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Monday, February 4, 2013

Structure Helps

Wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a while again today!  Love that!  And it hit me that if I will stick with this, in a couple of weeks I will be into more, etc., etc.  I’ve been thinking, way off into the future I will get to wear some of these other clothes, but really, if I stick to plan, it is just around the corner.  That is motivating.

I wanted to talk a little more about my off meal on Saturday.  Some things about it were not good, but this part was.  We had decided to go to On the Border, so I looked over the menu ahead of time (actually, really studied it).  I was appalled at a lot of the nutrition information on foods.  For instance, 7 chips had 4 points!  Not worth it!!!  Looking over their download of nutrition information, tostadas had about 130 calories each.  That’s not bad.  Tacos have about 260 calories each – I was going to go that route until I saw the difference in them and tostadas.  I still have tacos as an option, but I opted to go for the lower calories.  This was a “free” meal (as far as my eating goes), so I wanted to fill up a little more, so I got three tostadas, one of each “flavor” (chicken, beef and guacamole).  Really they were a flat crispy shell with some mashed black beans spread on them, the meat or guacamole, and a lot of salad-type stuff, then a little bit of cheese on top.  It came with rice and beans.  I ate a couple of bites of each of the rice and beans, but I was so full on the tostadas, that was all I wanted.  I did not eat any chips.  My daughter wanted chips and queso, plus flour tortillas are complimentary.  I had one flour tortilla dipped in queso (which I had planned for).  A flour tortilla was 3 points, and that was a lot more worth it to me than 7 chips for 4 points.  Queso was not that bad points-wise, considering the little bit I ate.  I even drizzled a little on top of my tostadas.  Anyway, I felt good about my choices there.  Instead of having one of their desserts at over 1,100 calories, I went to Pinkberry and got a frozen yogurt with toppings.  Much less calories and oh so good!

Unfortunately, I did some more eating after this, but next time I will wait until later to have my off meal (which is what I wanted to do in the first place, but my daughter was “too hungry”).  She will just have to plan ahead next time if she is going with me.

I am not drinking as much water on the weekends, and I need to work on that.

I stayed right on track yesterday and had two walks and a bike ride, plus quite a bit of house cleaning.

My back was feeling great this morning.  I took a half of one of my pain pills, mostly because I would be going into withdrawal if I didn’t.  I have a little pain when I first stand up (little, meaning it doesn’t last long), but once I start walking, it eases up.  My knee is still bothering me some, but not all the time.  I walked at lunch without taking any more medicine, and it felt fine!

I may test out riding my bike after work this week, if weather and work schedule cooperates.  Cas needs more exercise – he has been getting ornery lately.  He is barking at people sometimes, now, and lunged at a guy who jogged up behind me this morning.  He has never done that before.  I am going to work on his behavior and make sure he knows who is boss and that I do not need protecting, which is what he seems to think.  Like a Yorkie can protect me, anyway, lol.  I think part of the problem was there was this flock of grackles sitting in all the trees on my walking route this morning, and they make a tremendous amount of noise.  He gets kind of ADD or something when there is that much noise and acts up more.  Stupid birds.  It’s like he is walking around in confusion, looking this way and that.  There were the birds, and the traffic noise, especially buses and trucks, and they get him kind of stirred up sometimes.  Not usually, but with the bird noise too, he seems to be more skittish.  Usually he is very docile around other people, but not the last few days (only occasionally; seems to be more in the morning).  That boy has too much pent up energy, so I will have to drain it.

I still haven’t been pushing myself to do a recumbent bike workout in the morning yet.  One reason is I decided I wanted to get all my cleaning caught up, so it is easier to maintain.  I am going to work on that this week and then start pushing myself more to get to the fitness center in the mornings before work, after I walk Cas (which means I will have to get up when my alarm goes off, instead of waiting).  Maybe by then, my recumbent bike will be fixed again (the guy came 2-3 weeks ago, but it needed another part).  Although, some mornings, I will still go to the fitness center if my son is home sleeping on the couch.  I wish there was room for it in my bedroom, but there is not.

