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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

8 Days to Go (Hopefully)

Well, I was back to being in pain as soon as I stood up today.  This time I was just sore from doing squats yesterday, lol (a good kind of sore).  No sciatica at all.
I was a little hungry today and a little weak, but not bad.  I guess that is understandable considering I had 3 walks and one recumbent bike workout on around 900 calories.  I have over 10,500 steps so far today!
I made some baked chicken today and put some Inglehoff Sweet and Hot Mustard (or something like that) on it.  I was going to post a picture of the jar, but left my phone on my desk at work.  Anyway, think honey mustard with horseradish.  It was awesome!  I will definitely be doing that again.  It cleared my sinuses, at times, lol, but was so good.  So much better than plain ol' baked chicken.
I'm just going to do a short post tonight.  After today, if all goes as planned, I have 8 days of Medifast to go.  I hope I am as successful when I transition to Weight Watchers a I have been with Medifast (although I know I will lose much more slowly, of course).  On my BodyMedia armband readout, after logging my weight this week, I got a message that said if I keep up at the present pace, I would reach my goal of 160 by July 2013.  That is pretty tempting.  But I doubt I would keep losing this quickly indefinitely, and I honestly think it is in my best interest to lose the rest of it in a way that is a lifestyle, not a diet.  That is where all the important habits are established and truths learned about the process and myself.  So I will stick with my plan.  However, if I hit a plateau, I may use Medifast as a way to break loose if other methods don't work.
Night all.

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