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Monday, February 18, 2013

Changing Things Up

Well, I kept on struggling after I posted last night.  I ate some craisins and a few pecans.  Not horrible, but I had trouble going to sleep because I did not feel satisfied.  I finally did, without eating anything else.

I decided I would take a week off from Medifast.  Not a week off to do nothing; a week off and do WW.  So I mapped out my meals for the day this morning.  The problem is, I didn’t shop for doing WW, I shopped for doing MF.  So I don’t have much food in the house.  For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal with a little brown sugar, some toasted coconut and a tablespoon of peanut butter.  I wish I had had some pumpkin, but didn’t.  I also wished I had some all-fruit jelly, but did not.  This was not very sweet, but with the coconut and peanut butter, was very tasty.  And it was very satisfying.  And I didn’t feel that gnawing craving like I have had the last 2-3 days.  I hope taking a week off will refill my stores and allow me to go 3 more weeks on Medifast.  Kind of like intervals, except with food plan and not exercise.  Lol.

Mid-morning, I had some yogurt and a few baby carrots.  For lunch I had a Subway sandwich (chicken and veggies) and two clementine oranges.  For afternoon snack, I had a banana, 6 almonds from my co-worker’s nut jar, and a Medifast peanut butter crunch bar (I didn’t have anything else, and thought it would be better than getting too hungry).  Dinner was a baked b/s chicken breast with a little barbecue sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts and a few bad strawberries.  I felt so full after eating that.  Then I went to the store (two different ones), and by the time I got home I felt like I could eat my arm.  I got what I needed for the week on WW.  When I got home, I ate a Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Sandwich Round (3 points), 1 tsp. cashew butter (1 point) and 2 tsp. all-fruit jelly (1 point).  All of this added up to 36 points exactly, which is what I am allowed per day.

I did do a little on my recumbent bike this morning.  My son was not home, so I could use mine without disturbing him.  I thought of a way I could rearrange the living/dining area that will allow me to do that at home in the morning without disturbing him much.  He is a very sound sleeper.  I’ll try to switch some things around soon.  My recumbent bike is as smooth as silk now and makes almost no noise.  I ordered me an extension cord for headphones, so I could watch TV without bothering him, if I want to (hasn’t come in yet).  I can also listen to my iPod.  I don’t need much light.  I am so more apt to do it right now if I can do it at home.  I only did about 13 minutes, because I ran short on time, but at least I got up and got started.  (I got behind because I was mapping my food for the day; I will do that tonight instead, so I won’t have that problem tomorrow.)  I walked Cas before doing that.  I think I am going to work on the beginning hill program programmed in the bike.  I need to tax myself a little more and get my heart rate up and work up a good sweat.  It doesn’t hurt my back or knees to do that.  I will also do some arm work with some hand weights.  I also have an elastic band I could use for some upper body workout, although I probably won’t do that on the bike.

I will have to up my activity level this week.  I was mapping out what I was going to eat on my BodyMedia Fit program (armband) (as well as figuring my WW points), and to get the calorie deficit I want, I am going to have to bump up the activity.  In addition to walking during lunch, I was planning to do at least 10 minutes of the Leslie Sansone video tonight, but the store took longer than I anticipated.  I did get all my steps in and got enough burn for a 2-lb. per week weight loss if I did that every day.  For some reason, my armband doesn’t pick up the added activity of the bike.  Of course, I know I am burning more calories, even if it is not showing up on the readout.  I was reading and if I can’t get it to pick up the activity, I can take it off and then go in and add the activity during the period it was off my arm on the computer.  I found a chart online that tells you how much you burn according to how much you weigh and how many watts you are (using? generating?).  I don’t know exactly what watts means, but I do know there is a setting on my bike that measures it.  I looked it up and it the amount of energy you are generating by pedaling (which is what I suspected).  I also climbed the stairs at the loft when I got home after Cas’ walk and when I got home tonight.  I forgot when I came in the first time at lunch, but I did go down the stairs on the way out for Cas’ walk (and it didn’t bother my knees!).  I don’t know that I will do it every single time, but I will do it as much as I can.  That should add to my activity level without requiring much extra time.

I have to say, I like doing WW points better than counting calories.  But I at least want to log on my armband program at first to get an idea of what it takes to get the calorie deficit I want.

I logged my weight on WW this morning (forgot to do it Saturday).  I reached my 5% goal from whenever I first started WW.  Actually, I reached it since starting MF.  When I logged my weight on WW when I started MF, it was higher than when I started WW online.  It warned me again that I was losing too fast and suggested I might want to see my doctor if I didn’t know what to do to stop losing so fast.  J

I plan to make Lori’s protein pancakes in the morning.  I have been wanting to try those and haven’t been able to on Medifast.  They come out to 6 points on WW, plus 2 points for the blueberry topping she makes.  She also has some other toppings I will try other times.

I asked about roller blading yesterday.  I was thinking today, I used to be pretty good at roller skating.  Why don’t I just get me some regular roller skates and do what I was planning?  I asked my daughter if I would be a cool mom or a nerd mom by roller skating my dog.  She said she sees people doing that with their dogs all the time on the trail by their apartment.  So, I am going to save up and buy me some roller skates.  I would feel more comfortable on those.

Busy day and I’m tired.  I could eat more, definitely, but I will go on to bed and be fine.

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