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Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Excited!

Today I am in wonderment about how fast I have seen changes since I started Medifast 6 weeks ago.  I have been wanting to wear this very nice jacket I have while we still have some cool weather (and while it still fits) and I need a black cami to wear with it and haven’t been able to find mine (turns out my daughter borrowed it).  I found an old cami in another drawer and I put it on and it is just hanging on me.  Now, granted, it would have been a little big when I started.  I put on the jacket and I can button it up with room to spare.  It is a size 20.  It made me feel “small.”  I also noticed yesterday the workout pants I have been wearing a lot of the time when I walk are quite roomy, and they were a little snug when I started (for someone who doesn’t like to wear tight clothes).  My t-shirts I wear for working out and walking are hanging on me too.  I guess it’s getting time for some pictures.  My plan was to do pictures when I hit my preliminary goal of 250.  I realized today that after a substantial weight loss in 2009, I spent a lot of time hanging around 260 and only got below that briefly.  I am very close to dropping below that now, so I will be getting into new territory very soon now.  I am so excited about that!!!

The scale is already down a little this week.  I am usually up a little (sometimes a lot) after my off-meal or day.  I didn’t weigh yesterday, but did this morning after a successful Medifast day yesterday.  I was already down past where I was Saturday morning.  This makes me happy because I often spend all week trying to get down below the prior weigh-in weight and then will suddenly drop some on weigh-in day.  I am glad I am not having to wait this time.  It helps encourage me to keep going with Medifast.

I managed to get myself out of bed before 6:00 this morning.  My alarm goes off at 5:45.  I got up and did a little moving around – picking up in my room, etc. – and then got out fairly quickly to walk Cas.  I came home and started my bath water and dun da da dum – got on the recumbent bike.  I did about 15 minutes while my bath water ran (it takes a while to fill the tub) and watching The Biggest Loser on my DVR (I’m behind, so no comments about what may have just happened J).  I had eaten a few baby carrots beforehand, but still felt noticeably empty.  However, I did start the beginners hill program programmed on my recumbent bike.  I want to do the morning workout, even for just a few minutes, for a placeholder to build the habit of doing a morning workout.  Then when I am eating more again, I can increase the time and intensity.  Although this workout (as far as I got) was making me work up a sweat, I feel like I can finish it with no problem.  I am just happy I finally broke through and got on the machine in the morning.  Sorry the picture is dark -- I was pedaling in the dark and the flash reflected too much.  I don't own a camera -- just the one on my iPhone.  :O

About The Biggest Loser – I have read some comments on other blogs criticizing the show.  It is true it is not realistic – most people do not have the kind of time to put into working out as much as these people put in to be able to lose that much that fast.  And I agree that I wouldn’t want a trainer who yells at me like Jillian does.  The reason I like to watch it is it is fun to watch how completely these people change in their appearance.  Since it is fast, you get to see the vast difference in how they looked before and how they look afterward.  It encourages me to see that and know that, although it will happen over a more extended period of time, there is going to be that much difference in the way I look when I get done.  I know these people often gain their weight back and it is not a program I would want to pattern my journey after, but it does teach you that being active makes a huge difference and I have no problem with becoming frustrated because my transformation takes so much longer than theirs.  For me, it’s just fun to watch (except when there is too much drama).

I did not get to go home for lunch, so couldn’t take my midday walk.  Jerry was here, so I was not able to.  (I make him sound like a slave-driver; I guess some people might have a problem with not getting to go to lunch sometimes, but I am used to it and it does not bother me; he more than makes up for it in other ways.  And the more OT I get, the more money I have to contribute to my vacation fund.)  I am starting to feel some motivation again after my struggles last week.  Mental struggles can be harder to overcome than physical ones, sometimes.  Of course, the bad headaches all week were causing the mental struggles, to a degree.  I felt better yesterday and so far today.  I guess nipping it in the bud with extra medication on Saturday helped.

I wrote the paragraph above, and then later:  I had another bad headache come on and I was acutely aware today that I am having that “hardware” discomfort that I had after my neck surgery (I call them hardware headaches).  It feels like I can feel the hardware they put on my cervical spine to fuse the vertebra together.  I think this happens when I am not careful how I turn my head.  I have to be careful to not turn my head up too much or too drastically to the side.  I need to turn my body instead of my head and I have to tell people to stand further away from me if I am having to look up at them.  I was sitting there and turned my head too far and felt a very big pop in my neck and it seems like the headache got bad after that.  I have been aware during the last week that I am feeling that discomfort when I am having the headaches.  So, I will be careful not to turn my head too much and we’ll see if they clear up.  Ugh.  I hate bad headaches.  They make me not want to do anything.

I cooked some chicken this morning and brought a serving to work to keep in the freezer for any night I have to work late.  I put a little barbecue sauce on it when I cooked it (which I have been doing lately), and this time I put a little Sriracha on top.  I will be interested to see how I like that.  I also brought some frozen broccoli, which I can cook in the microwave.  Better than getting too hungry staying late and then messing up when I get home.  I meant to get me some of those steamer bags of vegetables, but never made it to the store this weekend.

I seem to do better on an “all or nothing” kind of program like Medifast.  I am not saying that is a good thing.  In other words, I do better at something kind of drastic than I do eating regular foods.  I think it’s because I don’t even give my cravings any consideration when I am doing that; I just have to get used to turning that off.  I have more trouble doing that when I have more freedom.  But that is part of the long-term process that is important.  Learning how to eat things you really enjoy in a controlled way so they are “every once in a while” or “just a little bit” instead of eating them every time you crave it and too much of it when you do.  And learning how to lighten up some of the things you really enjoy so they are not so destructive to your weight loss plan.  I have a lot of habits to relearn.

I seem to do better when I eat a lot of the same thing all the time.  That is how I did it in 2009.  I can’t remember what breakfast was – I think some cereal and fruit.  But I remember lunch was always a frozen Weight Watcher or Lean Cuisine dinner, a vegetable, a fruit and some yogurt.  The trouble is, although I lost about 60 pounds during that time period, when I had my annual physical, for the first time I was almost diabetic.  My blood sugar was 124 and 125 is diabetic.  I was really surprised because I had been losing weight and exercising for several months before.  I realized that those “diet” convenience products are not good for you, even if you do lose weight.  They have simple carbohydrates and too much sodium, among other things.  So I want to find a better way of eating this time – clean, that is.  I may eat a lot the same thing, but it needs to be the right thing.  I will try to get more protein this time, too.  But the biggest thing is my diet will not consist of convenience foods.

I have tried to wait until later to eat each of my Medifast meals today.  The first one, not so much, since I needed to fix it before I left home, but I waited until a little later than usual today.  That is so I didn’t leave too much time to be hungry when I got home tonight.  That is when I am at my weakest. It seemed to help.

Two days down, nineteen to go (to finish my three weeks on Medifast).

I will be so ready to get my finances lined out.  Not that I am hurting or anything.  I just wound up with some debt from helping my kids the last few months and I want to get it all paid off as soon as possible, so all my extra money is going to that.  I only worked about 8 hours of OT last paycheck (I can’t remember the last time there has been that little OT), so my check this time is smaller than usual.  I want to get that debt paid off and then start putting everything extra in my vacation fund.  I can’t remember the last time I had a real vacation – it’s probably been 15 years.  Too busy keeping the home fires burning while everyone else has gotten to go somewhere.  It's my turn!

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  1. "I want to do the morning workout, even for just a few minutes, for a placeholder to build the habit of doing a morning workout." LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    And yes, take your own vacation. You're overdue.


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