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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Weekend

So, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked yesterday, but I did much, much better than last week.  My daughter wanted to eat earlier and I knew that was not good for me.  Next time, if I am paying for the meal (I always am!), we eat when I want to eat.  I had a hard time stopping the splurge meal, because it was too early in the afternoon.  If I had had it at dinner time, it would have been better.  So, lesson learned for next week.  Still, much better than last week.

Cas and I went on a bike ride/run yesterday and today.  I can honestly say I had a lot of fun!  Yesterday we road/ran to the dog park.  I mapped the route and it was about 1.04 miles one-way, so 2.08 miles.  Not that long of a distance, but it’s a start!  Cas ran the whole way there, ran around the dog park for a while, and then ran all the way back and seemed no worse for the wear.  Today I just road around downtown Dallas for about 30 minutes, wherever I could find sidewalks that were not occupied (which was a lot).  I wanted to make sure Cas didn’t get too tired, so I picked him up and put him in the basket for the last little bit.  I could have gone longer – probably should have.  Sometimes I kind of think I am on a pretty good hill, but can’t tell, until I turn around and come the other direction and I can see how much of a rise there was.  It is so much easier on this bike!  I think this is something I will want to do on weekday evenings as soon as it starts staying light longer.  Once downtown kind of clears out from the workday, there are certain streets that are very low traffic and I can ride around on the sidewalks as long as I want to.  This will keep Cas better exercised, and me too!  The sidewalks are only important when I am running him.  I don’t feel good about being on the street with cars to close when he is running beside me.

Funny thing about my BodyMediaFit armband.  It does not pick up the activity of bike riding like it does walking.  It’s supposed to measure your sweat and body temperature, etc., as well as steps.  I am working up more of a sweat riding the bike, but it doesn’t show it as “physical activity” on my read-out.  Same thing on a recumbent bike workout.  Makes me wonder if the calories burned are that accurate.  But, if anything, it is measuring them low, so I could really be burning more calories than it indicates.

So far so good on my eating today.  I woke up thinking about all I still needed to get done today.  I got busy doing it and at about 10:00 or so, my stomach was growling.  I was trying to think if it was time for a snack when I realized I hadn’t even eaten breakfast.  So my meals have been a little later than usual today, which is good.  Less chance of me getting too hungry with no meals left at the end of the day.  I should probably do this more often, if possible.

I got on the scale this morning and I only weighed less than a pound more than yesterday morning.  That is good considering how it has been after off-days the last two weeks.  Hopefully I will have a little bit bigger loss this week.  Getting into smaller clothes is really motivating me right now.  Also, getting this done (down to 250), so I can move on to WW and more variety as soon as possible.

I walked Cas yesterday morning, but did not Saturday night.  I was doing chores and grocery shopping most of the day, so did quite a bit of walking with that.  I walked him again this morning and again this evening while dinner was cooking.  A much more active weekend than recent months, at least.

Tonight I am having a grilled 4-oz. flat iron steak and some roasted fresh Brussels sprouts.  I love Brussels sprouts, but this is my first time to prepare them this way.  So yummy!  I am also having a half cup of fresh pineapple, since my calories allowed it.  Feels like a feast!  I went to Farmers Market and got a lot of fresh veggies yesterday.  I couldn’t get much locally grown, since there is not much growing in January.  I will do that come summer, though.

My pain level has been remarkably good this weekend, except my knee hurt on this last walk.  I think I am going to have to get an injection in that, if it continues.  I had a little bit of pain issues last night after I lay on my side on the couch for about 10 minutes.  Triggered a bad headache and some back pain.  When will I learn?  Once I got it to calm down, though, it was fine.

Feeling pretty good about stuff.  Now to face Monday morning.  Sometimes my weeks feel like a marathon.

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