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Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking Myself Through

Just a little second post tonight.  I just need to talk myself through.  I am so hungry tonight, and tired after working until 10:20 last night and until 8:30 tonight, plus it was a busy day.  Sometimes you would like to just let loose on a Friday night and eat something you enjoy.  But tomorrow morning is weigh-in and I don’t want to do that.  I don’t want to do it anyway, but that’s a good deterrent.

Guess I should just go to bed.  Sometimes when I work late, I don’t want to go to bed very early because I don’t feel like I have had an evening, especially on a Friday night.  But if I am sitting here wishing I could eat, I might as well.  So that’s what I will do.

I stepped on the scale when I got home and it was down a little.  Maybe I will show a very small loss tomorrow.  I haven’t guzzled water as much today because I was so busy.  I did walk Cas when I got home – just a short one, but better than nothing, especially since I worked through my lunch and didn’t get a walk then.

Guess I’ll turn in.  I hope I have talked myself through this temptation.  :)

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