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Friday, January 25, 2013

TGIF! Off-Day Tomorrow!

I was REALLY hungry this morning.  I got up in time to do the recumbent bike, in addition to walking Cas, but I was so hungry, I didn’t feel like I could do it (I could have, but was actually feeling a little weak).  I went round and round in my mind about what I should do – move on to my long-term plan, do Medifast with the lean and green meal every day, or tough it out.  I also thought about going ahead and having my off-day today, instead of tomorrow.  On a positive note, my thoughts never went to scrapping the whole thing and eating whatever I wanted to.

I still want to get the most weight loss I can, at first, so hopefully my pain levels are improved enough to where I can exercise effectively.  I would like to get to where I can at least do the elliptical, and possibly walking on the treadmill with a pretty good incline (which is what I used to do).  I am feeling some better, but I don’t think I am to that point yet.  My decision today was to supplement my Medifast foods with vegetables and a little fruit and see if I did okay.  So I fixed me some roasted vegetables this morning.  Yes, I had roasted vegetables for breakfast.  I also had a small apple.  Then, when I got to work, I had my Medifast “oatmeal cookies”.  After that, I was feeling much better and not so ravenous as I was early this morning.  My plan is to do this, if I really need to, and add a lean and green meal when I really need to, but to continue with this plan until I reach the initial loss I had set as my goal.  I will do what exercise I can while I am in this stage.

I did not want to change my off-day to today, for two reasons:  1) I think I would struggle tomorrow if I did that today; 2) tomorrow is weigh-in day.

I hoped what I did this morning would take care of the hunger so I could finish out the day as I normally would on Medifast, and have a good weigh-in tomorrow.  My plan was to have more vegetables if I got too hungry again.  At lunch, I had a MF chocolate shake (yuck) and some roasted broccoli (great combination, huh?).  I felt fairly satisfied.

I am down 2.4 pounds so far this week.  I wish I would be down another 1.5 by tomorrow – that would get me below 270 – but whatever.  I will drink lots of water today.  It seemed like my feet were a little puffy yesterday.

I ate a lean and green meal last night – baked tilapia and roasted broccoli.  Fish and broccoli never tested so good!  I got full very easily.  Evening snack was Greek yogurt, which I am using to replace the Medifast meal I would have had that I just could not stomach.  Same amount (actually a little less) of calories and more protein.

Through all this, I am trying to stick to my plan, but also listen to my body.  I figure if I am that ravenous, there is a reason.

I am so thankful it is Friday.  My plans this weekend are to get out on my bike at least once, but preferably both days, with or without Cas.  If taking Cas with me is making me not want to do it, then I will just go by myself.  But I would like to take him to the dog park or run him a little on Katy Trail.  I would prefer to drive over to Katy Trail to ride, and I think my son is working all weekend, so I should have my car to carry my bike over.  I am a little skittish in downtown traffic with Cas.  Rain is now in the forecast for Sunday, so I may not get to get out then.

I also want to do some more cleaning.  The apartment is not horrible, but there was a note on my floor when I came in for lunch yesterday that building maintenance had been in to change the filter on my a/c unit.  I was a little embarrassed.  I would prefer it to be a lot cleaner when someone comes in.  When I look around, except for my room, most of the mess is either my son’s or my dog’s.  I just want to keep it in better shape than that.  So I will work more on that this weekend.  I wish I was a great housekeeper, lol.  (You would have to see one of my prior posts to know why that is funny.)  I will never get there by wishing, I just have to get up and clean house.  Working on it!  It doesn’t come naturally to me.

Other than the above, I don’t have any big plans.  Exciting life I lead.

As far as my off-day goes, I have been craving some barbecue.  Most of the barbecue places close-by are closed on the weekends (they cater to the working population, not the resident population).  So what I did was I picked up some today, to eat tomorrow.  I didn’t think that would be a problem tonight.  I also have been craving a main dish salad and they have one I like at Potbelly (which is closed on the weekend), so I picked up one of those too (it should stay fresh enough).  So, except for breakfast, my menu is set for tomorrow.  The barbecue plate came with two sides.  I have been wanting some cobbler (but didn’t want to make any and have leftovers), so I made that one of my sides.  The other side I got was barbecue beans.  Beans are fairly healthy – better than the potato salad or something like that.  I wanted onion rings, but if I have some onion rings, I will make an alternative version that is baked instead of fried.  There was some Texas toast with it, which I will probably trash or give to someone else.  The pigeons would probably love it.

I decided I was going to try to track the above.  I started with the Potbelly stuff.  The salad itself is fine – 10 points.  The dressing is not good – 9 points for 1 container, and the salad is big enough where you need more than one.  Maybe if I dipped my salad in it, I could hold it to one.  Probably should go with putting Newman’s Own Light Balsamic on it.  The other thing I didn’t say is I bought a sugar cookie – one cookie – to go with lunch tomorrow.  I figured it would be okay.  I calculated the points on that cookie – 14!  For one cookie!  I might have to pass that off to my son.  That is ridiculous.  Plus I already got the cobbler.  Not good for the lifestyle I need to get to.  I was excusing it because of how little I am eating right now, but that is not an excuse to go hog wild.  That's as far as I have gotten on the tracking.

Anyway, I think this menu is fairly reasonable.  I felt like I overdid a bit last weekend.  Yes, I am having a dessert, but I can work a dessert into WW with weekly points, so I think this is fine.
I did not have to work late and was happy about that.  I had another shake, vanilla this time (still yuck), for dinner and then some greek yogurt later.  I couldn't face the brownie that was on the menu.  I just don't like them.  By 8:30 I was pretty hungry again.  I never have really felt like giving in, but was uncomfortably hungry just the same.  So I ate some carrot sticks.  I will drink down some water and that should do it.  Happy Fridy night to me.


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