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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Too Much Output, Not Enough Input

Well, I’m still here. I am over the worst of my bad flare-up on my back. Now I am back to the amount of pain I was in before that happened.

I didn’t try to do much over the holidays. The best I did was try to hold down my overall calories some, but considering all the goodies I ate, that means my nutrition was pretty bad.

It’s time to get going again. My plan: Weight Watchers and I am going to try to cut down on my carb consumption. I may try to do Medifast for a couple of months, once my finances get lined out a little. The idea with that is just to get my weight down more quickly initially so hopefully I have less pain and can handle more physical activity.

I think one of Bob Harper’s “skinny rules” is to not eat carbs after a certain time. I think my cut-off will be 3:00 p.m. The carbs I do eat will be whole grains, with more emphasis put on grains other than wheat. Brown Rice, Quinoa, etc. My goal is to stay away from sweets. I am not being totally strict about that like I was at one time in my life. Sweets include desserts, candy, etc. and anything I am likely to binge on. For instance, I am going to try to eat more Greek yogurt, but it kind of requires some sweetening. I am not going to worry about the sweetening in that because I am not going to binge and eat a whole bunch of Greek yogurt. Graham crackers are a no because I am prone to eating the whole package. I don’t know if I will switch over to allowing sweets on a splurge day or not. I just know that at one time I did not eat them for 3 years and as long as I wasn’t eating them, I didn’t crave them. They are a big trigger for me.

I don’t know if Bob Harper’s rule includes fruit. If it does, I am going to ignore it. I can eat some fruit in the afternoon and evening. But no dried fruit.

That’s as far as I got.

I am actually pretty down tonight. I’m feeling pretty pathetic. I don’t feel like going into details. I must be doing something wrong in my life to have so few relationships. And I’m feeling pretty lonely. Christmas was “okay”. That’s about all I can say. Too much output and not nearly enough input. And I don’t mean food.

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