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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A New Member of the Family


I wasn’t too bummed about not losing any weight this week (or it not showing that I lost weight).  I could tell all week the scale wasn’t moving down like it had been.  However, I put on my favorite jeans today, which I had not worn since last weekend, and they are definitely looser.  I wore the capris I have been wearing (they are size 22s) when walking Cas this morning, and I don’t think will be wearing them anymore.  They felt like they were going to fall down while I was walking down the street!  I stayed on plan all week, so cannot feel bad about the results.

I had two breakfast tacos from Rusty Taco (a little stand at the park I walk to).  I didn’t have any food in the house other than Medifast friendly stuff.  I got back home and my daughter wanted to know if I wanted to go to lunch with them (which means taking them to lunch, financially speaking).  I did, so we made plans to do that at 1:00 when she got off work.  My other daughter picked me up and we took the dogs (mine and her two) to the dog park at White Rock Lake.  You can take the dogs to the water there and you can throw the ball into the water as many times as you want to and Tucker (the Lab/Pit mix) will go get it as many times as you do it.  He got all tired out, but it was the other two who needed it the most, so we went to the main part of the dog park and threw the ball so they would chase it.  Then we took Steph’s dogs home and went to run some errands before heading back to my place to drop Cas at the groomer.

I have been thinking about getting a kitten for a while now.  The hope is, once they get used to each other, Cas will have a companion and won’t get so lonesome on days I have to work late.  We went to a pet store and they didn’t have any.  We got caught in the traffic of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, so once we got loose, went back to drop Cas off.

Then we went to Breadwinners for lunch.  I had never been there before, but could go back and get something different on the menu every time before running out of things I would like.  They served some sweet breads to start with.  They were good and I was hungry.  I ordered a Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Sandwich with some sweet potato fries.  Bethany ordered the Club Sandwich and we traded halves.  I was only able to eat the half of my sandwich and half of the fries.  They served a sauce to dip the fries in, and it was really good, but I knew I did not need that sauce, so didn’t eat it.  This restaurant makes awesome desserts, so we knew we each wanted a dessert, so I didn’t want to get too full on my lunch.  I wanted the coconut custard cake, but Steph ordered that, so I ordered the Key Lime Pie (which is a big favorite of mine).  Beth ordered the White Chocolate Berry Cake.  We all sampled off of each other’s plates.  I looked up and saw this lady was watching us with a critical look on her face.  Every time I looked up, she was looking at us with that look on her face.  I could tell what she was thinking (three not-small women sitting there relishing dessert).  I wanted to dare her to eat like I have been eating all week on Medifast and then judge me for eating dessert on Saturday.  I wanted to call her a certain name, but I don’t use that kind of language.  You shouldn’t judge people when you don’t know anything about their lives.

After lunch we went to the SPCA to look for a kitten, and all they had were adult cats.  (I felt like I needed to get a kitten so it would grow up with Cas and be more used to having him around.)  They sent us to this other animal shelter and they did have some kittens.  So I am the proud owner of an orange tabby kitten.  I was going to name him Sonny, but Steph wants me to name him Aslan (from the Chronicles of Narnia).  Cas’ name is Caspian, which is also from the Chronicles of Narnia.  I haven’t decided yet.  Aslan is harder to say.

My Sweet Kitty
I got home from getting my kitty (who has been hiding ever since we got home), and still had not been to the grocery store.  I asked my son if he would go for me, and he did.  He got pretty frustrated, though, because he didn’t know where a lot of the stuff was.  But I’m glad he went.  I was tired.  Food has gone up so much!  I am going to have to raise my budget substantially.  I had to buy for this week on Medifast, and hopefully next week on Weight Watchers.

\This evening, I ate the rest of my sandwich and sweet potato fries.  I have been extremely thirsty all day and was craving some orange juice, so drank some.  I had 5 multi-grain crackers with Nutella, and a few sweet potato chips.  I haven’t been extremely hungry today.  Go figure.  Late in the evening I wanted some ice cream.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I went and got a pint at CVS.  The trouble with a pint is, I eat the whole pint.  I wish they sold them in smaller portions.  I know they have the little individual ones, but you have to buy a multiple pack of those and I am afraid I will get into them during the week.  I think I will try it once, though.  The more I think about it, the more I think I could control it.  If I find out I can’t, I could throw it out.  I will have to decide.  I am also going to look into recipes for frozen Greek yogurt, since I have an ice cream attachment on my Kitchenaid mixer.  Maybe I could do that.  I could also buy the little Skinny Cow containers, if I plan ahead.  They don’t have those at CVS.


I got right back on Medifast with no problem today.  I haven’t been that hungry today, so have only eaten the 4 (up to now) Medifast meals with my Lean & Green meal.  My L&G meal was a cubed steak with some barbecue sauce on it and grilled asparagus.  It was yummy!

I worked 2-1/2 hours today.  I left my snack bars for the day at work, so worked a while when I went to go get those (I intended to work sometime this weekend anyway).

I love, love, love my new kitty.  He is so sweet, and he and Cas are getting along reasonably well.  I think they will become good friends when they get used to each other and learn their boundaries.  Kitty will definitely be running the show in that relationship, lol.  He is so sweet and affectionate.

I pray the work I did last week will show up on the scale, as well as what I do this week, so that I reach my goal.  I really don’t want to have to do another week of this.

I have had a couple of walks today, plus walking to work and back, but that is all the exercise I have had today.  Trying to do a little cleaning this evening since I didn’t get much done yesterday.  I was really tired after being out most of the day.

I had my evening MF meal and was a little hungry, so ate a banana.  I figure that wasn’t any more calories than the baby carrots and an orange I have some days.

That’s it for the weekend.  I’m not ready for Monday.  L

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