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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Long Day

This is a day that, if my goal were not so close, I would probably be eating something off plan right now.  I just had one of those random urges of blowing it off today.  But the fact that weigh-in is less than 2 days away (and I am so close to my goal so I can transition to WW) was enough motivation.  There is not much reason for it other than I am a little hungry and can only look forward to a shake for lunch, plus I have a bad headache.  I’m working on nipping the headache in the bud, so should feel better in a little bit.  (I did.)

I did get to go to lunch, but was dealing with some things about my son, so did not walk Cas today.  But sometimes getting away from my desk helps.

One thing that has been going on was my son disappeared again.  He is found now, and I won’t go into detail.  But it had me worried enough that I was getting a little freaked out.

But, I must not let things like that throw me off.  There will always be difficult things to go through (I seem to have more than my share of them, it seems like sometimes).

Okay, back to positive things.  Even when difficulties like this happen, I know what to do and all I have to do is work the plan.  There is nothing to be gained (except pounds) by letting stuff like this throw me off.  It only adds to the pressure.

I sure would like to go home on time to wind down, but I am not sure I will get to do that.  I need to walk Cas, since I did not walk him at lunch.  A lot of the work we were anticipating to prep for trial is about to start.  Thankfully, I can do a lot of it at home.  I don’t care if I have to work the same number of hours, if I can do it at home, it doesn’t seem as bad.  If I am at the office late, I feel bad for neglecting my dog, and that stresses me out.


I wrote all that and then things got really busy.  I didn’t get to go home until 9:30.  Fortunately, I had some dinner with me, so ate that at 6:00.  It held me, thank goodness.  I had a pancake already ready when I got home (I accidentally put too much water in, so had to make double this morning), so I just warmed it, put some all-fruit jelly on it and ate it up.

I feel bad on nights like these, because it is too late to walk Cas, but I’m sure he has been sleeping all day.  These are the times when his pent-up energy gets out of hand.  My son is supposed to be home tomorrow, so I will ask him to give Cas a good run.  Hopefully he will.

My boss was sitting across the desk from me tonight and said, “Your face is looking different, Sheryl.”  I said, “Is that a good thing?”  He said, “Oh yeah, sure, but it looks different.”  I think he meant, it always looked good to him, so he’s not saying it is so much better, just different.  I’m good with that.  I just don’t want to get all wrinkly.  I have always looked very young for my age, and I would like that to continue.  J

I made it through a pretty rough day, so I am happy about that.  Now I am tired, so I am going to say good night.

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