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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trudging Forward

My meal off yesterday was so good, and under better control.  I got a pizza from the little Italian place down the street.  I will definitely go here again.  Dinner was pizza and some Ceasar Salad (bagged salad mix with lite Ceasar dressing).  I made myself a single serving Apple Crisp and had a scoop of ice cream on top.  All planned.  I was pretty full after the pizza and salad, so I waited a little while to have dessert.  I didn't want to, in some ways, but I did.

My Dinner

The Whole Pizza

Apple Crisp and my favorite sparkling mineral
water, Topo Chico.
The pizza had pesto sauce, artichokes, tomatoes and onions, with mozzarella, feta and parmesean, topped with a balsamic reduction.  Yum!

I read the reviews on this restaurant and, although the food got good reviews, the restaurant itself got some mixed reviews.  Questions about the honesty of management.  I figured I was getting takeout and paying cash, so I didn't care.  I took Cas for a walk, and on the way back, since it was cold and misty outside and no one was sitting outside, I hooked Cas' leash to a table and chair and ran inside to place a to-go order.  As I was walking up to the restaurant, but still across the street, I saw this woman walking her dog by the restaurant I was going to and I saw her allow her dog to lift its leg on the dividers set up outside the restaurant.  I thought that was kind of rude.  I went and ordered real quick and came back out to get Cas.  What I had not noticed was that the woman had not only allowed her dog to lift his leg, he left another little gift right there in front of the restaurant.  When I walked out, the owner (manager?) came out and I think he thought my dog had done it.  I told him that it was not my dog, but that I would pick it up since I had bags with me.  He thanked me nicely.  I took Cas home and came back in a bit to pick up my pizza.  I didn't even know he knew I had been there to order something, but the owner gave me a 20% discount on my order because he appreciated what I had done.  So I don't know about those reviews, but I thought that was very nice.

So I have been wondering something about all you who have lost a large amount of weight.  Did there come a time when you had to buy all new clothes, all at once, or did you just collect them little by little?  Like me, at least for part of the way down, I have clothes that have been given to me that I will be able to wear when I get down in the size 16-18 range.  I don’t know what I will do after that, unless my daughters keep losing (hope so!) and I can wear the clothes they have gotten too small for.  But I guess I need to save some money for that.  Of course, while I am still losing, I will want to shop extreme sales, or consignment shops, thrift stores, etc.  I can’t see paying full price for clothes I will be wearing only a few months at best.  (I plan to get this done and not loiter around on the way, lol.)  Some of the blogs I have read, the writers did not work full-time, or worked from home.  I definitely will have to have a decent wardrobe at all stages, since I am required to dress halfway professionally.  Maybe someone else will give me clothes when the time comes.  With what I have now, I will probably just have to buy a few things to tie things together.  I know I should have no shortage of jeans!  I don’t know where my daughters got all the jeans and why they didn’t keep wearing them.  Obviously weren’t shopping very smart.  I am not as choosy.  And I am not afraid to wear things a little baggy for a time, although I know you feel your weight loss more if you have clothes that fit.  The jean capris I have on right now are getting close to falling off.  I definitely don’t have to unbutton them to take them off.  But they are for wearing around the house or walking the dog, so they are comfortable.  Pretty soon, though, they will just be too big to manage.  They are 22s.  Hopefully by then I can pull some out of the bins to replace them.

After I pass 260, I will be in somewhat new territory, although I did get into the 250s for a short time.  I don’t know, though; 255 might be like 260 was, for the rest of my body, since I had a breast reduction.  So glad I did that!  I hope I don’t regret it when I get close to goal.  But I was always very well endowed, even at 135, although I looked fine to everyone else.  I did it to help with the headaches, neck and upper back issues.  It is hard to carry around all that weight for years.  My oldest daughter is really large busted and struggles with it.  I thought my younger daughter was too, but hers seemed to disappear as she lost weight.

By the way, my youngest daughter is 2-3 pounds from one-derland!  Her highest weight a few years ago was about 270.  That was during the really tough times after my marriage broke up.  Everyone has healed a lot since then.  She is a beautiful, beautiful girl.  (Both my girls are.)
Bethany, my youngest

I am struggling a little today.  My son ate some of the pizza when he got home, but there were still a couple of pieces left.  I wrapped it up tight and froze it.  At lunch today, I almost talked myself into eating them.  “My metabolism probably needs a boost, so having another meal off would probably do me good.”  Blah, blah, blah.  Then I thought, the meal off yesterday probably already did that, if that was what I needed.  Opening the door to cheating makes it easier to give in the next time.  So I haven’t given in.  I still haven’t had my shake for lunch yet (it’s 1:30), but I will.  Pushing it a little later helps to not get hungry later and I fell asleep.

I gave Cas some medicine early yesterday that made him sleepy.  Consequently, he slept most of the day.  Which meant he was restless all night.  Made sleeping difficult.  And I took a muscle relaxant since the shoulders have been feeling tense, which leads to headaches.  So I was sleepy.

I got up and went to the office first thing and worked a couple of hours.  I had told my boss I was going to and didn’t do it yesterday.  I knew if I waited, it would be hard to make myself go.  Anyway, I got some organizing done in my area.  I need to do this every weekend.  I need some uninterrupted time to do what I need to do.

So I had my shake and a few baby carrots because I needed some chewing satisfaction.  I drank down some water too (which I don’t do enough of on weekends).

I’m wearing my favorite jeans today that I just got back into.  They are still a little tight around the waist and sitting here looking at my belly gives me more motivation.  Lol.  I will be glad when it is not so prominent.

So trudging forward.  Maybe I will get out on bike this afternoon.  I am having to push myself again.


  1. Man that leftover pizza can get you! My advice: garbage disposal. I know it seems wasteful, but putting that "fuel" into your body when you don't want or need it is JUST as wasteful. Especially when you know it will make you feel lousy. I have lots of trouble with "one-time" treats when there are left over portions...

    1. I hear ya. I may have to do that. So far, I've gotten through the day and left it alone. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I'm with the first commenter - I can't keep stuff like that lying around the calls to me. I figure I'm saving me from myself by getting rid of treat food.

    As for your clothing questions, I bought stuff little by little - it was weird, because one month my pants would be falling off but my tops still fit, so obviously all I needed was pants. Other times, my tops would be huge. I shopped a lot at TJ Maxx, Steinmart (sale racks) and Kohls...didn't spend a lot, because like you said, you aren't in those clothes for long. But you do need them!


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