All this cleaning energy came when I decided I was going to have to structure my evenings a little more to help when temptation hits me during the evening.  Too much free time doesn’t work very well sometimes.  I made up a to-do list and I worked to get it all done this weekend.  I didn’t get nearly all of it done.  I could have kicked myself for that, but then I realized the problem was not laziness, but that I put too much to do on my to-do list!  But even if I don’t get it all done, it provides structure, which helps me.  When I get it all caught up, it will be easier to maintain.  As I have said, I am not the greatest housekeeper in the world, but much better than I used to be – and I want to become a good one.  If I only had me to pick up after, it wouldn’t be nearly as much.  My son makes some mess, Cas makes mess and when my daughter brings her dogs over, they make mess.  I asked my son to help me and he is supposed to be doing some of the things I did not get to this weekend, today.  I also made a better place for him to keep his stuff, since he is really just staying with me for a while, as opposed to actually living with me.  I left him instructions on what to do (he told me I could J) so he will have a place to put up more of his stuff.  Now if he will just pick up after himself a little better, I will just have to pick up after myself and Cas.  I told my daughter if she brings the dogs over, she needs to leave my house in the same condition she found it in when she leaves.  We’ll see how this goes.

Incidentally, on my to-do list, I also included my walks and bike rides and even naps.  I need some rest and relaxation on the weekend too.  On my walks, I have also written down to climb the stairs when I come back.  I only remembered to do that once, though.  But I will keep trying.  I need to get as much activity as I can and going up 4 flights of stairs doesn’t seem to be hurting me (literally, I mean).

I walked Cas at lunchtime, and again forgot to take the stairs.  I will try to remember when I go home tonight, plus I plan to walk him again. I need to let the cranky elevator in the parking building remind me. I am trying to get at least 8,000 steps a day, and will likely need that extra walk to accumulate that many.  But I’m telling you, I was tired after lunch.  I felt like I had worked out.  I don’t know why it affected me so much.  There is a pretty good incline going to the park I go to at lunchtime, and I am usually feeling it in my back, hips and legs.  Plus I am usually slightly out of breath.  Plus Cas wants to set a pretty fast pace (which he is not supposed to do; I am supposed to set the pace), but I guess it is good for me.  I marked another little chore off my to-do list while I was home for lunch too.

All of this is making me feel good mentally.  The physical activity and being productive makes me feel good about myself.  That’s the kind of person I want to be, although I want to know how to have fun too.  I have just always thought of myself as kind of a lazy person (except at work).

Eating is on track today.  When I get hungry, I drink down a couple of 12-ounce cups of water, plus I am drinking Crystal Light lemonade throughout the day.  I usually don’t drink Crystal Light (I don’t really like to put artificial sweeteners in my body), but this program has so little to delight my taste buds that this is tasting really good to me right now, so I will do this until I make the transition to WW.  Same thing with SF Red Bull, plus I have been so tired.

Dinner tonight is some baked b/s chicken breast and I am going to halve a zucchini length-wise, put a little olive oil on it and some spices and bake it in the oven.  I like this so much better than boiled.  I like it boiled, but I like this better.  It is looking like I will have to work only a little late, so I will put this in the oven while I take Cas out for a short walk; hopefully it will be ready when I get home.  If I have to work later than I think, I will have to flip-flop dinner and evening snack.

I found my WW weight record from when I went to WW in 2007 and lost 30 something pounds.  I started out near my heaviest at that time.  I weigh less now than I did at the end of that go-around.  I guess that’s good.

I only had a little bit of weight to recover from after splurge meal on Saturday, so I think I should have a much better loss this week.  Yay!  We will see.


  1. "That’s the kind of person I want to be, although I want to know how to have fun too. I have just always thought of myself as kind of a lazy person (except at work)."

    That's the kind of person you are now. You don't have to wait to reach a certain weight to be who you want to be. I used to think of myself as lazy too, and maybe I was, but I realized I'm not inherently lazy, it's just a habit I had because of my lifestyle. I have lost most of those "lazy" habits and you are losing them too. Great job Sheryl!!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yes, I would say you have lost all your lazy habits, lol!


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