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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Medifast Review

Well, I had a carb rebellion last night.  I got into a box of cereal my son had bought (otherwise I wouldn’t have had it around) and it wasn’t pretty.  But today is a new day and I am on track.  I don’t feel quite as tired today, though.

I was thinking I need to structure my evenings a little more.  Even though I am very tired, too much time on my hands without occupying it with something constructive can lead to episodes like last night.  Even if it is just doing some little chores around the apartment, that would probably help.

I have been wearing my Body Media Fit armband the last few days, and since this is the first day since Monday I have taken my dog for his walk at lunchtime (Tuesday it was storming and yesterday it was cold with gale-force winds), I was interested to see how much difference that made on how many steps I had taken in a day.  Quite a bit, actually!  After the walk, I hooked it up to my computer to check the data and I already had as many steps at lunchtime as I have been having at end-of-day the other days.  Makes me want to take another walk when I get home in the evening.

My knee was hurting pretty badly during my walk.  I was limping pretty badly (which is not good for your back).  I am pretty sure this is my knee and not radiating pain.  I probably should go get an injection in it.  The only reason I am reluctant is that I have a high deductible insurance policy, so everything is out of my pocket until I pay $3,000 out of my pocket, so that means I have to pay all of what it would cost to have these injections.  I do have an HSA (Health Savings Account), but my daughter keeps it so drained, I don’t have any built up to spend on myself.  Thank goodness she will have her own insurance again after her insurance kicks in.  I think there is a 90-day waiting period with her employer.  Timing on that is pretty good, since my insurance will only cover her through the end of her birthday month, which is the end of April.  That will be almost exactly 90 days after she started her job.  We shouldn’t have to pay for any COBRA coverage to make sure she has continuous coverage.  Anyway, back to me.  I think the doctor’s office will bill me as opposed to having to pay it right then.  And I could always pay it with a credit card and then make the credit card payment with HSA funds.  I’ll have to decide when I want to do this.

The other thing, during my walk, is I had this pain shoot up the back of my heel that is very painful.  That was on my right heel, and it is my left knee that is hurting, so I thought for a split second I wasn’t going to be able to continue -- it's very hard to limp on both sides!  Fortunately, the heel thing was just that one shot of pain.  It is because I am going without shoes more than I should on the concrete floors in my loft.  I have to start making sure, no exceptions, that I have supportive shoes on at all times, or this will start being a big problem, I am sure.  It is quite painful.  I also should wear my athletic shoes when I walk to and from work.  The ones I have are full of holes, lol.  I have walked a few miles in those shoes.  I have been holding on to some money I got for Christmas, trying to decide what to spend it on.  So I guess it’s new athletic shoes.  Might as well invest it in my health.  I ordered me a pair today.

Another one of my bosses:  “That Sheryl is getting prettier every day.”  The male coworker he was talking to:  “Absolutely!”  You have to appreciate your encouragement when you get it.  :)

I was thinking, I appreciated it when I found Medifast food reviews online, so I thought I would do a little review of my own.  These are all of the Medifast foods I have eaten:

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – yuck!  I called it gruel.  However I did find a recipe online to make “oatmeal cookies” with it and they were tolerable.  It does fill your tummy pretty well.  However, I did not reorder it.

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal – see above, except worse.  I found a recipe for a muffin to be made with it; better, but still pretty bad.  It also fills your tummy pretty well.  I will not reorder it.

Dutch Chocolate Shake – I am not a fan of a chocolate shake anyway, although I will drink one if it is my only choice of flavors in a shake; this is not horrible, but when I went to the trouble of making a shake, using ice, etc., I found it difficult to get down.  I do better when I just mix it with water and chug-a-lug it.  It is pretty filling.  I would reorder it if there were not choices I liked better.

French Vanilla Shake – Same comments as for the chocolate shake.  I don’t like it enough to make a “frozen shake” out of it, but I do okay mixing it with water and chugging it down.  It is filling.  Same comments on reordering as above.

Strawberry Shake – This was the best of the shakes I was sent with my first order.  I still do better to just mix it with water and drink it down.  It is filling.  I did reorder this flavor.

Chicken Noodle Soup – The first time I ate this, I thought, “this is not horrible” and I thought I could eat it again.  However, when it came time to actually do that, I found myself avoiding it.  I sent it back for an exchange and will not reorder it because there are other things I “like” better.  It was somewhat filling, but not as much as the shakes.

Brownies – You have to keep in mind that I am not a chocolate lover; I eat it, but I prefer other desserts to chocolate.  I wish this tasted as good as it looks.  It is tolerable and I would eat it if I had nothing else I liked better, so would reorder in that case, but since there are things I like better, I probably will not reorder it.  It’s not terribly filling.  I am curious if I would like the chocolate chip “soft bake” (I can’t remember what they call it), since I am not that big of a chocolate fan.

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar – Not bad, for Medifast foods.  Am I in danger of eating a whole box of these?  No.  But they are decent, and of Medifast foods, one of the things I look forward to.  It is fairly filling for a snack.  Two in a row (a meal and a snack), and I got too hungry.  I’m not sure you are supposed to do that anyway.  I did reorder this.

Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar – Same comments as above, although this comes second to the Peanut Butter Crunch Bar.  I did reorder this.

Mac & Cheese – I got a sample of this with my first order and liked it enough to order a box with my second order.  The more I eat it, the less I like it, so probably will not reorder it.  It has a very strong smell when you open the package (like powdered cheese).  Not extremely filling, but okay.  Will not reorder.

Spiced Pancakes – these are pretty good.  I think these are my favorite MF food I have eaten.  Do I crave them?  No.  But for MF foods, they are good.  I could eat them for breakfast (or another meal) every day.  They are fairly filling, but not as much as a shake.

Orange Crème Shake – this is not bad.  I have the same comments as for the other shakes – I do better just drinking them down.  But the taste is okay for MF foods and I would order again.  It is pretty filling.
Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs - these are okay.  Don't crave them, but don't dread them either.  Texture is pretty good -- crisp.  Not extremely filling.  I would reorder.

These are all the foods I can think of that I have had.  I have to say that as I got into the program a couple of weeks, I hated the foods less than when I started.  And they are filling enough that they satisfy your hunger pretty well.  The foods eaten in my Lean & Green meal never tasted so good as they do while on Medifast.  I look forward to these foods more than I ever have.  I guess that’s good.  I do think MF is good for quick weight loss, but I do not think it is good for a long-term program because you are not building lifelong habits very well.  But if you need a program where almost everything you eat is prescribed, this works pretty well.  The first week I was on MF, I had headaches and body aches that I am quite sure were related to the putting off of toxins from my body.  I have still been drinking caffeine during this process, so it was not caffeine withdrawal.  I have also felt pretty weak and feel that is from this being a very low-carb diet.  As I am nearing the end of the third week, I am still pretty tired.

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