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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pulling It Back Together

Today is going along okay.  I have not had any trouble getting back on track so far.

I do have a challenge coming up.  My boss is taking me and two other girls in the office to lunch for Valentine’s Day (not on Valentine’s Day).  It will be at the Zodiac Room (Neiman Marcus).  I don’t really want to do that as my off meal because I really need that on the weekend.  I think I just need to plan for it and make it as close to a Lean & Green meal as I can, but not worry about it being on the Medifast plan, just so long as it is eating in keeping with my long-term goals.  One thing that is difficult is they serve these out-of-this-world popovers to each guest.  Those are not good on any long-term plan unless you are splurging.  I will have to just leave mine sitting there.  I will look the menu over and plan ahead and let that be that.  He asked what we wanted.  I should have spoken up before the girl who kind of takes control of everything said we should just go to lunch.  I could have asked for going to a play or something like that.  But that would have involved going to dinner anyway, so I would still have the same problem.  (Still wish I had said that.)  I saw this on the menu.  What do you think?

GRILLED SHRIMP SALAD (GF) goat cheese, avocado, grapefruit, quinoa, pomegranate vinaigrette 18.00

That sounds good and not too bad!  (Glad I am not paying for it.)

I didn’t expect to be able to go to lunch today, but I did (since my boss had a board meeting).  So I took Cas for a longish walk at lunch.  He needed it!  He was ornery last night – every piece of paper or plastic he got ahold of, he shredded.  My room looked like a disaster area.  He just had too much pent-up energy.  I hooked up my armband when I got done and it said somewhere around 5,000 steps (for the day).  I don’t think it was showing all my steps yet.  Sometimes it does that.  Jerry is leaving at 4:00 today (supposedly), so I should be able to do something tonight too.  I need to make up for last night a little bit.

Incidentally, the thing I started off last night with was some “fruit slice” candy (kind of like gum drops).  I have said that I am not really a big chocolate eater; I like the pure sugar, fruity stuff.  I got these last night and they really didn’t taste good to me.  They were so sickly sweet.  I’ve never had that problem before, trust me.  Unfortunately, I ate them anyway – I told you I felt almost frantic.  But the whole time I was thinking they didn’t even taste good.

I have a cookbook stand setting on my cabinet with an open cookbook in it for display.  For some reason my eyes were fixing on it when I was home for lunch today.  I couldn’t even remember what cookbook I had in it, but it was a Cooking Light annual cookbook.  I brought it to work with me, thinking that when I get a little break, I would map out a recipe or two on WW online and see how many points they had.  But I remembered, instead of mapping out the recipe, I can just put in the nutrition information for the recipe as a whole (instead of having to enter ingredients) and WW will figure the points for me.  I want to be armed and ready when I transition.  The recipe that caught my eye was a stuffed shells recipe.  It has 8 points per serving – very good!  And they look so good!  They have spinach and skim-milk ricotta, I believe.  I have made a similar recipe (but it had ground turkey) before and it was sooo good.  It makes good leftovers too.  I want to map it out, adding ground turkey, and see how many more points that adds.  This cookbook will give me some good ideas for meals I can have.

I am also going to try some meals like Lori talks about on her blog.  Particularly some of the oatmeal or oat bran combinations she does.  They look so good and satisfying.  I will have to see how many points they have and come up with a serving size that would be in my points target for breakfast.  Right now, if I was on WW, I would get 37 points for the day.  Of course, that will change if I don’t start until I get down 15 more pounds.  Some of her wraps look good too (simple, but good-sounding).  I am reading in the archives of her blog right now.

As the day has worn on, it is apparent that my knee is still hurting.  That doesn’t mean the injection isn’t working; it may take more time.  There have been a couple of times when I have caught my foot on the carpet, which caused my knee to “jam” a little.  That particular thing makes it hurt.  I am quite sure this is the bone on bone thing the doctor said is there.  It causes a very sharp spurt of pain from that area.  Hopefully the injection will help, and in the meantime, I need to be careful not to step in such a way that causes that “jamming” if I can help it.  It was fine until then today.  No problem on my walks at all.  I finally got smart and changed into my athletic shoes, which I wear to walk to work (it was after closing hours).

There are lots of good looking recipes in this cookbook, but it probably is not a great idea to be looking at it.  It makes me want food I cannot have at this stage of my plan.  Surely I must have looked at this cookbook when I first got it years ago, but I don’t remember noticing all these tasty-looking recipes.

I am having to make multiple trips to the other end of the office this afternoon.  When I have to do this, other personnel make comments about that being a tough thing.  Nowadays, I just look at it as more steps going on my read-out.  J

It is 5:30 and my boss hasn’t left yet.  His plans must have changed.  Hopefully I will get to go home at 6:00, which would be my “normal” quitting time (if I have such a thing as a normal quitting time, which I don’t).

As it turned out, I had to work until almost 8:00.  I realized at around 6:00 that I was in the same situation as last night as far as sending myself into withdrawal.  So I did what I needed to do to keep that from happening.  (This is a good problem to have, in that I am not taking medicine because I am not in pain.)

I ate a Medifast bar that I would have for evening snack, so that dinner and evening snack are switched again.

I got home and quickly got my dinner on to cook.  I cooked tilapia and boiled cabbage.  I cooked the fish on the stovetop today, so that was a little faster.  I don’t feel like I will have any trouble tonight.  I put some smoked paprika on the fish, and got to wondering what it would taste like on the cabbage, so put it on it too.  It wasn’t like, wow, but it was good.

When I synced my armband, I had almost 8,700 steps for the day!  Yay!  Didn’t need another walk to get it done.

I’m tired, so I’m going to wind down my day and go to bed.  But I feel good that I pulled it right back together today.

My computer is spazzing out here at he end, so hopefully this goes through okay.

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