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Friday, February 22, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

My youngest daughter, Bethany, is in “one-derland!” She is so excited – she finally busted through a plateau. Isn’t she beautiful? Now if Stephanie and I can follow her lead…. I hope to be in one-derland by the end of the year, but next year would be fine too. I worry about Steph and hope she can get things going. She has so many health issues, including never feeling rested no matter how much she sleeps. Although Steph is happy for her sister, I know she feels a little jealous (for lack of a better word) too. She just wants to be having success too. I worry how she would feel if I passed her up too (although I am not going to let that keep me from doing my best to do that). I am going to see if I can get her to go to WW with me. She expressed an interest in doing that. I might have to pay for it, though.

I feel kind of ready to get back to Medifast.  Not that I want the food or want to do it long-term, but I feel ready to finish up my preliminary goal.  Meal prep is definitely taking more time with WW (although I can play with it and find ways to make it easier).  But I always intended this to be just a week off until I reach my preliminary goal of 250.  I just ordered enough food, to go with what I already have, to get me through 3 more weeks.  I ordered all my “favorites” – foods that I don’t have to force myself to eat.  I still have quite a bit of shake mixes on hand, so didn’t order any more of those.  The shakes I have are not horrible, but I definitely don’t look forward to them.  One thing I do like about shakes is they satisfy my appetite pretty well.  The pancakes and the bars are my favorite things, so that is what I ordered.  I have my menus all lined up for the next three weeks (starting Sunday), so I know exactly what I need to do.  I only have to worry about my Lean & Green meals, and I have a routine fixed pretty well on those (unless I have to work late).  For those nights, I will have a meal that I have cooked ahead of time in the freezer at work so nothing catches me off guard.  I will continue to supplement with a little fruit when I really need it.  I think one thing that gave me trouble last weekend is that I forgot to bring any of my MF crunch bars home with me for the weekend.  I keep them at work because I know if I am feeling weak and I have them available at home, I might eat one at a time I am not supposed to, just to satisfy a sweet craving.  They are the only things of the MF foods I would feel in danger of doing that with.  So on weekends I usually take home the number I need to have at the times I am supposed to.  I struggled over the weekend, and I was still struggling some Monday with cravings.  The only thing that settled them down was when I finally ate a crunch bar.  I had too many shakes left in proportion to how much food I had left, so I was trying to double up on the shakes.  They satisfy my hunger decently, but sometimes I need that crunch bar to satisfy a craving.

My hunger and lack of satisfaction seemed to settle down late last night.  I don’t know why.  The only difference is that I hadn’t taken my BP medicine for the last few days (I kept forgetting to fill and pick up the prescription).  I finally got it yesterday and took one last night.  I don’t know if that would make any difference or not, but the timing of it coincided.  One thing about the BP med is it has a diuretic in it, so if I don’t take it, I gain “weight” because I retain more water.  It can make over a 5-pound difference.  So if I get to where I don’t need the BP med, I will have to expect that on weigh-ins.

I am still struggling with a headache.  I woke up with one, despite being careful to stay on my back last night.  I only have a slight one at the moment.  I am taking muscle relaxants (one-half during the day at work) and one at night to try to help this tension in my neck and shoulders.  Other pain issues are doing great!  (The headache was better today, but still there at times.)

I don’t know how weigh-in will go tomorrow.  The readings I have been getting during the week are affected by water retention.  I did drop some during the night after taking my BP med last night (and getting up to go 3 times during the night!).  Hopefully it will do its work to get the rest of it off today and give me a small loss in the morning.  Even though I have had a tough week – I overdid some on Saturday and then fell off the wagon on Tuesday – I have had my eating on track more than I have not if I get through today okay.  I feel pretty good today – not constantly feeling unsatisfied.  Hopefully things are smoothing out a little.


