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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Dress Goal

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone (or, for me, Single Awareness Day).  J

The scale was down some this morning.  We’ll see how it looks on Saturday, but it is encouraging.  I guess my stumble Tuesday night didn’t hurt me too much.

I am wearing another outfit I haven’t worn in a while.  It is a little tight, but it is meant to be snug fitting.  The blouse is kind of see-through, with a liner.  It is the liner that is kind of tight, more than the outer layer, so that is good.  I never have been one to like to wear my clothes tight.  I will like how it feels a lot better in about 10 pounds from now.  I didn’t realize it, but these pants are an 18!  Now don’t get me wrong, if I were buying pants to fit me now, I would not buy them this tight.  But they are not so tight that I was embarrassed to wear them.  Won’t be long until I am out of the 20’s!

I really did not want to go to work today.  I have just been feeling kind of blah, mood-wise, this week.  I need to do some cleaning, but I haven’t had the energy.  I did really well with getting all my steps in yesterday, though.  However, I wanted to try the Leslie Sansone video again, but since I worked so late, did not.  If I don’t have to work late tonight, I need to make a point to do some cleaning too.

I did okay with my eating last night after working late.  I still felt like I wanted something to eat after dinner last night, and did have one clementine orange, but that was all.  I really need to stay the course right now because 5 pounds from now is when I will be getting into fairly “new” territory, and I kind of plateaued at this weight last time.  I want so much to move past where I got stuck last time.  People are noticing the weight loss, though.  I am getting lots of comments.  And, dare I say, a few more “looks” than I was before?  Sometimes I think that comes just from the fact that I am feeling more confident and that gives me a different look than when I am not feeling good about myself.

Someone brought a ton of goodies today.  Cupcakes, chocolate cups with chocolate mousse and dipped strawberries.  Plus a vendor sent over a giant, iced cookie.   My coworker said she brought the strawberries because of me (knowing I couldn’t eat the cupcakes and other stuff).  I had one dipped strawberry (41 calories).  They were so pretty and so good!  I don’t feel bad about that, as long as I stop at one and leave the rest alone. (I did!)

I was happy to get to go to lunch again.  I got a good walk in at lunchtime.  I walked a route to check on a church downtown that I might visit Sunday.  It's a nice little walk, but very doable.

My knees are feeling pretty good today.  Hopefully that little bit of pain yesterday is taken care of now.  My worst pain of the day (anywhere) is first thing in the morning.  My back feels quite stiff and achy then.  If the improvement continues, it will be time to cut the doses of pain med I am taking in half.  And then keep tapering them and spreading them out from there.  I think my plan for getting this weight off initially is working!

Every once in a while, I start entertaining the thought of going ahead and transitioning to WW after this batch of food is used up.  The thing is, I have gotten used to getting more calorie deficit (more calories burned than eaten) every day, and the thought of moving to where I am only getting 500 calories or less deficit doesn’t sound very good.  I know I would still be losing long-term, but still.  That means I have to start working to burn more calories.  I am doing that, but once I transition, I would like to be burning 500 more calories a day than I sometimes am now.  To lose two pounds in a week, you would need to burn 7000 calories more than you are eating.  That would equate to a 1000 calorie deficit per day.  If I move up to 1300-1500 calories a day, I would not be getting that.  So that means I have to get more exercise.  It’s time to start making myself do that recumbent bike workout in the morning, for starters.  Also, doing the Sansone video (part of it – it’s an hour-long video) in the evening when I don’t have to work late.  I still struggle with weakness, at times, from eating so few calories (although I am eating more now than I was), but I could at least do a placeholder workout in the mornings to get me used to getting up and working out.  I have been sleeping in until 6 and 6:30 lately, when my alarm goes off at 5:45.  I also have to walk my dog, but am already doing that.  This will be the goal next week.  I am going to try the video tonight, if I don’t work late.  Next week I should have my own recumbent bike working again, so that is another option for the evening.

Being able to see those numbers on my armband is motivating to me.  Since I have been on Medifast, my maximum calorie burn has been 3,086 calories in a day.  It showed I took 9,365 steps that day.  That would have given me more than the 1,000 calorie deficit I want every day.  I just will have to find ways to do a little more than what I am doing now.  I have noticed, though, that it didn’t seem to pick up my activity on the recumbent bike workout as much as walking.  That doesn’t mean I am not really increasing my calorie burn; it is just a flaw in this armband, I guess.  I would like to test out how I do on the treadmill and think I will try that soon.  I would have to work up gradually to more incline, if I can do it, because I do feel that in my back more.  I do suspect that after my next shipment of food (which lasts two weeks) (and I still have quite a bit of this shipment left), I will want to transition to WW.  I suspect that will be in a little less than 4 weeks.  I can make it 4 weeks, and think what progress I can make between now and then!

I got this catalogue in the mail with some really cute clothes in it.  It made me want to order some.  I don’t like to buy new clothes when I am just “passing through” (hopefully), but you need to have something special every once in a while.  I would love to have a new dress.  However, I was thinking of a couple in my closet that I have never gotten to wear (given to me) that would do nicely.  I was thinking I need to set a goal to be in one of them by Easter, which is March 31.  One of them (the one I like better, actually) is probably out of range for that time frame, but the other one is not.  I should be into that one ahead of schedule.  I actually wore this dress one time when I was doing HCG and got down in the 50s (briefly).  It is a denim dress, but it is strapless and very close fitting.  I would wear it with a jacket, shrug or cardigan.  I could buy one of those things, if I wanted to, but maybe the smarter thing would be to buy some cute shoes to go with the outfit.  Shoes I can keep wearing a while (even though your feet do get smaller too) on my way down.  I was thinking some cute, tall wedges would be cute.  My daughters have some of those I could borrow, if I don’t want to buy them.  I saw a really cute, colorful cardigan in this catalogue that would look so good.  I finally decided to order it.  So that is my goal.  To get in the denim dress (if I get into the other one, all the better!) by Easter, and to buy me the cute cardigan to go with the outfit.  I could still buy some cute shoes to go with it, if I want to, but I could also borrow from my daughters.  At least cardigans you can wear longer than some things.  I'll post a picture when I get to wear the dress.

One more thing.  When we work late at night, I get this view of myself.  This is my least favorite way to get my picture taken (sitting).  (Can you see the city lights outside the window?)  It does look better than it did a month ago.  I will be watching my progress on future nights when I am working late.  Hopefully I will cringe a little less each time.  J  Which reminds me, I need to do some picture updates soon.  I predict I am looking some smaller than the last ones I did (last June!).  Hey, it was a rough year beginning in June last year.

This post has run on long enough (and I even cut out some stuff).  Sometimes I am just getting down my thoughts.

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