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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comparison Pictures

Well, my recumbent bike workout this morning was pretty much just a placeholder.  I was feeling pretty empty (even though I ate a few baby carrots beforehand) and not strong enough to really push myself.  But I did 10 minutes and perpetuated the habit of working out every morning.

My buns are a little sore.  Lol.  I guess that is the recumbent bike.  I had to work hard at the top of the “hills” workout.  I’ll be glad when I can start building strength, stamina and endurance (or are those last two the same thing?).  Just a few more weeks.  I will try to do a good workout on Saturday when I have a little more food in my tummy.

I ordered the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I don’t know how soon I will be ready to lift – I hope soon – but it won’t hurt to educate myself in the meantime.  Interestingly, lifting does not really bother my back unless it is extreme.  What bothers my back is bearing weight.  I am fine sitting down, but when I stand up, I have pain.  (This has improved immensely lately and is not really a true statement right now!)  I was going to proceed in detail and tell you why I think that is so, but I am trying to work on not being too detailed in my writing.  Suffice it to say, I think I could begin some light lifting as long as I am careful with certain movements and to not strain my neck, since I had a double fusion.  I probably need to be doing a lot of stretching there before doing much lifting.  (I keep saying that and haven’t done it.)  I will read up in this book and try to get a plan for lifting ready for when I transition to Weight Watchers.  In the meantime, I need to get to stretching!

I may try to do at least part of Leslie Sansone’s Walk & Firm video and see how I tolerate that.  She does some mini squats and mini lunges, and that usually bothers my knees too much, but maybe I can since the injections are helping.

I made it through yesterday without difficulty.  I didn’t even eat a piece of fruit to help with hunger.  I had to today.  I felt pretty empty.  I drank down water and that helped.  I was also sleepy.  I have to be careful about that, because being tired is a huge trigger for me.  My weight is coming along.  That makes me happy!

My heavy winter coat is a size 26/28, so I am fairly “swimming” in it.  I can wear it the rest of this cold season, but will have to get another one next year.  Nice problem to have!

I got some more de-cluttering done last night.  I make it sound like my loft is a huge mess.  Not really.  I am not a hoarder or a complete slob (although an extremely particular person might think so, lol); I am just a little too comfortable with clutter, etc.  So I’m working on that!  I am worthy to have a clean, organized home.  I’m not sure I have always believed that.  (I think I said that yesterday.)

I took a little snapshot just to give me an idea of my progress (yes, I am in the bathroom at work – the best place I have to get a full-length shot in a mirror).  Look at the difference in me today and where I was in May 2012.  Pretty good.  I can see it most in my face and chin, but do see it all over.

February 27, 2013

May 17, 2012

I was reading Lori’s blog today (a past entry) and a commenter asked her why she included a certain thing on her blog.  Lori talked about bloggers who didn’t seem real, and only painted things in a positive light.  I don’t think I could be accused of that.  If anything, I am way too real.  I confess this blog is more like a journal, at times, but that is because that is what I need sometimes.  I think it will morph into a more traditional blog at some point.  In the meantime, I am trying to work on not being so detailed.  But perhaps it is helpful to some who need to see someone progress through struggles like I am having.  I just know I needed an outlet and some accountability.

I’m going to plan to sit down this evening (if I don’t have to work too late) and plan my morning schedule a little better and to find some stretching exercises I need to be doing for problem areas where I don’t have full range of motion.  I probably won’t ever have full range of motion in my neck – a fusion does that to you – but I could relieve some of the tightness and tension that is there in my neck and shoulders.

My left knee felt a little twinge-y during my lunchtime walk.  Hopefully that does not mean the effect of the injections is already wearing off.  I had the injections 15 days ago.  I am allowed to have them every three months.  So if it starts wearing off now, I don’t know how beneficial the injections are.  Hopefully this is just an isolated thing and I will continue to have relief for a good while longer.

This may sound crazy, but has anyone else had that feeling when you are losing weight like the fat is being burned off of you at that very moment?  I don’t know how else to describe it.  That’s how I feel right now.  I often feel that in my upper arms and my ribs.  It usually happens when I am hungry, too, but not every time I am hungry.
I may have mentioned earlier this weekend that I cooked some chicken to put in the freezer at work so I would have something to eat when I had to work late (which I did tonight).  I baked the chicken and put some barbecue sauce on it, and put a little Sriracha sauce on it too.  This was so good!  I will definitely being doing that again!
Okay, it is 8:00 and work day is finally done, so I am going home.  Night all.


  1. I can see a big difference - you are looking so much smaller overall. Great job!


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