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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Medifast 5&1 Plan

Saturday Evening

Well, I haven’t done as well on my eating as I would have liked.  I had more of the mentality that I am eating so little all week, I just want to do what I want on my free day.  I know that is not long-term thinking.  But then again, I am not on a long-term plan.  These weeks are tough because they are so restricted.  I figure I will be doing this two more weeks, maybe one or two more.  Then I will buckle down more on the long-term plan (and thinking).  I am not excusing myself or saying I shouldn’t do better on my off-day.  That’s just where I am.  If I am too restrictive on my off-day, I can’t face the long, restricted week.

I sure am liking the results, though.

The good thing about today is I have done two walks and I got out on my bike.  The bike is definitely still out of my comfort zone, but I know if I keep doing it, I will begin to love it.  When I am actually riding, I like it.  It’s just hard to make myself get out of my house and do it.  I didn’t take Cas with me this time.

The bike ride was only about 15 minutes.  There was one pretty good incline that I had to work hard to make it up, but I did!  Definitely got my heart rate up and I worked up a sweat.  I just rode on some low traffic streets in DD (Downtown Dallas).

I have also gotten some cleaning done today.  Feels pretty good.


I’ve made a decision this morning.  The difficulty I am having on my off-day is because the rest of the week is so restricted.  I know, too restricted.  I am happy I did the first week like I did because I had such an incredible weight loss.  However, much of the second week it seemed like I was trying to get my weight to recover from the excess of the off-day.  And I was very, very hungry all week.  So, this week I have decided to do the 5&1 program.  In other words, each day I will have the 5 Medifast meals and I will also have the Lean & Green meal.  I will not have an off-day, but I will have an off-meal.  In other words, one meal in the week I will eat a less restricted meal (but still try to use long-term thinking).  The 5&1 program is still designed for fast weight loss, and this way I should not have to try to recover from the excessive eating on the off-day.  It will also work better for long-term thinking.  I ate way too much yesterday and I don’t need to do that on any day.

So this is a phase stepping toward my long-term plan.  I do not want to do Medifast long-term.  But the quick weight loss is helping with my pain level.  I was kind of stiff when I got up yesterday morning (which I always am), so I took my medication to help with my morning walk, etc., but I didn’t even think about taking medication again until bedtime.  This is progress!  I am usually in enough pain that by the time six hours has passed (the dosage is every 6 hours), I am needing another dose.

This plan is also better because hopefully I will not be so famished (as I was Friday morning) that I feel too weak to work out.

With the change this week I will get a mid-morning meal.  That is good.  That was the longest part of the day, getting from breakfast to lunch.  Breakfast was MF spiced pancakes.  These are pretty good.  I still do not have any SF syrup, so I used a teaspoon of SF jelly.  It was good.  I will add a smidgen of salt next time.  Snack was a MF brownie.  I don’t like these.  Thank goodness I have only one more!  The foods I ordered for the next two weeks I think I am going to like better.  Lunch today is mac & cheese.  It was okay last time (they sent a sample with my first order), except I needed to let the noodles cook longer.  This time I am starting with very hot water and letting them soak a few minutes before following the directions on the package.  Afternoon snack I think will be Greek yogurt.  I left my snack foods at work, so will have to think ahead next weekend.  Then I get my Lean & Green meal, which will be 7 oz. tilapia and roasted vegetables.  I will toss the vegetables in a little olive oil before roasting (L&G calls for 2 servings of a healthy fat, depending on what kind of protein you choose; tilapia qualifies for the 2 servings).  Then, evening snack will be a shake.

So, I live in a high-rise building with my dog.  That means he has to be taken outside, both to potty and to get some exercise and a little time outside, several times a day.  I have been walking him a short time in the morning and again at lunch-time.  Other than that, when he whines to go out, I find myself being grouchy about having to take him out.  I realize I need to look at this as opportunities for activity for me.  Instead of being irritated about having to take him outside, I need to be thankful that I have this built-in tool to get me up and out the door for a little walking.  Easier said than done, but I am trying.  It will be even harder during the really hot summer months.  I am at least trying to walk around the block every time I take him out, but usually it is substantially further.

