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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sore Knees and Weekend Plans

I was slow moving today.  I just had a hard time waking up and getting going.  I still had a lot of interrupted sleep (my dog and some pain).

My knees were bothering me quite a bit this morning.  I waited a bit before I walked Cas, and didn’t try to expand my route any.  I thought I would try to add steps to my usual route at lunch, if they felt okay.  I took my medication and an anti-inflammatory, but they still felt very tender.  Hopefully Tuesday’s injections will help. When I was walking home for lunch, not only were my knees still bothering me, but my hips were hurting enough to notice too.  I decided not to push it with a long walk today.  I actually just went home and enjoyed a lunch hour without doing much.  The plan was that if they were feeling better this evening and I did not have to work too late, I would try to get in a longer walk then.  I did get off in time (yay!), but I still was not feeling great.  And I was feeling kind of weak because I was hungry.  So I got dinner in the oven and took Cas for a short walk.  Even if I can’t take him for a long walk, he still has to be taken out.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a dog because I just want a lazy day without going anywhere, and with him, I have to get out and walk him, etc.  But I guess that’s really a good thing, huh?

Dinner was baked tilapia and roasted Brussels sprouts and onions.  I used one of my fat allowances to make a little tartar sauce.  It was delicious!

Eating was fine yesterday.  Instead of my evening MF shake, I ate a couple of slices of pineapple.  Not exactly on plan, but fine calorie-wise.  I wasn’t as hungry last night and that held me fine.

There are times when something gets my attention (food) and I will start to think, “that really sounds good.”  But I know if I start entertaining that thought, it could lead to me going off plan, so I quickly turn my thoughts away from that.  I’m telling you, things that I normally would not even be interested in sound good to me sometimes these days.  Like a deli sandwich at the convenience store.  Those usually look a lot better than they are, but I walked through CVS yesterday and saw one out of the corner of my eye, and that looked so good to me at that moment.  It’s my deprived taste buds talking.

I ordered my next two weeks of food Wednesday.  I realized today I am getting pretty low on stuff, so I hoped it came today.  Last time it came two days after I ordered, so there was a good chance it would come today, and it did.  Otherwise this weekend would have been a lot of shakes.  J  I got foods I knew I liked, but I did try two new ones:  the s’mores crunch bars and the chocolate chip soft bake (cookie).  I tried it tonight and it was okay, better than the brownies.

My part came in on my recumbent bike, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.  I talked to my son about rearranging some things in the living/dining area so we can put a twin mattress in an area with a room divider in front of it.  That way he has more privacy and I can ride my recumbent bike in the morning without having to go to the fitness center if I don’t want to, and without disturbing him so much.  I did pretty well with riding the recumbent bike every morning before for quite a while.  I can watch the shows on my DVR if I want to, and I have access to it any time.  I am sure my son will be glad not to sleep on the couch.

Tomorrow is my splurge meal and this is the first time I have given it much thought.  Usually I want to go out, but I can’t think of what I would like to do tomorrow.  I think I am going to go to the Italian place on the corner – leaning toward pizza.  But I may just get it take-out, especially if I eat alone.  If I get pizza, I will have to give my son the leftovers.  Or freeze them.  One thing is sure, I want to eat later on Saturday.

I need to work a couple of hours sometime this weekend.  I need some time in the office without interruptions so I can do some organizing.

Other than that, the plan is much the same as last weekend.  Walking, biking and cleaning.  And resting.

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