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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weigh In Day

Well, I made it through last night and my weight did some dropping from yesterday.  I am now into the 60's with a 1.2 loss.  Not as good of a loss as I want on this program, but I think the new changes will make the difference next week.  I have lost 17.6 in three weeks, though, with that incredible first week loss.

Getting an off meal today.  We are going to On the Border.  Yum!  The rest of the day is just Medifast meals.  Walking, a bike ride, grocery shopping and cleaning are on the agenda.  Should burn some pretty good calories today.

Sure would like a good loss next week, since 1.2 is an amount I would expect to lose on Weight Watchers, which has a lot more choices (and more to eat)!

Pain levels have been improved the last day or so, except the knee thing day before yesterday.  But pain from the back is improved.  Progress!

So I really have been thinking over this splurge meal I am allowing myself to have.  We are going to On the Border.  I have been looking at the nutrition information on various choices.  This can be rather shocking on Tex-Mex.  Should I eat what I want, which is what is implied with the splurge meal?  I am trying to track it and it is a little disconcerting.  I was trying to track it in the nutritional log for my BodyMediaFit armband.  But I was thinking, maybe I need to think of this as the weekly points on WW.  If I were doing WW right now, this would be the 49 weekly points I have available (my weeks start on Saturday).  As long as I stay under that 49 points, I am okay.  What do you think?  Is that a good way to look at it?  Looking at the nutritioal information and how many points different things have does make you think, though.  For instance 7 chips have 4 points!  7 chips!  That is not worth it to me, so I am staying away from the chips.  However, a flour tortilla has 3 points.  That's high, but more worth it to me.  I know my daughter wants to get queso, so I will have 1 flour tortilla with some queso.  I also plan to get some dessert.  I haven't figured points yet, the Apple Crisp I was thinking of has over 1100 calories.  Even with only eating half of it, that's going to be a lot of points.  Instead of that, I could go to Pinkberry, get as big a serving as I want with some toppings and come out with less points.  That sounds like the better choice.  Or I could make my own Apple Crisp at home with less points.  That's an option too.  I am trying to think lifestyle.  I want to see what is worth the points I am going to spend on it.  We will see what I come up with.


  1. "I am trying to think lifestyle."

    Yes, yes, yes and YES!! This is all the learning process. I think you are very smart to be thinking out all these points and what that means in terms of your overall weekly intake. That's how I learned to balance things out over a period of days instead of just looking at the food in front of me. You are educating yourself, learning what you think is worth the splurge and what's not. We are each individuals. You will find there are foods you thought you really liked and then realize you don't actually like them that much, that you ate them out of habit. Keep this up, you are so right on track.


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