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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Fairly Active Day

Well, yesterday didn’t go exactly as I planned, but not too bad.  My hunger was right back by late morning.  I finally decided to have a “normal” day eating.  Had a turkey sandwich for lunch and some spinach and cheese quesadillas for dinner (but they weren’t very good, so I only ate half of them).  There was other stuff that wasn’t so great, but it was not like a binge.  I have to do better about keeping my hunger in check.

I wasn’t very hungry when I got up this morning, but had a MF spiced pancake with a little honey before going to the early service at the downtown church I visited.  It was about a half-mile walk and half-mile back.  I got back and changed clothes and took Cas for his morning walk.  Got home and was feeling pretty hungry.  I forgot to bring a supply of my MF snack bars home for the weekend, so I had Greek yogurt for my morning snack (more protein than my MF meals and less calories, actually).  I was still feeling pretty hungry and didn’t want to let the hunger start building, so had some baby carrots and two clementine oranges.  Felt better after that.  I need to drink down some water – I’m not as good about that on the weekend.

My recumbent bike is fixed, so I will have it to work out on now.  I want to get out on my regular bike and take Cas for a run today.  I rode for about 20 minutes yesterday (on my regular bike).

I am so ready to move on to regular food all the time, but I really want to get these last 12 pounds off.  I will just keep things ready for when I need to head off real hunger and keep my eye on the prize.  But, as I have said, if this gets to be a regular problem, I will have to rethink my plan.  I don’t want to try to stay on a plan so strict that it makes me give up and go back to my old ways.  But I don’t feel in danger of doing that at this point.  I do feel a little questionable about being able to continue Medifast for another month.  We’ll see how the next couple of days go.

I’ve been struggling with a headache all day and I am realizing it starts up every time I put on the glasses I have been wearing today (don’t usually wear these).  Ugh.  I hate headaches.


I did get out on my bike again today (another 20-30 minutes).  There was one pretty tough hill that I wasn’t sure I would make it up.  I breathed so hard, I have that feeling now like I want to cough all the time (you know what I mean?), but I made it up that hill without stopping.  There are some streets when I look at them on the downward slope, I think I could never make it up that hill, except that I already did without too much trouble.  I can’t believe how much easier my cruiser bike is to ride up the hills than the 10-speed one I had.  I don’t know if I had it on the wrong gear or what.  Anyway, I am really surprised I can make it up some of them.  At some point I am going to have to stop stopping my bike rides because I think Cas is tired.  I either need to drop him off and keep going, or put him up in the basket and keep riding.  I could ride longer than I am doing.  I just don’t want to tire him out too much.  Here he is after today’s run.  I will make it a goal to ride longer next weekend.  If one of the kids happens to be there, I will have them come down and get Cas; if not, I will put him in the basket.

I’ve been pretty hungry throughout the day.  I’ve filled the gaps with baby carrots and some fruit.  I was so ready for dinner!  I put it in the oven to cook (some chicken and some roasted broccoli) and left to take Cas for another walk.  The chicken was actually to take to work and have in the refrigerator on any night I might have to work late.  (I can put it in the freezer, if I need to.)  When I got back, I grilled a small flat iron steak for my dinner.  I feel like my hunger is satisfied, but my appetite is not.  I think I am craving carbs.  I will see how the next couple of days go (maybe this is just a rough couple of days), but I am thinking if I continue to struggle, I will add one planned carb (bread/potato/rice) to the plan.  It would not be the straight Medifast plan, but would still be low calorie and low carb.  I just have to have something I will stick to.

I wanted to ask – do any of you roller blade?  How hard is it?  I wouldn’t want to do it yet – falling wouldn’t be too good for me, but if it’s not too strenuous, I would like to try it soon.  It’s another way to get Cas better exercise (he can run while I roller blade).  He behaves better when he can let off his pent-up energy and it’s hard to ride my bike after work right now (not to mention it would be more exercise for me).  Would I be able to make myself get out and do it?  I don’t know.  But I thought about this.  The 7th and 8th levels of my parking garage are for residents only, and most people don’t bother to go up to that level.  I could skate around the 7th or 8th levels probably without seeing much of anyone or having to worry about cars coming.  I could skate around on a level surface as long as I don’t go on the ramp part.

So I have had 4 walks today and a bike ride.  I have gotten all my steps in, which I don’t usually do on the weekend (I am not walking to work).  A fairly active day (for me).

Well, I’m falling asleep (took a muscle relaxant to help ward off more headaches), so am going to bed early.  I want to be ready to get up for at least a short workout on the recumbent bike.  I need to adopt my old rule – there is never any reason not to do a morning workout.  No excuses.  I will probably try to talk myself out of it in the morning.

Good night all.

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