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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weigh-In Day

I am down 3.6 today. Woohoo! Yesterday was tough, but I think I did pretty well considering how I was feeling. There was extra eating, but it was because I was hungry and I tried to make wise choices. Just a couple of more pounds and I am in the 50's! I definitely want to get that done next week. Just 12 pounds to reach my preliminary goal and get my reward of a haircut and highlight. Yay!

I went to bed pretty early last night, just because I wanted to get away from my struggles. Consequently, I woke up pretty early this morning, and that was okay. It was pretty cold for Dallas (34 degrees) this morning, so I was a little slow to get out for a morning walk. I finally did a little before 8:30. It was crisp and sunny, and though kind of chilly, very enjoyable. Next time I will put some capri workout pants under my "wind pants" (or whatever you call them these days). My legs got kind of numb, lol. Cas was too full of energy and therefore hard to make behave, but with a little work, he does seem to be listening to me a little better. He might be reacting to the other (big) dogs, but I can make him sit and watch them in the middle of it.

I got back home and weighed in and was very happy. Now breakfast (a MF spiced pancake with a little honey) and having some computer time. I need to do some cleaning before the guy comes at around Noon to fix my recumbent bike. On the TV is an infomercial about "Slim in 6." I was thinking, hey, that would be good for me.  But looking at the moves, though low impact, there is no way I can do them yet.  Lunges and squats, etc.  It’s so frustrating.  I tell you, if I am not able to do more by July 1 without setting off a flare-up, I am going to want to do something about it.  I hope to be able to get to 230 or less, if I stay focused.  If I am not able to do more physically by then, I will think seriously about surgery.  Even just walking this morning, I could feel the nerve pinched going through my hip area and it was extremely uncomfortable.  (At least my knees were not hurting like they were.)

Incidentally, I was walking during lunchtime a couple of days ago and found myself in the middle of a busy intersection when the light turned red (I wasn’t paying enough attention, obviously).  So I “ran” across the intersection before traffic started moving.  The impact of my feet hitting the pavement while running those few steps did not hurt my knee at all.  I don’t know if that is reason to be encouraged, but it encouraged me nonetheless.

I set a time line of July 1 because we should be through our big trial by then and it gives me enough time to see how much weight loss alone is going to help.  I pray the weight loss will get me where I want to go and I don’t need surgery.  That would really slow me down, although hopefully would help in the long run, if it is necessary.  But the thought of someone going in through your abdomen and doing what they would have to do on my spine is kind of scary (although my neck surgery turned out very, very well).  I would rather not have to do it, though (obviously).

I decided to do today like I have been – just a meal off and not the whole day.  So, if you look at the stats I posted yesterday – over a 2,000 calorie deficit for the day – do you think that is why I was so hungry yesterday?  Am I adding too much exercise with too little calories?  Possibly.  At least the way I dealt with it was with healthy foods, even though unplanned.  Maybe my body just needed them.  I need to plan for times like those, I guess.  I want to continue with what I am doing, but if my body is crying out like that, I probably should go ahead and feed it a little extra as long as it is with smart choices.  I wouldn’t have worried about doing that as much if it hadn’t been the day before weigh-in.  But it didn’t seem to hurt my weigh-in.  Not only was I extra hungry yesterday, but I didn’t feel up to the extra activity I have been trying to do.  I think my body really was telling me it needed more food.

I have a mother/daughter date planned with my daughter this evening.  We will go to dinner and there is a movie she wants to see.  I don’t know where we will be eating, but maybe I should decide and plan ahead.  Until then, I need to get some cleaning done, I would like to get a bike ride in, and sometime this weekend I want to go into the office for a couple of hours so I can make more progress on getting my area organized.

I made a decision on what to do about my body needing more calories when I have more activity.  I decided if I have a day with over a 2,000 calorie deficit, I can eat as many calories as there are over the 2,000 calorie deficit, as long as they are smart, healthy choices.  For instance, on Thursday when I had a 2,052 calorie deficit (really, I had more since I forgot to put my armband on during one walk), I can have 52 extra calories on a day like that.  That doesn’t sound like much, and maybe I will want to bump down to an 1,800 calorie deficit, but we will see.  This encourages more activity, though, instead of discourages it because of the thought I might get too hungry if I do too much.  I need to start increasing activity as I get closer to transitioning to WW, and I don’t want to be discouraged because it makes me hungrier.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Yes, eat those extra calories. There's no reason to suffer. In fact, suffering could derail you eventually. I'm glad you are making smart choices. You are really starting to get this, I can see in your writing. I'm so hopeful for you!!

    "I don’t know if that is reason to be encouraged, but it encouraged me nonetheless." And YES, that's reason to be encouraged!!! Give your body time to build up the muscles to support your activity. Don't rush into surgery, especially given all the changes you're making. Keep it up, you're doing great!!


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