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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weigh-In Day

It’s weigh-in day.  I lost an amazing 12.6 pounds last week.  That is well on my way to my objective of getting some weight off quickly to help my pain levels.

Today is my off-day.  My dog woke me up earlier than I would have liked, but once awake, I remembered I could enjoy some regular meals today.  However, I did not want to go “hog wild.”  The first thing I ate was an apple, then I walked down to Subway and got me a sandwich:  egg, ham and cheese on wheat, with some spinach.  I don’t want to undo all the work I’ve done this week, and my tummy feels pretty satisfied.

My dog is whining, so I will take him for a walk in a few minutes, after my pain medication has had time to kick in a little bit.

I mapped out an exercise plan for the next two weeks yesterday evening.  This weekend, my plan is to do a longer walk each weekday morning (down to Main Street Garden Park).  It’s not really that long, but longer than the little park I typically take him to when I am just giving him a potty break.  It will take about 30 minutes, while the other is more like 15-20.  I plan to ride my bicycle a little this afternoon, perhaps down to the dog park.  This afternoon, I will walk Cas again on the shorter route.  My routine is basically the same for tomorrow, except I plan to take my bike to Katy Trail and perhaps do a little longer ride.  I also plan to read my “back book” and decide on a stretching routine to begin helping with my back issues.

During next week (my boss is supposed to be out of town most of the week), I plan a short walk in the morning and a longer walk during my lunch hour.  I plan to do the stretching routine I develop every night I don’t have to work late (which should be most of them).

 Next weekend, and I might not be remembering this correctly, I have basically the same plan as for this weekend, except a longer bike ride.  During the following week, I intend to follow the same routine as this week, except I am going to add a 30-minute (maybe a little less) recumbent bike ride each morning.  The idea is to slowly build up to doing more, and not to try to do too much while I am eating so few calories.

As for the rest of the weekend, I plan to clean my loft, enjoy some good food today and rest up, and church tomorrow.


  1. You've hit Biggest Loser territory with that weigh-in! Nice first week, Sheryl...big props to you for keeping with the diet!


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