeting if he thought we would be working late tonight.  He said 6:30, so I thought I would be fine with that.  However, I put my dinner in the oven while I was out walking Cas at lunchtime, so I could just heat it up when I got home tonight.  I pushed my lunch and my afternoon snack a little later, and drank down plenty of water.  I know that if I go home too hungry and without a plan, that could lead to trouble (although I was feeling mentally strong today, at least).

I told my boss why I asked (how late we would work tonight) and he asked me how much weight I have lost so far, and how much more did I want to lose, etc.  I told him I would like to lose 100 more pounds and that I would not be skinny at that point, just normal.  He said he “didn’t like” women who were too skinny and said he didn’t think they were very healthy when they try to be too thin.  He said his wife, for example (who is very lovely), found out that if she diets and really works hard to stay at a thinner size (to look more like what society tells us we should look like), she gets sick more often.  If she stays at a more “normal” weight, she is much healthier and he likes how she looks much better that way.  I am glad to hear that and hope there are plenty of men out there who feel that way.  I don’t want to try to get so thin that I have to be really restrictive to stay there.  I just want to be normal, but very fit.  So my goal is 160 pounds.  So, 100 pounds to go.  But right now, my sights are on my preliminary goal of 250.  Incidentally, I can tell my boss is very proud of me.  I don’t need his approval, but I enjoy it.

I’m wearing a new outfit today.  I love this.  It’s like getting new clothes all the time.  I sure do need a pair of navy blue medium-heeled work shoes and cannot believe how much trouble I am having finding some online that I like and for not too much.  I was looking at some the other night and ended up ordering two other pair of shoes, but not the ones I was needing.  I need the others too, but wasn’t looking for those when I started.

I am so sleepy again today.  It’s the muscle relaxants.  Why does working at a computer all day make me so tight and tense?  I wonder if strength training will help with that.  I was giving serious consideration today to trying to start liking coffee.  I have been getting my caffeine from SF Red Bulls, but they sure are hard on the budget and not good for you either.  Would it be stupid to try to like coffee so I have another source of caffeine?  Sometimes you just need something to wake you up a bit.

You know, I usually want a bit more cold weather in Dallas than we ever get.  But since I have moved, it’s not always as desirable when you have to walk everywhere.  Getting out to walk Cas is less desirable when it is cold, and especially if it is very windy.  I really do think I want to get some roller skates so I have a way to get him some exercise by skating around the parking garage on the level where there is very little traffic.  I just need to pay off some other things before spending money on roller skates.  It’s going to be tough to make myself walk in the summer too.  Dallas is REALLY hot in the summer.  At least with roller skating, I can tire him out more quickly.


I didn’t get my entry from yesterday posted last night, so I put it on the beginning of today’s.

What a day!  I spent pretty much the whole day holed up in an office with Jerry.  I scarcely had time to eat my Medifast meals (which don’t take very long to eat).  I couldn’t go drink down water very much, partly because I was in that office all day, and when I wasn’t, I didn’t want to drink down so much that I would be having to excuse myself every 30 minutes.  I also worked late and was pretty hungry before I left work.  I knew I would stay on track when I got home because tomorrow is weigh-in day and that is a big motivation, but it’s been a little more challenging today.  Not that I had the time to think about or get myself anything to eat.  It just made me antsy to go home so I could eat dinner.

I got home and had a flat-iron steak thawed out, so I cooked that and sautéed some broccoli.  That filled me up pretty good.  A little bit later I had my evening snack, which was a MF spiced pancake.

I had a nice “surprise” on the scale this morning.  I dropped into the 250’s.  It is not my official weigh-in day, but I was so happy to see it!  I have less than 10 pounds to go to get to my preliminary goal.  Hopefully I drop a little more by weigh-in tomorrow.

I’m tired and just want to relax, so I’m going to get this posted and do that.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Use your blog however you need it, it's yours. I know my posts are overly detailed and too long for most readers but it's for me first, then others second, so that's ok.

    Cleaning up around the house does have a way of making me feel like the new michelle too, you'll see tons of different ways your healthy lifestyle seeps into all parts of your life.

    loved the comparison pics! and to hear that you don't have pain wash over you every time you stand up. that's huge!


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