What a difference a day makes!  I am feeling so much more satisfied today.  I had the same thing for breakfast (pumpkin oats) as I have the last couple of days.  I stayed satisfied with it until after 11:00.  Then I had a piece of string cheese (1 point) and a couple of clementines (0 points).  For lunch (I had not planned ahead until right before I went home) I had a toasted Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Sandwich Round (3 points) with Laughing Cow garlic & herb (1 point) spread on it, with a scrambled egg (cooked with no extra fat) (2 points) and a reduced-fat slice of cheddar cheese (1 point) melted on it, plus about 1-1/2 cups roasted broccoli cooked without added fat (0 points) except a spray of non-stick spray, and a banana (0 points).  This was so good and so satisfying!  I sprinkled salt, pepper and a little cayenne pepper on the broccoli before cooking.  My whole meal was 7 points.  I have 17 points left for this afternoon and evening, which is good because that is when I struggle most, typically.

My friend at work (who almost died in November) is planning a big shindig for her birthday in October (celebrating life).  She is going to have a disco dance.  It sounds like so much fun!  I have never done that, but I remember watching it on TV (they had a “disco minute” on one news channel my dad watched every day).  We were not encouraged to go to dances growing up, although I don’t think we were forbidden either.  I just never felt confident and so never tried much.   And never to disco music. But since the steps are choreographed, I think I would like it.  So I may buy me a DVD that teaches you how to disco so I will be ready for her party (plus it will be a fun way to get exercise).  I hope I will be significantly smaller then and this party could be a real blast.  Hopefully I will have someone I can ask to go with me (a date) by then.  I would also like to learn to country dance, and ballroom dance, for that matter.  It looks like so much fun.  Have to wait until I can move a bit more freely without setting off a flare-up, but one of these days, I want to take some lessons.  Again, a fun way to get exercise.

I was having trouble deciding what I wanted for dinner.  I had meat thawed out, so I knew I would be having chicken of some sort.  I also had some leftover brown rice I needed to use, since I plan on being on Medifast for the following three weeks and I cannot have it then.  I wanted a way to jazz up the rice a bit.  I remembered Biz had a recipe on her blog for Lemon Pepper Gravy.  I mapped the recipe on WW and ¼ cup has 1 point.  That was just the ticket.  So dinner (I had 15 points to work with, since I had a 2 point yogurt for afternoon snack) was 6 oz. baked b/s chicken breast, ½ cup brown rice, with ¼ cup Lemon Pepper Gravy over both, baked summer squash topped with 2 T. WW whipped cream cheese with chives and onions (broiled at the last bit of cooking).  A little later, my dessert was another Nature’s Own WW Sandwich Round spread with 1 tsp. of Nutella.  Yum!

Tomorrow I am planning my eating using my weekly points for the day.  Saturday is the beginning of my week.  I don’t know if I will use all of them – it depends on what I have for dinner – but I don’t think I will need them all.  I am going to make protein pancakes for breakfast, with Lori’s Banana Maple Topping.  I may add a little more syrup, just because I can eat a little more on that day than usual.  Plus I will put 2 tablespoons of chopped pecans on it.  For lunch, I am planning to ride my bike to Chipotle in the West End (I finally bought a lock for my bike, so can do this) and pick up two tacos and a side of black beans.  When I get home, I will add a tablespoon of guacamole to each one (if you get it there, they charge you for a whole order of guacamole, even though you only want a little on each taco – too bad, because they have the best guacamole).  That doesn’t add up to that many points.  Of course, there will be some snacks (don’t know what yet) and dinner out (not sure where I am going yet).  There will probably be frozen yogurt involved.  I would have to eat a really big, fattening meal to use all 36 of my daily points and 49 of my weekly points – I doubt I will eat that much.  I don’t want to eat that much in one day.  Then, Sunday I will start back on Medifast.

It will likely be a busy weekend – I need to do a lot of cleaning, church, going out to dinner, bike rides, walks, etc.  I guess busy is good, as long as I get a little rest.  Oh yeah, I want to work a couple of hours (at work) continuing to get my area in better order.  I should take Cas to the dog park too, but it depends on how warm it is.

Incidentally, I asked my friend at work if she knew if BP meds had an effect on your appetite.  She said they did.  I said, “good or bad?”  She said good.  So I guess that’s what it was.  She said what it is, is when your BP is elevated, it increases your appetite.  I don’t know, I just know there is a big difference in today and the last week.  That will teach me to take my medicine every day!

Happy Friday everyone!  My favorite time of the week, when I don’t have to work late.

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