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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

Well, Day 1 has begun.  The first meal was “Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal”.  It was yuck.  I think I will have to add a little sweetener (Stevia) next time, and just a pinch of salt, and maybe a little cinnamon (I tasted nothing apple cinnamon about it).  I do feel pretty full considering the little bit I ate.

My weight starts at 286.4.  I hate to even admit that.  But owning up to it I think is important to getting going again.  My plan was to do this until I get to 260 at the most, but preferably 250.  I am hoping I will feel enough better by then that exercise and just walking will be easier.  Then I will start back on Weight Watchers (including going to meetings).  I do think it is good for me to start on something so definite.  Sometimes I do better with less choice.

I worked late last night and my boss drove me home.  I was carrying my box of food out and he asked me what it was.  I told him and told him my plan and reasons for doing it this way.  I told him I only ordered two weeks of food to start with and he asked me how much weight I thought I would lose in two weeks.  I estimated I would lose 12 pounds.  I have no idea if I will lose that much, but I do typically lose a lot of weight the first week on any weight loss plan and this is pretty restricted on the calorie intake the way I am doing it.

I plan to get out and walk my dog today, and also to ride my bike.  However, there is a light rain this morning.  Hopefully that will clear up.

I also plan to clean house today.  The activity will do me good and the loft needs it.  Staying busy is also desirable.

I struggled during the night with some pretty severe pain in my right knee.  When I got up to go to the restroom, it was very apparent it was my back causing the problem.  I don’t know what set that off except that last night before going to sleep, I lay on my side for a while and that was making my knee hurt.  I think that must have been causing the nerve to be pinched.  I was having difficulty during the early morning going back to sleep because of pain.  It was difficult to get it to stop.  It finally did before Cassie was whining so much, I had to get up.  I may do some extra sleeping this weekend too.  Whatever it takes to stay on plan.  But I do feel motivated and ready to do this.

I was thinking about my initial thoughts when starting this blog.  500 days to where I want to be.  I have kind of lost sight of that, but it is still a true concept.  When I was actively losing last year, I kept good notes about where I was on weight and how many days had elapsed.  I think I will look back to the last time I was at this starting weight (286.4) and see how many days in I was at that time and count to 500 days from there.  I know it really does not make a difference, but it is a motivation for me to think about putting as many consecutive days together as I can to get where I want to go.

When I started last year, I weighed 300.2 pounds.  I am still 13.8 pounds below that weight.

The temptation is to dwell on my failures of the last few months.  But that does no good whatsoever.  Lord knows there have been a lot of distractions the last few months.  I just have to forgive myself and get back to work.  And that is what I intend to do.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  So here I go.

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  1. It's a new start and I bet you're going to do great. Just stick to the plan. A lot can change in two weeks. Good luck!


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