I tried on the pants I let the hem down on.  They are tight around the waist and I would not wear them without a shirt long enough to cover my belly (although I tried them on without spanx), but I could start wearing them now.  Maybe with my best pair of spanks they would look pretty decent.  They are both a black plaid with a contrast thread color weaved in, one yellow and one navy blue and red.  I like to wear a blouse the same color as that contrast thread color to bring it out.  I do have a yellow blouse, although it is kind of big now.  I’ll have to look what I have to wear with the other one.  I know I have a black blouse I could wear, and I think I have a navy blouse that might go; don’t think I have the red, unless I wear a red sweater.  I could do that if it is cold enough.  Sure wouldn’t mind picking up a blouse to go with it soon.  I will shoot for wearing them the last couple of days of this week.  Wearing tighter clothes can be a motivator.  I got them all ironed up and ready!!  I also have a pair of off-white pants I am getting into, some brown ones and some khaki ones.  My black pants are still fine – I need to make those last until I get to the next size down.  Oh yeah, I have some gray ones too (but would really like to lose a little more before wearing those, even though they say they are a size 20).  I have a pair of khaki pants and a pair of gray pants that are getting pretty big on me.  They were big enough last week that they tended to drag on the floor.  I will be phasing those out now.  They were size 22’s.  I am so excited to be getting into some more clothes!

Once I get past these clothes is when I will be getting into new territory.  I have a LOT of clothes waiting in the wings that were given to me by my sister and my daughters.  I may have to buy a thing or two to tie things together, but I should have a lot of clothes to last me through at least size 16.  And if my daughters keep losing, I will have the clothes they are wearing now (the ones that are not too young-looking).  This is the fun part about weight loss!

I would really like to do the treadmill a little while in the morning.  I used to do 60 minutes on the treadmill at about 3.8 mph with an incline of 7.  I know the speed is not much, but that incline really got me a good burn.  I used to burn about 800 calories in a workout.  Of course, I cannot do that now, and should not, since I am only eating in the neighborhood of 800-1,000 calories a day.  I think I am going to try 15 minutes on the treadmill in the morning, as well as 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.  And I want to start pushing myself on the recumbent bike.  Not just putting in minutes to put in minutes, but make them challenging enough that my heart rate is getting up there and I am working up a good sweat.  I would like to do some strength training.  Maybe I will use some hand weights while on the bike, like I used to do.  It is good for a start.  If the treadmill produces extra pain, though, I will know I am not ready for that.

I got out on my bike for the second day in a row.  This time I loaded the bike in my car and drove to Katy Trail.  That was an adventure, since the entrance I knew about behind American Airlines Center was a no-go since a Mavericks game was starting soon and I would have had to pay a pretty penny to park nearby.  So I drove around looking for a place to park near an entrance.  It took quite a while.  Cas gets car sick, so instead of a short drive to get to the trail, we ended up being in the car for 30-45 minutes, so he got car sick (yuck!).  I finally found a place to park near an entrance and we got on the trial.  He will run beside the bike if you hold the leash.  Funny, like this, he doesn’t react to other dogs like when we are walking.  I guess he is too occupied.  Anyway, we rode for a little while and then turned around and came back.  On the way back I could better see what I couldn’t on the way in – it was a pretty good incline for a good ways.  So the ride back was easier.  When we got back to the car, after a bit, I realized that my face was burning red and my heart had been pounding pretty hard.  I didn’t realize I was getting that good of a workout at first.  I guess I was focused on Cas – I wanted to make sure I didn’t go too fast or keep going when he was too tired.  He did fine.  I got a lot more tired than he did.  But when we got home, he settled down gratefully for a nap.  That’s good – he needed his energy drained.

I took a nap late evening, laying on my side on the couch.  Ever since I woke up my arm has been hurting like it did before I had neck surgery.  No more sleeping on my side, at least not without my neck collar.  Most nights I wear the collar they had on me when I woke up from surgery.  It is a soft collar.  I notice my neck doesn’t get as sore if I do that.  It’s kind of scary to have my arm hurting like this again.  Unfortunately, I needed to take my pain med this evening because of this.  But at least it's not for the lower back issue.

Well, that’s it for the weekend.  We’ll see how this week goes.


  1. "When I am actually riding, I like it." Focus on that, reinforce that thought. Push any and all negative thoughts out of your brain and remind yourself only of this thought. That's where the power is.

    And of course, I'm so happy to hear that even though you're doing an extremely low-cal diet right now, you're still thinking of the long term. You know this isn't a quick fix, and that no matter what you will have to figure out how to eat healthy in the real world everyday life, but sometimes we need a kickstart like this in the beginning. And glad to hear it's working! Keep going Sheryl, you are figuring out your future, changing your brain/thoughts/feelings one lesson at a time.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Yes, I want to think long-term. In fact, I've been thinking about writing out some WW meal plans for using when I transition to that. I do so much better knowing what the plan is for the day and following it. Sometimes too much freedom gets me in trouble. Thanks for your encouragement. I really value it.


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