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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weigh-In Day

Well, after kind of a rough week, deciding to take a week off from Medifast and do Weight Watchers, totally blowing it Tuesday, being less active because of weather and struggling with headaches, etc., I lost .4 this week.  I’ll take it.  I have now lost exactly 25 pounds since starting Medifast a few weeks ago (six).  I feel ready to get back to doing Medifast for three more weeks (hopefully) to get down to my preliminary goal of 250.  I have 11.6 pounds to go, so I need to lose an average of 3.87 pounds per week to do that.  That’s a tall order, but not out of the question with Medifast.  I am hopeful I will have a good loss this coming week after being slow on the scale this week.

Cas woke me up whining this morning and I kept trying to push him away until I finally woke up enough to remember I could eat a little more freely today and that I was hungry.  Breakfast this morning was protein pancakes with Lori’s Banana Maple Topping.  I thought I might add some extra syrup to the recipe if it wasn’t sweet enough, since I have extra points today, but the topping was plenty sweet and very yummy!  I did add a teaspoon of sugar to the pancake batter.  I will see if that adds a point to the recipe; if it does not, I will keep it in there; if not, I will use some Stevia.  For mid-morning snack I had a toasted whole wheat sandwich round (when I get back on WW again, I need to remember to buy some reduced calorie bread) with a thin spread of Nutella – probably a teaspoon on each half.  (I had less than that spread on one last night – as thin as I could get it and still cover the whole thing – yummy!)

For lunch I went to On the Border (my daughters’ choice).  I thought I did pretty well with my choices, but when I looked it up later, maybe not.  I don’t see how what I ordered had as many points as what it said.  It was their Queso Chicken plate, which consists of a grilled chicken breast (not a huge one) with queso and sliced avocado on it, some cilantro rice (not a ton of rice), and some sauteed veggies (squash, onion and peppers).  Most of the queso was on the side and not on top of the chicken, so on the bites that did not already have queso on them, I dipped them in just a little queso.  I estimate I left ¾ of the queso on the plate.  Estimating how many points it had by looking at what it would have been to eat the whole thing and subtracting the points of how much queso I estimate was left on the plate, it came out to 23 points.  I looked at what a side of the rice would have had and it said 390 calories.  I did not figure the points on it.  The thing is, I don’t think there was as much rice on the plate as you would get in a whole side of rice.  More like half that much.  A cup of queso had something like 290 calories – doesn’t seem like that much for a whole cup.  A side of the veggies had 80 calories, so that was not that much.  I just don’t think I had 23 points from that plate.  But I could be wrong.

After On the Border we went to Pinkberry and had some yummy low-fat frozen yogurt.  My toppings were strawberries and blackberries.

I got home and after not too long, I started feeling snacky.  I had to talk to myself quite a bit not to go to CVS (a few steps from my door) and get me some kind of candy.  I didn’t.  I had a couple of finger licks of Nutella and didn’t want that to get to be a big problem, so I put it in the freezer.  If it becomes a problem while I am on Medifast, I will have to ask my son to hide it, or throw it out.  I was still feeling pretty snacky, so popped myself some popcorn (on the stovetop).  WW said said 3 cups of popcorn has 3 points.  Not bad.  Later I was still feeling snacky and having thoughts of wanting candy again.  I realized I had not had much water, so I got my big container of water I have sitting at the ready (it holds 32 ounces) and drank that down.  That helped a lot.  I did have some more popcorn and I had a few craisins mixed with pecans.  I haven’t really been wanting any dinner.  I likely will have one more thing of reasonable points value before going to bed.  I don’t want to start off tomorrow being too hungry.  I have to remember to keep drinking water all day long.  That helps a lot.

I took Cas for his morning walk, but have not felt like doing much else.  I have still been battling the headache.  Although I normally do not take pain meds for headaches, I decided I was going to take enough to nip this thing in the bud.  Sometimes if I will break the cycle, they don’t come back.  So I took some medicine along with a muscle relaxant.  That made me sleepy, so I napped for a while until Cas woke me up from a dead sleep barking at someone he heard in the hall.  I hate that!

The thing that kept me from following through on my urges to snack and get the candy was thinking about these goals I am working toward.  I really want to get into these clothes in my closet, and I really want to get down to 250 so I can get my hair done.  It is looking very drab right now.  I am going to need to tow the line if I have any hope of getting this done in three weeks.

One other thing I did today was rearrange the living room.  I want to be able to use my recumbent bike in the morning without bothering my son, who is sleeping on the couch.  I arranged it so there is an area behind one of the couches where he could put a twin size mattress he has in storage.  Being behind the couch would give him a little seclusion.  He is a heavy sleeper, so I don’t think the little light from the TV will bother him, and have headphones with a long extension cord to use so the noise of the TV won’t wake him up (they should be here any day).  I can also listen to my iPod.  I sure hope the headaches are better this week.  I really need to get started on those morning workouts.

I am still reading Lori’s blog and am to the point where she hurt her back.  She herniated a disk in her back, which caused a pinched nerve and sciatica.  The pain she describes sounds oh so familiar, except I have been dealing with it for two years!  She describes how the pain makes her tired and the situation is making her feel blue, etc.  Yep, that has been my life the last couple of years.  It lets me know that what I have been going through is as significant as it has felt to me and I am not just making up excuses.  I have three levels of vertebra that are affected, the worst one being the L5-6 level, the second being the L4-5 level, and I’m not sure what the other one is (it is the one that causes the least problem).  During that time, I also dealt with similar problems in the neck and had a cervical fusion to alleviate that problem.  I am doing my best to avoid back surgery and am very hopeful based on how much this 25-pound loss has helped that losing more weight is going to help enough so that I will not need surgery.  For the last two years, when I stood up, I had to stand there for a minute while the pain washed over me from my lower back down my legs to my knees and sometimes to my ankles.  Then the first 25 steps were extremely painful and I could not walk without a severe limp a lot of the time.  After those initial steps it would let up enough where I only had a regular to slight limp.  Last week I noticed that I can stand up after having sat for a while and there is no pain washing over me.  I cannot tell you how wonderful that is.  However, I know doing the wrong thing can set off a flare-up, so I still have to be careful for a while.  I do think the injections in the knees have helped a lot to deaden the pain I might be feeling otherwise.  But things are getting better!  I am so happy about that.

I’m not sure what my plans are tomorrow.  It is supposed to be warmer than today, so hopefully I can get Cas out for more walks and a bike ride.  I also want to decide on my outfits for the week and get them all ready.  I tried on a couple of pairs of pants – one of the ones I let the hem out on a few weeks ago and just didn’t feel comfortable with them yet and another pair I haven’t worn in months – and they are both in the repertoire now!  I had to ly down on the bed to button the pants I let the hem out on, and now they button up easily without all that!  So I will have a few “new” outfits to wear this week.  The busyness leading up to the trial of this big case we are working on is likely to start this week, so I want to do as much as I can to have things ready so I have time to get a morning recumbent bike workout (if I can make my butt get out of bed).  At least food prep is next to nothing on Medifast.  I do want to make sure I have a couple of meals cooked that I can keep in the freezer at work for nights I have to stay late.  Planning is going to be key in the coming weeks.  When I switch over to WW, I may be doing a lot of Subway sandwiches to avoid having to do much planning and prep for meals until the trial is over.  Whatever it takes.  I don’t want having to work a lot of hours tripping me up.

That’s it for today.

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